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Articles English Quiz Details

Quiz Name Articles
Category Verbal Ability Questions
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Articles English Quiz Questions


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1. New York is _______ large city

2. ________ man is mortal.

3. Kiran is ________ best student in the class.

4. He is ______ European.

5. Karan will arrive in _____ hour.

6. I live in an apartment. ________ apartment is new.

7. They usually spend their holidays in __________ mountains.

8. I’ve been waiting for __________ long time.

9. Let’s go to __________ beach.

10. Would you like to have _____ cup of tea ?

11. _____ dog is faithful animal.

12. They usually spend their holidays in __________ mountains.

13. I can't live on __________ 500 dollars a month.

14. The only sport we enjoy is _______ hockey

15. I need ------ egg for this recipe, but we're out.

16. Fill in with the right article !! My Mother is _______ English teacher.

17. Fill in with the right article !! It was ______ easy job.

18. _________ apple a day keeps the doctor away

19. We spent a lot of time swimming in _________ sea on holiday

20. _________ Underground is a very convenient way of getting around London

21. It is _______ largest producer of computer keyboards in the world

22. Harishchandra was ____________ honest king.

23. We have __________ black and white television.

24. Someone call __________ police!

25. Fill in with the right article !! _____hermit lived in ____cave.


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About Articles English Questions

Naturally, an Article is a word that is combined with a noun. These words are adjectives because they preceded by a noun and describes it. In the English language, there are three
articles: a, an, the. In fact, these are not interchangeable, only used in specific sentences. It categorizes as

  • Definite: limits the meaning of a noun to one particular thing.
  • Indefinite: a when it precedes a word that begins with a consonant. When it precedes a word that starts with a vowel. These also indicated as a part of speech that cannot easily
    combined with the other.
    Many different types of articles are involved in the concept.
  • Proper: Indicates that its noun is correct, also refers to a unique entity. There may be the name of a person, place, planet.
  • Partitive: Rarely viewed as a type of indefinite article, used with the mass noun which may be to indicate water, non-specific quantity.
  • Negative: Specifies none of its nouns, but is regarded as neither definite nor indefinite. On the other side, we consider such a word to be a simple qualifier rather than an article.
  • Zero article: It is the absence of an article. In languages having a definite article, the lack of this word indicates explicitly that the noun is indefinite.
    Generally, for a word order is article + adjective + noun. As the section is also used before the noun as well.

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