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CICS Quiz: CICS means Customer Information Control System, developed by IBM. Freshersnow users can practice CICS quiz through this page and know how much you score. We have provided around 10 CICS multiple choice questions to practice. After completion of IBM CICS quiz, you can check the answers.

Details About CICS Quiz

Quiz NameIBM CICS Quiz
CategoryTechnical Quiz
Number of Questions10
TimeNo Time Limit
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Instructions Of IBM CICS Quiz

Candidates should answer every question because there is no negative marking and there is no time limit. Also, after the completion of the test need to click on submit button. Before the submit button ensure the checking process of the problem. If you don’t send the CICS MCQ test in time, then you can’t be able to reload the page or regain the test. So, don’t refresh the page until the end of the test result.

IBM CICS Online Test


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1. What does CICS stands for?

2. Important CICS copylib members?

3. In general, how many macros we code in BMP map definition?

4. What are the end-of -file conditions?

5. What is the length of map name?

6. The major differences of TSQ and TDQ?

7. How to override the cursor position specified in the map definition?

8. How we call sub-program from cics program? EXEC CICS XCTL PROGRAM(PGM-NAME) END-EXEC

9. What are the parameters we specify in the SEND command to send only the unnamed fields on to the screen?

10. IN CICS-DB2 table, where the program reference the plan?



Before attempting the CICS Questions and Answers practice test, should know the basic information regarding the topic of CICS. The CICS termed as Customer Information Control System, developed by IBM. Also, the CICS allows users to develop the online application and also to execute the implemented online application in the specified environment. Furthermore, the CICS became the most commonly used server for the Internet Applications. Hence, CICS is a data communication system which supports a networking system contains a hundred terminals.

Benefits Of Practicing The IBM CICS Quiz

  • If you are taking the online quizzes means that becoming a huge success in your concept. As the online Test is easy to attempt rather than the written examinations, candidates can go through the test.
  • You can also improve your coding ability in order to trace and execute the program.
  • This CICS Questions and Answers test is only for the mainframe professionals and make a note of it.
  • Even make your content improve by the description given.
  • Therefore, the individuals can improve their knowledge with the advanced tips.

How To Check CICS Programming Online Test Results

CICS MCQ Online Test improves knowledge according to the coding. After the successful submission of the test doesn’t go away and check the CICS programming Quiz result. So that you can reduce next time mistakes.

Candidates can check their result from the bottom of the CICS quiz session. As soon as you submit your answers, the results will be displayed on the monitor. By taking the CICS Quiz, the applicants can learn the new topics. Aspirants need to learn and practice the CICS MCQ Online Test which is provided on this page to get more knowledge.

Furthermore, candidates can come to this page for more interesting stuff regarding the CICS Quiz. So, stay tuned to our Freshers Now site.


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