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Artificial Language

Passionate to learn about Artificial Language? Then check this page which extols you to grab the knowledge of the concept. This article provides you Artificial Language Quiz also, makes you the better improvement of your skills as well. Candidates who are willing to attempt the competitive exams like SSC, Bank PO’s, GATE, GRE, SCC CGL they should learn more about the concept. Moreover, candidates should be aware of the content too. As it is essential to learn and practice Artificial Language Questions, related to Reasoning that helps you to be logical.

Artificial Language Reasoning Quiz Details

Quiz Name Artificial Language
Category Logical Reasoning
Number of Questions 15
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


Therefore, we provide you the best way to learn thing quickly and practically. The below post offers you Artificial Language Questions and Answers; you can also exercise them as many times as you can. Meanwhile, have a look at the content and improving your problem-solving skill. Go down to the post, you can find some interesting Artificial Language Reasoning Questions. Meanwhile, attempting any competitive exams is not an easy way, so we recommend people to focus on the concept, then go on working out with it. If you have any query regarding this topic, then please free to visit our

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1. Here are some words translated from an artificial language.

krekinblaf means workforce
dritakrekin means groundwork
krekinalti means workplace

Which word could mean "someplace"?

2. Here are some words translated from an artificial language.

plekapaki means fruitcake
pakishillen means cakewalk
treftalan means buttercup

Which word could mean “cupcake”?

3. Here are some words translated from an artificial language.

moolokarn means blue sky
wilkospadi means bicycle race
moolowilko means blue bicycle

Which word could mean "racecar"?

4. Here are some words translated from an artificial language.

migenlasan means cupboard
lasanpoen means boardwalk
cuopdansa means pullman

Which word could mean "walkway"?

5. Here are some words translated from an artificial language.

aptaose means first base
eptaose means second base

lartabuk means ballpark Which word could mean "baseball"?


About Artificial Language Reasoning Questions

An artificial language, part of the analytical reasoning, involves the meaning of imaginary some word is decoded to identify an actual task. Some of the questions will give the relationship of the problem. By referring to the question, we should decode the correct one. So to crack the exam in the better way, aspirants should be efficient in solving those problems. As the questions can be asked for various competitive exams and angles as well, candidates should focus on the content. To make the candidates tricky, this concept embedded in the entrance and competitive exams to check their ability. Furthermore, you can check out the article for the test and can practice more as you can.

Artificial Language, involves the concept of logical reasoning. Moreover, in this concept, the questions provided will be an imaginary meaning of the words that are to be observed. Within the specified problem, the candidate can quickly answer the question by practicing the language. Therefore, the issue consists of the imaginary language related to English words and then totally w have three sentences in that we have to find out the word for the accurate answer. So, we should apply practically, to get perfection in the concept. Now it’s time to compete for the entrance and placement exams.

Benefits of Practicing Artificial Language Reasoning Quiz

  • By this test, we can improve our logical ability.
  • Even, in jumbled sentences also you can rectify the mistakes.
  • Guides you tricks and tips to solve the test.
  • Moreover, candidates will be capable practically.

Results of Artificial Language Reasoning Quiz

  • Can easily improve problem-solving nature.
  • Crack the exams quickly by practicing this Quiz.
  • Candidates should learn time management.

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