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Computer Awareness Quiz

Computer Awareness Quiz: According to the present scenario, the demand on the computer is rapidly increasing because of this individual should possess certain knowledge on the computer. Because it is useful for them throughout their life. The success of an individual can be easily obtained by Computer Awareness Quiz. And getting information and boosting up your skill go and solve Computer Awareness Online Test and also get good Computer Awareness Question and Answers. Many competitive exams are giving major importance to Computer Awareness in order to look the knowledge of an individual in computer field such as it’s hardware and working.

Computer Awareness Quiz Details

Quiz Name Computer Awareness
Category GK Quiz
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


Computer Awareness Questions and Answers

1. News websites deliver customized ‘feeds’ of content to their readers via RSS, which stands for :

2. If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as?

3. “Macintosh” an Operating System is a product of ?

4. Which of the following are components of Central Processing Unit (CPU)?

5. Full form of URL is?

6. The improvement of computer hardware theory is summarized by which law.?

7. _______ are software which is used to do a particular task.

8. One kilobyte (KB) is equal to

9. _______ is the application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law.

10. The practice of collecting into a single database data relevant to a particular function, department, etc is known as?

11. The rules of a language is known as ____

12. Father of ‘C’ programming language?

13. SMPS stands for

14. The lowest form of Computer language is called

15. Symantec is the maker of which among the following popular antivirus software?

16. UNIVAC is

17. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in Excel is called a ........

18. Information can be stored or retrieved from memory location through its

19. What is a floppy disk used for

20. A compact disc (CD) is a data storage system of the type:

21. One nibble is equal to how many bits?

22. NOS stands for _______

23. A program that performs a useful task while simultaneously allowing destructive acts is a ______

24. A storage area used to store data to a compensate for the difference in speed at which the different units can handle data is

25. The common name for the crime of stealing passwords is _______


Computer Awareness Quiz cover every information present in computer awareness pdf, computer awareness books, etc. So before facing that competitive exam the individual usually takes a step to build their confidence level for cracking the toughest exams so they find a way of getting previous question papers, searching websites for learning.  But Do you ever think of a quiz which is a mantra for getting success in the competitive field or learning a new thing? Here we provide certain Quiz which is very helpful for an individual to crack their exams effortlessly and easily along with a necessary explanation. Come on let’s go through this quiz.

About Computer Awareness GK Questions

Computer Awareness is nothing but individual’s knowledge of computer hardware and also the applications of computer in the real world.

Why shall we need to possess Computer Awareness?

As per this competitive generation, everything is close to the computers. So an individual should be aware of how to have a good communication with computers and its real-time application knowledge for better survival and understanding.

Streams Where Computer Awareness is Used

As computers are seen everywhere in the world. So, everyone needs to have particular knowledge in a proper way. Regardless of age limit, we should acquire this computer awareness. We have several competitional exams that possess this computer awareness such as Bank Exams, IBPS, RRB, PO Clerk. So to gain good marks and have better knowledge fit we are providing Computer Awareness Quiz by which individual can crack their competitive exams easily by low efforts.

Benefits of Practicing Computer Awareness Quiz

The benefits of practicing Quiz are as follows.

  • The major benefit of Computer Awareness Quiz is the explanation part which is available after the submission. The explanation is brief and understandable easily
  • Next, the time allocated to crack this exam, here the time is 30 minutes to solve 25 questions. This is similar to any competitive exams. So before facing that competitive exam he/she can manage their time by this quiz
  • Later we have resulted in the form of a number of questions submitted, marks, points and grades which is the very similar format to any competitive exams.
  • Finally, we can boost up our confidence levels and have bulky knowledge about a particular topic provided by the quiz that covers all phases.

Computer Awareness Quiz Results

The results of Computer Awareness Quiz are of the format:

  • A number of questions answered
  • Marks for the quiz he/she completed
  • Points for their performance
  • Grades related to their marks
  • The simple and brief explanation of each and every answer

To increase your knowledge or confidence level do visit regularly.

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