Amazon Questions and Answers For Freshers PDF Download (Aptitude, Reasoning & Technical)

Amazon Aptitude, Reasoning and Technical Questions and Answers

Amazon Questions and Answers For Freshers PDF Download (Aptitude, Reasoning & Technical): Candidates can get the Amazon Placement Questions and Answers from this post. For the convenience of the Freshers, we arranged Amazon Questions and Answers in PDF Format. Also, to enhance the preparation levels and to perform well in the Interview process, aspirants should make use of these Amazon Questions and Answers PDF. At the end of our Freshers Now post, we arranged a direct link for Amazon Questions and Answers PDF Download. 

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Amazon (Aptitude, Reasoning & Technical) Questions and Answers For Freshers

Number of Questions: 20 Questions

Aptitude Topics Reasoning Topics Technical Topics
Time and Distance Classification C language
Time and Work Number Analogies Stacks
Partnership Critical Reasoning Queues
Ratio and Proportion Coding & Decoding Linked Lists
Simple Interest Blood Relations Prefix
Compound Interest Decision Making Infix
Profit and Loss Pattern Completion Postfix
Volume and Surface Area Analytical Reasoning DBMS
Mensuration Statements and Arguments Dynamic Array
Simplification Assertion and Reason SQL


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Amazon Aptitude Questions and Answers

1. If the ratio of Rate of filling of two Pipes A and B is 3:2. If together they can fill a Tank 5/6th of Tank in 20 minutes. Then in how many does A alone can fill the Tank?

A. 50 Minutes
B. 40 Minutes
C. 30 Minutes
D. 20 Minutes

Answer – B. 40 Minutes

5/6 tank = 20 Min
Full tank = 24 Min
1/2x+ 1/3x = 1/24
x = 20, A= 2x = 40 Min

2. A car covers first 10 km with 40km/hr next 10km with 60 km and next 10 km in 20 km/hr. What is the average speed of the car?

A. 320/11
B. 330/11
C. 350/11
D. 360/11

Answer – D. 360/11

Average speed = (3*20*40*60)/800+2400+1200 = 360/11

3. The efficiency of P is 25% more then Q and Q take 25 days to complete a piece of work. P started a work alone and then Q joined her 5 days before actual completion of the work. For how many days P worked alone?

A. 9
B. 10
C. 11
D. 12

Answer – C. 11

Efficiency (P: Q) = 5: 4
Number of days(P: Q) = 4x : 5x = 4x : 25
Therefore, Number of days required by P to finish the work alone = 4x
= 4 x 5 = 20.
P and Q work together for last 5 days = 5 x 9 = 45%
Efficiency of P = 5% and Q’s efficiency = 4%
Therefore, No. of days taken by P to complete 55% work = 55/5 = 11 days

4. A man borrows Rs 4000 at 8% compound interest for 3 years. At the end of each year, he paid Rs 500. How much amount should he pay at the end of the 3rd year to clear the debt?

A. Rs 3465.2
B. Rs 3485.2
C. Rs 4345.4
D. Rs 3915.6

Answer – D. Rs 3915.6

Amount after 1 yr = 4000[1 + 8/100] = 4320
Paid 500, so P = 4320 – 500 = 3820
Amount after 2nd yr = 3820[1 + 8/100] = 4125.6
So P= 4125.6-500 = 3625.6
Amount after 3rd yr = 3625.6[1 + 8/100] = 3915.6

5. M and N are invested in a business. They earned some profit which they divided in the ratio of 2:3. If M invested Rs.30000, the amount invested by N is

A. Rs.35,000
B. Rs.40,000
C. Rs.45,000
D. Rs.64,000

Answer – C. Rs.45,000

30,000: N = 2:3
N = 90,000/2 = 45,000

6. The parameter of a square is equal to the perimeter of a rectangle of length 16 cm and breadth 14 cm. Find the circumference of a semicircle whose diameter is equal to the side of the square. (Round off your answer to two decimal places)

A. 23.57 cm
B. 77.14 cm
C. 84.92 cm
D. 94.94 cm

Answer – A. 23.57 cm

Let the side of the square be a cm.
Parameter of the rectangle = 2(16 + 14) = 60 cm
Parameter of the square = 60 cm
i.e. 4a = 60
a = 15
Diameter of the semicircle = 15 cm
Circimference of the semicircle
= 1/2(∏)(15)
= 1/2(22/7)(15) = 330/14 = 23.57 cm to two decimal places

7. A cube of side one meter length is cut into small cubes of side 10 cm each. How many such small cubes can be obtained?

A. 10
B. 100
C. 1000
D. 10000

Answer – C. 1000

Along one edge, the number of small cubes that can be cut
= 100/10 = 10
Along each edge, 10 cubes can be cut.
Total number of small cubes that can be cut = 10 * 10 * 10 = 1000

Amazon Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

8. FLOOD is written as 63664, How WATER is written in that code?

A. 51259
B. 23456
C. 23456
D. 15678

Answer – A. 51259

FLOOD => 6 3(1+2) 6(1+5) 6 4 = 63664
WATER => 5(2+3) 1 2(2+0) 5 9(1+8) = 51259

9. LONDON is written as MNPBRK, How MOSCOW is written in that code?


Answer – B. NNUART

L(+1)O(-1) N(+2)D(-2) O(+3)N(-3)
Hence, M(+1)O(-1) S(+2)C(-2) O(+3)W(-3)

10. If Subbu finds that it is seventeenth from the right and eighteenth from the left in a line facing north. How many persons should be added to the line such that there are 40 people in the line?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 8
D. 9

Answer – B. 6

17 + Subbu + 16 + X = 40
X = 6

11. Choose the word which is different from the rest.

A. Rhea
B. Trout
C. Lamprey
D. Salmon

Answer – A. Rhea

All except Rhea are kinds of fishes.

12. Choose the word which is different from the rest.

A. Circle
B. Ellipse
C. Sphere
D. Cube

Answer – D. Cube

All except Cube are circular figures

13. Choose the word which is different from the rest.

A. Iron
B. Nickel
C. Aluminum
D. Cobalt

Answer – C. Aluminum

All except Aluminium all are magnetic materials.

Amazon Technical Questions and Answers

14. Which of the following is the function of the database administration?

A. Application checking
B. Database access planning
C. Computer applications management
D. All of these

Answer – B. Database access planning

15. Pushing an element into stack already having five elements and stack size of 5, then stack becomes

A. Underflow
B. User flow
C. Overflow
D. Crash

Answer – C. Overflow

16. Which of the following applications may use a stack?

A. Parentheses balancing program
B. Tracking of local variables at run time
C. Compiler syntax analyzer
D. All of the mentioned

Answer – D. All of the mentioned

17. With what data structure can a priority queue be implemented?

A. Array
B. List
C. Heap
D. All of the mentioned

Answer – D. All of the mentioned

18. Express 15 as a 6-bit signed binary number.

A. 001111
B. 001110
C. 101111
D. 101110

Answer – C. 101111

19. Which is the predefined method available in Java to convert decimal to binary numbers?

A. Binary Integer
B. Binary Value
C. Binary Number
D. Binary String

Answer – D. Binary String

20. What is meant by physical size in a dynamic array?

A. The size allocated to elements
B. The size extended to add new elements
C. The size of the underlying array at the back-end
D. The size visible to users

Answer – C. The size of the underlying array at the back-end

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