Dell Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers


Dell Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers | PDF Download – Follow this article to gain information about the Test Pattern & Selection Procedure of Dell. Further, you can also obtain Dell Technical & HR Interview Questions that are frequently asked during the Interview Process at Dell. Go through the Dell Technologies Interview Questions to get a general view about the difficulty level of the Dell Interview Questions for Freshers and know what areas the interviewer is covering, so you can prepare accordingly. Moreover, by downloading the Dell Technologies Interview Questions & Answers PDF, you can have access to the Dell Technical, HR Interview Questions at your convenience. Finally, stay tuned to our Dell Interview Questions and Answers post to get up-to-date information about the Dell Hiring Process too.

Dell Interview Questions – Details

Latest Dell Technologies Interview Questions
Organization NameDell Technologies
QualificationsAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
CategoryInterview Questions With Answers
Job LocationAcross India
Official Website

Dell Recruitment Process

This section will help the aspirants to check full details about the Dell Hiring Process. The Dell Recruitment Team will generally follow the below Dell Selection Procedure. This Dell Recruitment Process will enable the officials to select the various talented and ambitious students from across India to join their workforce. However, do remember that these rounds may be changed when candidates apply for different job profiles. There is a probability that new rounds may be added to shortlist the candidates for Technical & HR rounds.

  • Online Round/ Written Exam
  • Technical Round 1
  • Technical Round 2
  • HR Interview

Test Pattern & Selection Procedure of Dell

We know aspirants will be wanting to know what’s the Online Round/ Written Exam pattern will be like. So that, they can plan their preparation accordingly. In the below table we have specified the different sections and no. of questions that will be asked and the time limit/ duration you will be given to complete the test. Therefore, make sure you check it and check the links provided below to have access to the mock tests, aptitude & reasoning practice questions. Thus, ensure you utilize this article in the best way you can.

SectionsNo.of QuestionsTime Limit
Quantitative Aptitude2020 Mins
Analytical Reasoning1515 Mins
Verbal Ability1515 Mins
Technical4040 Mins

Dell Technical Interview Round

After the officials generate the possible shortlisted candidates’ list, they will be informed to attend the Dell Technical Interview Round 1 and 2. The questions in this round will be related to the job profile they have applied for and the projects they have done in their final academic year, technologies they have used. In this round, the interviewer will test the aspirants regarding the Technical knowledge they have gained till now, Grip over the core subjects in their specialization, and also they will test the applicant’s coding skills. Moreover, candidates can anticipate questions from Operating systems, OOPs concepts, Data structures, and Algorithms, DBMS, Networking subjects.

Dell Interview Questions for Freshers – For Technical Interview

In this segment, we have compiled the Dell Technical Interview Questions for Freshers. Do go through them to have a general idea about the type of question and subjects they will be covering in the interview. This enables you guys to prepare yourself mentally and makes you feel less nervous to face the interviewer. While facing the Technical Interview, do keep in mind that you maintain clarity of thought, confidence in answering the question you know.

1. Give me the code of in-order recursive and non-recursive

2. How would you sort words in a large file?

3. What is the Insertion Sort Code?

4. Give us a few details on the various projects that you undertook during your course

5. Explain the T9 Dictionary.

6. What is meant by “bit masking”?

7. A pair of redundant systems are operating, how would you ensure that when one of them goes down, the other one will take over its operation?

8. There is a program that inserts and deletes nodes in a sorted singly linked list. There is a bug in one of the modules, how would you debug it?

