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CGI Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

CGI Verbal Ability / English Questions and Answers with Explanation, Solutions: CGI Verbal Ability Questions and Answers for Freshers: Well, candidates who are preparing to qualify in the CGI Placement Test can go through this page. We have clearly provided you the CGI Verbal Ability Questions and Answers with Explanation topic-wise. So, without any hassle, you can start answering the Model CGI Verbal Ability Questions. There will be 22 Questions in the Verbal Ability Section of the CGI Placement Test. Thus, these CGI Verbal Ability Questions and Answers For Freshers will help in that regard. To help you out during your preparation, we have attached the CGI English Questions and Answers with Solutions in PDF format for free of cost.

CGI Verbal Ability Questions and Answers For Freshers

Number of Questions: 22 Questions

Topics Questions Asked (Approximately)
Synonyms 2-5 Questions
Antonyms 3-5 Questions
Fill in the Blanks 4-5 Questions
Spotting Errors 5-6 Questions
Substitution 2-4 Questions
Identify the sentences 3-5 Questions
Transformation 1-3 Questions
Sentence Improvement 3-5 Questions
Odd Words 2-7 Questions
Joining Sentences 2-5 Questions
Sentence Arrangement 1-3 Questions
Tag Questions 2-4 Questions
Identifying the Errors 3-4 Questions
Tenses 3-5 Questions


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CGI Verbal Ability Questions and Answers with Explanation

Directions (Q. 1 – 5): Choose the Synonyms of the following words

1. Peer

A. Apple
B. Connote
C. Fellow
D. Recluse

Answer – C. Fellow

A peer is a person belonging to the same group.

2. Outlandish

A. Pastoral
B. Belligerent
C. Distant
D. Absurd

Answer – D. Absurd

Outlandish means extremely out of the ordinary.

3. Gaudy

A. Miserly
B. Stingy
C. Garnish
D. Deceptive

Answer – C. Garnish

Garnish means obtrusively bright and showy.

4. Impartial

A. Unjust
B. Equitable
C. Biased
D. Distant

Answer – B. Equitable

Equitable means fair and impartial.

5. Tangle

A. Snarl
B. Growl
C. Dance
D. Shiver

Answer – A. Snarl

Tangle is a twisted, knotted mass, or a snarl.

Directions (Q. 6 – 10): Choose the Antonyms of the following words

6. Acquaint

A. Luxurious
B. Bleach
C. Stall
D. Alienate

Answer – D. Alienate

Acquaint means to get to know or to become friendly.
Alienate means to cause unfriendliness or hostility.

7. Heedless

A. Heartless
B. Attentive
C. Speedy
D. Unaware

Answer – B. Attentive

Heedless means, inconsiderate or thoughtless.
Attentive means,  heedful or mindful.

8. Rancor

A. Argument
B. Collect
C. Accord
D. Ritual

Answer – C. Accord

Rancor means bitter ill-will
Accord is balanced

9. Cursed

A. Swore
B. Pious
C. Unfortunate
D. Lucky

Answer – D. Lucky

Cursed means to be the subject of misfortune, or to be unlucky.
Therefore, Lucky is the opposite.

10. Sullen

A. Cheerful
B. Dirty
C. Clean
D. Risen

Answer – A. Cheerful

Sullen means showing a disagreeable mood, or lacking cheer.
Therefore, Cheerful is the opposite.

Directions (Q. 11 – 15): Word Analogy, Choose the correct pain by analyzing the given pair.

11. Umbrage: Offense

A. Confusion: Penance
B. Infinity: Meaning
C. Decorum: Decoration
D. Elation: Jubilance

Answer – D. Elation: Jubilance

Umbrage and Offense are synonyms.
As well as Elation and Jubilance are also synonyms.

12. Dominance: Hegemony

A. Independence: Autonomy
B. Tolerance: Philanthropy
C. Romance: Sympathy
D. Furtherance: Melancholy

Answer – A. Independence: Autonomy

Hegemony means Dominance.
Similarly, Autonomy means Independence.

13. Dirge: Funeral

A. Chain: Letter
B. Bell: Church
C. Telephone: Call
D. Jingle: Commercial

Answer – D. Jingle: Commercial

A dirge is a song used at a funeral.
A jingle is a song used in a commercial.

14. Feral: Tame

A. Repentant: Honorable
B. Ephemeral: Immortal
C. Rancid: Rational
D. Repetitive: Recurrent

Answer – B. Ephemeral: Immortal

Feral and Tame are antonyms.
Similarly, Ephemeral and Immortal are also antonyms.

15. Phobic: Fearful

A. Finicky: Thoughtful
B. Cautious: Emotional
C. Envious: Desiring
D. Asinine: Silly

Answer – D. Asinine: Silly

To be phobic is to be extremely fearful
As well as, asinine is to be extremely silly.

Directions (Q. 16 – 18): Fill in the Blanks

16. This is the latest in a series of___________where forest departments have gone against the advice of conservation researchers; the fact that they were arm-twisted into doing so by animal-lovers makes it even more___________.

A. undue, retreat
B. instances, worrisome
C. overindulgent, submissive
D. heedlessness, domiciliary

Answer – B. instances, worrisome

17. Mere legislation is not enough to eradicate___________from society, but laws do have the utility value of curbing the prevalence of___________rituals and practices.

A. superstition, inhuman
B. chaperone, barren
C. sentry, parched
D. escort, thirsty

Answer – A. superstition, inhuman

18. Translocating a large carnivore as a response to___________does not work, Large predators need a certain prey___________and are territorial, and they would tend to find their way back, even over hundreds of kilometers, to their original habitat.

A. conflict, density
B. omission, devoted
C. dizzying, subdued
D. enormous, shelter

Answer – A. conflict, density

Directions (Q. 19 – 22): Spelling Correction

19. Which of the following spelling incorrect in the given context?

A. Apiary
B. Aviary
C. Aquarium
D. Arsnal

Answer – D. Arsnal

20. Which of the following spelling incorrect in the given context?

A. Convent
B. Sanaterium
C. Salutatorian
D. Tannery

Answer – B. Sanaterium

21. Which of the following spelling incorrect in the given context?

A. Prestigious
B. Compare
C. Thearchy
D. Autocracy

Answer – C. Thearchy

22. Which of the following spelling incorrect in the given context?

A. Delegate
B. Soporific
C. Regalia
D. Kenel

Answer – D. Kenel

CGI Verbal Ability Questions and Answers PDF

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