Cadence Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers


Cadence Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers | PDF Download – If you are among those aspirants who have applied for the Cadence Job Vacancies, then look into this article about Cadence India Interview Questions for Freshers. We assure you guys that this article will help the aspirants who wish to join Cadence. Do check the Cadence Recruitment Process to get familiar with the Cadence Interview Process that you guys will be undergoing. Further, through this article, you guys can have access to the Cadence Technical & HR Interview Questions for Freshers. By going through Cadence Design Systems Interview Questions & Answers you can understand what type of Cadence Design Systems Interview Questions will be asked in the interview. And if you wish to download the Cadence Technical, HR Interview Questions PDF then click on the download link established in the Important Links section.

Cadence Interview Questions | Overview

Latest Cadence Design Systems Interview Questions
Organization NameCadence Design Systems
QualificationsAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
CategoryInterview Questions With Answers
Job LocationAcross India
Official Website

Cadence Recruitment Process

Looking for details about the Cadence Recruitment Process? Then check out this section to know information about the Selection Procedure of Cadence. It is not easy for the Recruitment Team of Cadence to select the appropriate candidates for the designated job profile. Even a slight mistake in the selection can lead to the financial loss of the company. So, therefore in order to hire capable candidates and make them join the company below is the usual Cadence Recruitment Procedure abide by the Cadence Hiring Team.

  • Written Exam
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Test Pattern & Selection Procedure of Cadence

Aspirants who have recently applied for the various job openings in Cadence should go through this section to know the Cadence Written Test Pattern. For candidates to get selected for the respective job profile it is mandatory for you guys to get shortlisted in the written exam round. So, go through the below table to get what sections you have to cover in the preparation and the time limit in which you have to complete the exam. And only after getting shortlisted in the written exam, the candidates will be allowed to attend the remaining Cadence Recruitment Process.

SectionsNumber of QuestionsTime Duration
Analytical Ability3050 Mins
Technical7040 Mins

The total time limit for the written exam is 90 mins. Further, there will be negative marking for wrong answers. So, be careful and answer the questions only if you are confident about them.

Cadence Technical Interview Round

Those aspirants who have scored the decided marks in the Written Exam will be now advised to attend the Cadence Technical Interview Round. In this round, the aspirants will be facing questions regarding their core subjects like C, C++, Networks, DBMS, Networking, Digital Logic Design (DLD), etc. Sometimes to make the selection difficult, the recruiters will conduct 2 technical interview rounds. In that case, you will be facing questions related to your project and also basic technical questions related to the job position you have applied for. Hence, make sure you are well prepared for any occurrence in the Cadence India Interview Process.

Cadence Technical Interview Questions for Freshers

In this section, we have accommodated the Cadence Technical Interview Questions which you guys can take as reference and prepare well for the technical interview round. Further, there is a high probability that the interviewer may sometimes ask the applicants to write a particular program in a certain programing language. Therefore, you guys also need to revise and go over the frequently asked programs to brush up on your coding skills.

1. What does the term “object-oriented programming” mean?

2. There is a scheme that contains 8- bit and 16 bit signed numbers. How many such combinations are possible?

3. If a graph DS is given, how will you dump that into memory and retrieve it again?

4. What are all types of sorting algorithms?

5. A point and a rectangle are present with the given coordinates. How will you determine whether the point is inside or outside the rectangle?

6. Locate the sum of 2 numbers in a linear array (Unsorted and sorted) and their complexities.

7. What does exit() do?

8. What is the difference between overloading and overriding?

9. What is the insertion sort code?

10. What is the difference between “truncate” and “delete”?

11. Write code for string reversal.

12. For what do we use calloc?

13. Find the nth smallest element in the binary tree?

14. Difference between static and dynamic bindings.

15. What is a linked list, implement using array and linked list (which is better single or doubly)?

16. What according to you are the advantages of the normalizing database?

17. Write code for linked list implementation, push, and pop.

18. State a diagram for [POW(n)] b[POW(n)] c.

19. In a directed graph, how can you find a cycle? Is it possible to find using BFS, why BFS is preferred over DFS?

20. What is meant by “bit masking”?

21. Is a C program faster than a C++ compiled program?

22. What is the difference between C and C++?

23. Give me the code of in-order recursive and non-recursive.

24. How to solve non-linear systems of equations.

25. Make a state diagram for the a*b*c expression.

26. What do you mean by abstract classes?

27. What are library functions?

28. What do you mean by DNS?

29. You are given an array of elements. Some/all of them are duplicates. Find them in 0(n) time and 0(1) space. Property of inputs – Number are in the range of 1..n where n is the limit of the array.