9. If you have to store one lakh objects, what will be a better option- a hash map or an array list?

10. What’s the use of dynamic memory allocation over static.

11. What are the differences between classful and classless IP addressing?

12. What are different ways of representation of IP address?

13. Explain Spanning Tree Protocol

14. Explain Spin Lock

15. Explain Limited Broadcasting and Directed broadcasting?

16. Explain Structure Padding?

17. What are the ways in which fault tolerance can be ensured in systems? (Different redundancy techniques)?

18. Write a program to reverse a linked list.

19. How would you check if a binary tree is BST or not? Write a program.

20. How is final different from finally and finalize()?

21. What is Platform Independence?

22. Write an algorithm to check if there is a loop in a doubly-linked list.

23. What all issues should be taken into consideration during the database design?

24. What are the Network ID and Host ID?

25. How would you swap the Kth node from the beginning with the Kth node from the end in a Linked List.

26. What is better – “bit-shift a value” or“multiply by 2”?

27. Explain process areas in CMMI?

28. Best algorithm on the basis of the number of swaps, number of comparisons

29. Explain in-order, pre-order, and post-order traversal in the case of a Binary Search Tree.

30. What are the Data link protocols?

31. Explain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and what sort of a database is utilized in an ERP application?

32. Implement a tic-tac-toe game

33. What is a hash map?

34. ​I want to print “Hello” even before main() is executed. How will you achieve that?

35. State two differences between an object and a class.

Dell HR Interview Round

Aspirants who have done well & given their best in the Technical Interview round will be shortlisted. Now, they will proceed to the final round which is the HR Interview. Usually, candidates won’t be facing any kind of stress in this round, the interviewer will pose general questions to know about the candidates. In this round, the interviewer will most likely ask about aspirants Family background, educational history, Their opinion about relocation, salary expectations, Their strengths, and weaknesses. This round will be just a formal round, 90% of the selection will be decided in the Technical Interview. Therefore, make sure you don’t feel nervous and communicate freely with the interviewer.

Dell HR Interview Questions & Answers

Check the below references about Dell HR Interview Questions to get clarity on what type of questions will be asked and how you can respond to them easily and make the best impression upon the interviewer.

1. Give a brief introduction of yourself

The common & frequently asked question that one expects at the HR interview. While answering this question make sure you talk at least for the next 7-10 minutes. And make a point you cover details about Your Family, Your Educational Qualifications, Academic Achievements, Career Enhancing Certificates you have done out of interest, Projects you have worked, Competitions you have attended & won. Everything you say about yourself will help the Interviewer to evaluate whether you will fit the role and organization or not.

2. How good you are at asking for help?

Every individual has to work without any egos in any workplace. By asking this question, the interviewer will like to assess how you feel about asking for help when you struct at something while working. You can respond by saying “I never shy away from asking doubts when I don’t know something. I would like to get clarified first and then dive into working on it. But again, first I would like to make an effort of knowing it myself, and if I’m unsuccessful about it and then I will approach my superior to know about it”. Feeling conscious of asking for help will not be helpful for aspirants to sustain in a workplace.

3. What’s something you’re really proud of and why?

There will be many things one may feel they are proud of themselves. But at the time of the interview, do point out one attribute in yourself that you are extremely proud of and back it with an example. For instance, you can answer by saying “Never give up, is the one thing that I’m exceptionally proud of. It makes me define who I am. When I don’t know something, I will make it a habit of knowing it ultimately. When I have shortcomings, I would like to overcome them gradually, so I can make an improvement both personally and professionally.”

4. Describe your work style.

Don’t just answer this question in a generic way by saying that you are a hard worker or a smart worker. Before answering think a little about the job you have applied for and what qualities you need to achieve the desired result. You can respond by saying “How you are a systematic worker, would like to take a blueprint/ plan out everything before diving into the work headlong. And how you like to communicate with your team members frequently so there won’t be any scope of error. You can also speak about how you like to give attention to small details and like to check everything before delivering the output.”

5. What do you like to do besides studying?

This question is nothing but the interviewer asking you about your hobbies. So, you should respond to this question accordingly. Most commonly told hobbies are Reading Books, Watching TV, Playing Cricket. So, try to avoid saying these unless you have a genuine habit of Reading Books and Playing cricket. Moreover, when answering these, prepare yourselves for the subsequent questions that will be popped by the interviewer. For instance, if you say you like Dancing, then there is a probability that the interviewer may ask you “Do you know different styles of Dances or how many dancing styles are there”. Therefore, do prepare and answer suitably.

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All the details that are included in this article about the Dell Interview Questions for Freshers, Dell Hiring Process are precise. Therefore, keep following our portal to get the latest updates about similar to the Interview Process at Dell.

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