Amdocs Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers


Amdocs Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers – PDF Download: Those who are waiting for an opportunity to join one of the most esteemed organizations like Amdocs can check this article to get knowledge about the Amdocs Selection Process. In order to get succeed in the Amdocs Interview Process, we have arranged the Amdocs Interview Questions for Freshers. Do check the Amdocs Technical and HR Interview Questions and perform well in the Amdocs Recruitment Process.

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Further, you guys can now download the Interview Questions and Answers for Amdocs in PDF format by clicking on the download link available below. Make sure you guys check the Amdocs Interview Questions and prepare well and attend the interview and perform well.

Amdocs Interview Questions – Overview

Latest Amdocs Interview Questions for Freshers
Organization NameAmdocs
QualificationsAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
CategoryInterview Questions and Answers
Job LocationAcross India
Official Website

Amdocs Recruitment Process

The candidates who are here to check out the information for Amdocs Selection Process can look into this section. Aspirants who wish to join a multinational corporation like Amdocs should check out the Amdocs Recruitment Process to know the process the recruitment team will be following to hire the applicants across India for their business purposes. The following selection process is the basic one that the recruiter team of Amdocs will be put in order to select the talented young minds.

  • Online Written Exam
  • Technical Round
  • HR Interview

Amdocs Test Pattern

In order to finally get selected and work as an employee for Amdocs, every individual needs to pass the Amdocs Online Written Exam. To give you clarity on what sections will be asked in the Amdocs Written Test, kindly check the Amdocs Test Pattern that is clearly specified in the below table. And make sure you guys follow the pattern and prepare accordingly for the respective section.

Name of the SectionNo.of QuestionsTime Duration
Quantitative Ability3018 Mins
Reasoning1416 Mins
Verbal Ability1816 Mins
Technical3020 Mins
Automate/ Coding245 Mins

Amdocs Technical Interview Round

Once, the aspirants who have attempted the Amdocs Online Written Exam gets shortlisted they will be allowed to attend the Amdocs Technical Interview Round. Sometimes, depending upon the number of candidates qualified in the written exam, the recruiting team will consider conducting 2 Technical rounds to reduce the shortlisting candidates’ list. In this technical round, basically, the interviewer will test the candidates about their Coding Skills, Basic Concepts in Programming Languages, Data Structures, Algorithms, DBMS, and other core subjected related concepts will be tested.

Amdocs Technical Interview Questions for Freshers

Do go through the reference Amdocs Technical Interview Questions for Freshers to know at what level the Technical Interview Questions will be asked by the interviewer. By going through these questions you can now know from what subjects the questions are asked frequently and whether you will be able to answer them or not.

1. What is the significance of the continue jump statement? Explain with an example.

2. Is it possible to subtract pointers from each other? How?

3. What is data abstraction? How is it implemented in C++?

4. What are wrapper classes in Java?

5. Discuss different types of errors that generally occur while programming.

6. Explain the working of call by reference function invoking.

7. How is Object Oriented Programming different from Procedure Oriented Programming?

8. Define type casting in C++.

9. Difference between malloc() and calloc() functions?

10. Explain the working of call by reference function invoking

11. What is the difference between the Void and Null Pointer?

12. What is the Hierarchy of exception?

13. Give me examples of derived data types.

14. Define max, min heap, and search time of heap.

15. Differentiate between run time error and syntax error.

16. What are the limitations of the procedural programming approach?

17. Write a C++ program to print strings in reverse order.

18. What is Memory Leak in C?

19. What is widening and narrowing in java? Discuss with an example.

20. Write the algorithm to check the number of non-leaf nodes in a tree.

21. Implement 2 stacks with just 1 array. The stack routines must not indicate overflow unless every slot in the array is used.

22. Explain the difference between internal and external fragmentation in memory management. Suggest ways to reduce them.

23. Why Java is platform-independent?

24. What are array pointers?

25. How to swap two numbers without the use of the third variable?

26. What is a pointer and does Java support pointers?

27. Is Java a pure object-oriented language?

28. What are the different scope C++ provides?

29. What is a package in Java? List down various advantages of packages.

30. Given an employee table in a DB, write an SQL query to list the employees who joined in the month of January?

31. What is the purpose of checked and unchecked exceptions in JAVA?

32. How to use copy and concatenate commands in SQL?

33. what are SQL joins and name some joins?

34. Write a program to fetch the first 10 records from a file?

35. The space complexity of Fibonacci recursion

36. Tell me about different OOPS concepts.

37. Explain the difference between logical & physical addresses.

38. What will happen if an array goes out of bounds?

39. How will you compute the size of a structure?

40. What are triggers in DB? Explain their types. How do they work?

41. Differentiate between overriding and overloading cases?

Amdocs HR Interview Round

The shortlisted candidates from the Amdocs Technical Interview will be now asked to attend the Amdocs HR Interview Round. In this round, the candidates will be having a face-to-face interview with the Amdocs HR Manager. The main theme of this HR round is to assess whether the candidate is a capable person for the respective job or not. The interviewer will be asking the basic questions like aspirants Educational qualifications, Academic Projects, Internship Experiences, Family Background, Any certification courses, etc.

Amdocs HR Interview Questions and Answers

1. Summarize your college life in 2 minutes

While answering this question don’t go too much into details. Explain your college life as briefly as possible. For instance, you can respond by saying “How you got into the college, the specialization you have chosen to study, What the college environment was like, How you are at the beginning, and what you have improved in yourself, What responsibilities you have taken up, What the college has provided (Resources) to help you in your growth” convey everything that you have enjoyed and learned while studying.

2. Why AMDOCS?

This question is nothing but what made you choose Amdocs. Convey to the interviewer about what has attracted and you found interesting in Amdocs. For example, you can say “I like the working culture the Amdocs represents and how the management provides equal opportunities for every employee to improve their professional career.” You further say that how a healthy competitive environment enables the employees to give their best for the organization’s betterment. You can also talk about how you like the employee benefits/ welfare schemes they have.

3. How do you see yourself after five years from now?

The recruiter always wants to hire candidates who have full-fledged goals regarding their career and a go-getter. By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know whether have you planned anything about your future career-wise. Where do you want to see yourself in the coming years? So, you can talk about “What you want to achieve in the next 5 years and what you want to learn to take your professional career to the next level.” While answering this question do remember that your answer should be as an employee of the company. This provides your assurance to the interviewer that you will be working in the company even after 5 years.

4. What are your hobbies?

Don’t just simply say that you like watching TV, Reading Books, Playing Cricket. Because these may be what you do when you have leisure but they will come across to the interviewer as not productive. So, whenever you answer this question try to explain how you like reading books from certain genres like “Horror, Sci-Fi, Thiller, etc.,” And same for the case of Watching TV “Say what shows you like to watch, which channel you frequently watch whether News, Discovery Channel or Documentary Series.” After answering this question make yourself prepared to answer the next subsequent question the interviewer will be asking to check your knowledge about your hobbies.

5. Which trait of yours makes you fit for the job?

The interviewer will always like to hire people who have inbuilt qualities in them that are suitable for the job. For instance, you can respond by saying about how you feel that your managing skills will help the designated job to be done effectively or your habit of continuous learning will help in learning new technologies and implementing them in the project to gain better results. So, make sure your answer reflects your strengths and how they can help you view you as the perfect person for the job.

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Amdocs Technical and HR Interview Questions – Important Links
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