CGI Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers


CGI Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers – PDF Download: This article contains full-fledged details about the CGI Interview Questions for Freshers, CGI Recruitment Process. Applicants who have recently applied for the CGI IT Openings for various job profiles can find this article useful. CGI Interview Questions & Answers that are accommodated here will help you guys in knowing what type of questions you will be facing at the time of the CGI Interview Process. The HR & Technical Interview Questions in CGI that we have compiled and provided here will be productive to Freshers who have recently passed out. Moreover, the CGI Technical and HR Interview Interview Questions PDF can be downloaded from the direct link that is made available at the end of this article.

CGI Interview Questions | Overview

Latest CGI Interview questions and answers
Organization NameCGI
QualificationsAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
CategoryInterview Questions & Answers
Job LocationAcross India
Official Website

CGI Recruitment Process

Students who have recently done with their Graduation/ Post Graduation and are looking forward to or have already applied for the CGI Jobs Vacancies can check this section to know about the CGI Recruitment Process. The below CGI Recruitment Process for Freshers is the common one that CGI Recruiters will follow to hire ambitious and skilled aspirants from across India. If you want to be called a CGI employee and work in their exception team then know the Latest CGI Hiring Process and perform well in the CGI Interview Process to finally get selected.

  • Written Exam
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Round 1
  • Technical Round 2
  • HR Interview Round

CGI Test Pattern – Written

The CGI Written Exam will be conducted by AMCAT. The CGI Test Pattern for the Written Exam has been detailedly presented below. Do, check the written exam sections and prepare well for them. Remember that qualifying in the CGI Written Exam is mandatory if you wish to get a job. So, make sure you check the CGI Placement Papers, and Aptitude related questions links provided below and practice them frequently.

SectionsNumber of Questions
Quantitative Aptitude16
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension22
Business Analytics8
Computer Science26

CGI Group Discussion

Once, the written exam gets completed the CGI Hiring Team will shortlist the candidates who have got minimum marks as decided by them. And now, the qualified aspirants will proceed to CGI Group Discussion Round. In this round, a general topic will be given to the group of candidates and the organizer will indicate the candidates to start the discussion. The Confidence Level, How you are presenting your viewpoint, The way you initiate/ conclude the topic will be evaluated. Aspirants can easily get qualified in this round by having strong communication skills and knowledge about the topic.

CGI Technical Interview Round

Qualified aspirants from the GD round will be now asked to attend the CGI Technical Interview. Usually, the Technical Interview will be conducted in 2 rounds. In the 1st round of technical interviews, the interviewer will test basic knowledge about Operating Systems, Networking, Data structures, and Algorithms, OOPs concepts, and a Programming Language, DBMS. Sometimes depending upon the interviewer they may ask you to write a program too by using any of the programming languages.

Further, in the 2nd round of technical interviews, you can expect questions from the project you have done in your academic year. Like, what are the technologies you used in the project, Brief outlook about the project, Role/ work you have contributed in the project, etc.

CGI Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

Do check out the CGI Technical Interview Questions for Freshers provided below to gain insight into the model of questions you will be facing in the interview.

1. Differentiate between array list and vector list.

2. Write a program to reverse a linked list.

3. What are the differences between Createobject() and Getobject() functions?

4. What is dynamic programming?

5. Explain a real-life example of polymorphism.

6. Suppose there is a sorted array that is of a very large size in which some elements are repeated. How will you find the non-repeated numbers?

7. What are the different types of collections in java?

8. Write a method calculating the sum of an array using recursion

9. What is Object class?

10. How do you pass parameters in the stored procedure?

11. What is a stack?

12. Can you give me an example where we can replace the stack and use another data structure for the same purpose?

13. Define: postback, control events, view state?

14. What is the difference between the top-down approach and the bottom-up approach in programming languages?

15. There are 2 link lists and both are meeting at a point. Find out that meeting point?

16. Do you know about Multithreading?

17. Write a program that prints numbers from 1 – N systematically. Use one thread for odd and another for even number.

18. What is a deadlock in threading?

19. Explain steps involved in creating user-defined exceptions?

20. Write a query to retrieve for many to many relationships?

CGI HR Interview Round

The aspirants who have performed well and given their best in the CGI Technical Round will be now shortlisted to attend the CGI HR Interview. This will be the final round which will decide whether you are a perfect candidate to fill the vacancy job position or not. The round is very easy and the key thing for candidates to do is to maintain their confidence and composure so they can get selected. In this round, the interviewer will be asking very basic questions like hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, educational qualifications, any internship experiences, certification courses, etc.,

CGI HR Interview Questions with Answers

In order to create awareness we have given the reference to the CGI HR Interview Questions and along with these you can also find the CGI HR Interview Questions & Answers. So follow them and get an idea about how you can answer the respective question and grab the attention of the interviewer.

1. Briefly describe yourself

Before proceeding to answer the question, kindly listen to the question carefully. The interview isn’t asking about introducing yourself he is asking to describe yourself, there is a remarkable difference in both these questions. When asking this question, the interviewer will be expecting you to explain how you are as an individual, what is your personality, character traits, and all that. For instance, you can begin by saying “I’m an ambitious and well-organized individual, who likes to plan out everything before diving into work and rarely gets disoriented in what I’m doing. And as an ambitious person, I would like to set goals and try to achieve them as frequently as possible. Friends describe me as a peoples person, I enjoy interacting with new people and feel excited to listen to their experiences in the work field.” While conveying the answer try to put and back your answers with examples so that it seems genuine.

2. What do you know about CGI

From this question, the interviewer wants to know whether you are aware of the CGI as a company, what are its products, who are its competitors, the latest technology it uses, and all that. Researching about the company before appearing for the interview will help you guys in answering this question. Now, you can answer this question by covering details like “Where the company has started, Who has started it, The market value it is currently having, The total workforce (No.of Employees), CGI work culture, The strategies they follow, Partnership or Alliances they have with other companies, Current Competitors, etc.,”

3. How comfortable you are adapting to new technology?

The most ever-changing industry is IT Industry. The technology you learned in the last year can be outdated in the present. For you to be successful in this type of industry you need to upgrade yourself constantly. By this question, the interview will like to know how do you receive change? whether you are comfortable or get uncomfortable because of change. So, you can respond by saying “I prepare myself and take a task to learn whatever happening in the industry so that I won’t be left behind. I believe in the concept of Continuous learning, so adapting to new technology will not be an issue for me rather I will be comfortable in knowing that it will enhance my career and help me build my professional life”.

4. Where do see yourself in the coming 5 years?

Whenever the recruiter hires people he will be thinking that you will be part of their workforce for a long time. No one wants to hire people who won’t be there after 2 years. So, answer this question accordingly. Make sure you convey how you see yourself working for a long time in the company, taking newer opportunities that can help you grow in your career, and also talk about how you want to see yourself as a valuable asset to the company.

5. Are you comfortable with the location of the job?

The location shouldn’t be a constraint when you want to do a dream job. As an individual, you should be flexible and willing to relocate when your job demands it. Therefore, you can respond to this question by saying “How you are comfortable on the location, as this is the job and company you are looking forward to working in, and how the location will help you in enhancing your career by providing the learning opportunities”

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HR & Technical Interview Questions in CGI –  Important Links
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