30. What is polymorphism? How it can be achieved in C++?

31. Why virtual destructor is required?

32. How does the map [STL Library] work? What is the time complexity of its implementation?

33. What is a const member function?

34. How does heap sort work? Implement heap sort for the given array

35. What are auto, volatile variables? Scopes of variables.

Cadence HR Interview Round

Every candidate who has performed well in the Cadence Technical Interview Round will be shortlisted for the Cadence HR Interview Round. This is just a formal round, where the interviewer will be asking general questions related to aspirants Educational Qualifications, Family Background. Further, the aspirants will be asked to speak about their Academic Achievements, Academic Projects, Any Internship experience, Their Hobbies, and interests. Finally, the key thing to get succeed in this round is to have strong communication skills, should have confidence, and should maintain appropriate body language.

Cadence HR Interview Questions & Answers

Here are the references about Cadence HR Interview & Answers that will help you guys in providing confidence on how to answer certain questions. As it is just a formal round, the aspirants need to maintain their coolness and keep their nervousness in check while facing the interviewer. As a fresher, you guys will be asked basic questions in the Cadence HR Interview. So maintain your composure and give your best in the final round of the Cadence Hiring Process.

1. Why do you think you are an ideal match for this job?

While answering this question, focus on your strengths, and the technical skills that you have and are necessary for the particular job. Point out the qualities that you have which will help you highlight as the best candidate among others. For instance “You can respond by saying How the specialization you have done will help you in current job/ Are the practical project knowledge you have gained in your academic year will create value addition for the current job/ Point out the certifications you have done which will help you in doing your job efficiently without any prior training.”

2. Why do you want to join our company?

This question will be asked by the interviewer to know what the desirable thing you have seen in their organization for which you are looking forward to joining them. Therefore, you can answer by saying “The best thing I liked about Cadence is Its Work Ethics. From what I got to know through my contacts is that the management gives equal opportunity for every employee to prosper in their professional career. For instance, the training programs they provide will not only be for the benefit of the organization but also for the employee’s career advancement.” additionally, you can also talk about how you see that cadence is the perfect opportunity you are looking for to exhibit your skills & knowledge in your work.

3. What extra-curricular activities are you involved in?

Extra-curricular activities are nothing but what you have learned other than your academic subjects while studying. For instance, you can say how you are a member of some business club, where you learned how you can enhance your communication skills, etc/ or you can also talk about Sports Team you are involved in/ or any art programs or competitions you took part in. However, while answering this question make sure you answer it in such a way that shows how productively you used an opportunity to improve yourself and learned something productive for your career.

4. Are you comfortable relocating?

The obvious answer to this question will be yes. But again same is not the case with every candidate. In that case, try to convey to the interviewer your uncertainness about relocation. However, the interviewer asks this question to know the level of interest you are showing to relocate to a new place for the sake of the job/ How flexible you are to take up the job that requires you to shift to an entirely new place.

5. What salary are you expecting?

As a Fresher no one will be having an idea about what salary you will get for a particular job. In that case, researching the job profile will help you guys in knowing the industry salary that is given to the candidates for that particular job profile. Moreover, you can also specify a particular figure you are expecting on the basis of the cost of living. By specifying a particular range it seems you may be demanding a huge amount but if you have skills that are in demand then specifying a particular figure may not be wrong.

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Hope the aspirants will be utilizing this article to give their best in the Cadence Interview Process. For more latest MNC Recruitment Processes and Cadence Design Systems Interview Questions, details kindly keep following our website.

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