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B.Des Books | Best Bachelor of Design Reference Books: Are you looking for Best Bachelor of Design Reference Books? Then you are in the right place to know the exact details about the B.Des Reference Books. Most of the students will be preparing for the semester exams as per the Syllabus given. And the syllabus-related information will be shared through Best B.Des Reference Books. Through this article, students can know the book to be prepared along with the author’s name.

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Specializations in Bachelor of Design

  • Animation Film Design
  • Accessory Design
  • Communication Design
  • Ceramic and Glass Design
  • Leather Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Furniture and Interior Design
  • Film and Video Communication
  • Fashion Design
  • Footwear Designs and Production
  • Fashion Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Knitwear Design
  • Lifestyle and Accessory Design
  • Product Design
  • Textile Design
  • Visual Communication

BDes Syllabus for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year

BDes 1st Semester Subjects:

  • Fundamentals of Arts and Design (2D)
  • Art representation and transformation
  • CAD – Photography and Videography
  • Design and Human evolution
  • Applied Science for Designers
  • Typography Fundamentals and exploratory printing
  • Design studio I – problem identification

2nd Semester BDes subjects:

  • Fundamentals of Arts and Design (2D)
  • Image representation and transformation –II
  • World of images and objects
  • Knowledge organization and communication
  • Design studio II –Problem Analysis
  • Self-initiated summer project

BDes Subjects for 3rd Semester:

  • 2D Visual studies I – word and image
  • 3D Form studies – Aesthetics, Identity, and Expressions
  • Creative Thinking Process and Methods
  • Design, Society, Culture, and Environment
  • Environmental Studies – Science and Engineering
  • Design Studio III – Creative Explorations

BDes 4th Semester Subjects:

  • Elective- 2D Visual Studies II or 3D Form Studies II
  • Communication Theories, Visual Perception and Semiotics
  • Design, Storytelling, and Narratives
  • Design,
  • Design Studio IV – Prototyping
  • Summer Project

5th Semester BDes Subjects:

  • Elective I and II: Information Graphics and Visualisation/ Moving image Design / Product Design-I Design for Interactive Media /Mobility and Vehicle Design 3D modeling and prototyping
  • Applied Ergonomics
  • Design, Technology, and Innovation
  • Collaborative Design Project

BDes 6th Semester Subjects:

  • Elective I and II: Animation Design Communication Design/ Film-Video Design/ Product Design II/ Interaction Design/Transportation Design /Game Design/ Product Ergonomics
  • Elective III: Materials and Processes/Digital Media Technologies
  • Design Management, Planning and Professional Practice
  • System Design Project
  • Industrial Summer Project

7th Semester Subjects for BDes:

  • Global Design Thoughts and Discourse
  • Re-Design Project
  • Design Research Seminar

BDes Subjects in 8th Semester:

  • BDesign Projects

BDes (Bachelor of Design) Reference Books and Recommended Authors

Book TitleAuthor Name
Design Elements, Color Fundamentals: A Graphic Style Manual for Understanding How Color Impacts Design, Beverly, Mass: Rockport Publishers, 2011Aaris Sherin
Design: A Concise History, Laurence King Publishing, 1998T. Hauffe
Design Media – Techniques for watercolor, pen and ink, pastel and coloured markers, John Wiley & Sons,1999R. Kasprin
Engineering Drawing, 2nd Ed., Pearson Education, 2009M B Shah and B C Rana
Principles of Two Dimensional Design, John Wiley & Sons, 1972Wong W.
Navigating the Materials World, Academic Press, San Diego, CA, 2003C. Baillie and L. Vanasupa

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