Best Books for Sikkim TET Exam – Sikkim TET Preparation Books

Best Books for Sikkim TET Exam

Best Books for Sikkim TET Exam – Sikkim TET Preparation Books: Candidates aiming for Sikkim TET Preparation should have the Sikkim TET Best Books. Rightly, this article is going to provide you with all the STET Best Books. Make sure that you stick on till the end. Do not miss any of the information provided in this article. Additionally, take a note of the list of Sikkim TET Reference Books provided. Also, you have to include the provided Sikkim TET Preparation Best Books while preparing the Perfect Study Plan.

★★ Best Reference Books ★★

Top Sikkim TET Reference Books – Subject Wise

This section of the article will provide you with the Top Books for the Sikkim TET Exam. Refer to these Sikkim TET preparation books and you will eventually ace your exam. Ensure that you implement these books in your preparation.

STET Preparation Books for Child Development and Pedagogy

Pedagogy and Child Development – Prateek Shivalik

  • Focuses on topics like Child Development, Learning, and Pedagogical Issues.
  • The book is placed with Comprehensive content.

CTET & STETS: Child Development and Pedagogy – Himanshi Singh

  • Contains Previous year’s question papers.
  • A trackable guide.

CTET: Child Development and Pedagogy – Pearson Publication

  • Discusses the various aspects of Educational Psychology.
  • Subject-oriented.

Sikkim TET Language I (English) Books

Primary School English Grammar and Composition – Wren and Martin

  • Reading Comprehension is primarily focused.
  • Good composition of the contexts.

Objective General English – S.P. Bakshi

  • Covers the foundation of the language.
  • Core contents are verbal ability, and grammar.

General English for all Competitive Exams – S.C. Gupta

  • Contains over 600 practice questions.
  • An easy and trackable book.

Sikkim TET Reference Books for Language II (Hindi)

Rachnatmak Vyakaran – Suresh Pant

  • Focuses on the basic concepts of the language.
  • Covers the major foundations.

Hindi Vyakaran – Kamta Prasad Guru

  • Contains solved as well as practice sentences.
  • The book is very conceptual.

Samanya Hindi Book – Agrawal ExamCart

  • Complete Hindi syllabus.
  • Major concepts are dealt with all the explanations.

STET Best Books for Mathematics

Mathematics and Pedagogy – Ravikant Agrawal, Deepak Pandey and Om Prakash

  • The book has practice questions of all types.
  • Foundational cores included.

Mathematics Exam Goalpost – Wiley Publication

This book has numerous practice problems.
Example-based structures are provided.

Handbook Mathematics – Arihant Experts

  • Focuses on major topics.
  • Includes all the key structures of the sums.

Sikkim TET Preparation Books for Environmental Studies

CTET & TETs Environmental Studies & Pedagogy Class I-V – Arihant Experts

  • Contains subject-specific concepts.
  • Gives details of all the foundational concepts.

Environmental Studies – Wiley Publication

  • Focuses on the patterns of topics.
  • Easy to track the sub-linked topics.

Ecology and Environment – P.D. Sharma

  • Covers topics like natural resources.
  • Convenient reading.

Sikkim TET Social Sciences Books

Social Science & Pedagogy for CTET & TETs Class VI-VIII – Arihant Experts

  • The book provides comprehensive learning.
  • Conceptual coverage of the topics.

Quick Indian History – Disha Experts

  • Gives a systematic method to remember all the events that occurred in Indian History.
  • A patterned methodology is followed.

Indian and World Geography – Majid Husain

  • Provides insight on the physical, economic and social geography.
  • Spots out the structured way of learning.

Sikkim TET Preparation Best Books

Candidates looking for Sikkim TET Preparation Best Books. Here theta re. Although you have covered the list of Sikkim TET books above, this section of the article will give you a brief list without any descriptions unlike the above.

  • Pedagogy and Child Development
  • Hindi Vyakaran
  • Primary School English Grammar and Composition
  • Handbook Mathematics
  • CTET & TETs Environmental Studies & Pedagogy Class I-V
  • Social Science & Pedagogy for CTET & TETs Class VI-VIII

Here you go, you have all the Sikkim TET Preparation Best Books with you. So, headstart your STET Exam Preparation. Take them handy in your study plan. The Recommended Best Books for Sikkim TET Exam are going to be helpful in the long run. Good luck with your exam. Stay connected for more informative articles with us at @

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