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Design Patterns Quiz

Following Design Patterns Quiz provides the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’S). Candidates can practice the Design Patterns Online Test from this article. You have to pick one correct option from multiple choice questions which are in the below section. Thus, students can learn the new design pattern questions with the help of this post. Contenders can check and practice the quiz to learn the design pattern exam questions and answers. Refer to the below sections to get the benefits of the Design Pattern Quiz and instructions to practice the quiz.

Design Patterns Quiz Details

Quiz NameDesign Pattern
CategoryTechnical Quiz
Number of Questions10
TimeNo Time Limit
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Design Patterns MCQ Quiz Instructions

Here are some basic instructions that every aspirant has to follow to get good marks in the quiz. Also, the Design Patterns Quiz helps the aspirants to get a grip on the subject. And also, we are providing the questions from all the concepts and languages that are involved in decoding the design patterns. So, this type of preparation leads to success. And, aspirants those who are worrying about the correct questions need not worry, as the experts prepare these questions. Moreover, check the below points that you need to practice during the test.

  • The number of questions in the quiz is 10
  • No time duration
  • Each question carries one mark
  • Also, there is no negative marking
  • Click the ” Submit Test ” button given at the bottom of this page to Submit your answers
  • And, do not refresh the Page

Design Patterns Online Test


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1. Attach additional responsibilities to an object dynamically. It provides a flexible alternative to subclassing for extending functionality.

2. Which of the following represents The (static) structure and (dynamic) behavior of the pattern?

3. Which of the following Chooses and standardizes patterns for a problem domain promotes software reuse and hence, quality and productivity?

4. Define one to many dependency between objects so that when one object change state, all its dependent are notified and updated automatically.

5. Which of the following is not one of the elements of a design pattern?

6. Define an interface for creating an object, but let the subclasses decide which class to instantiate. It let the instantiation differ to subclasses.

7. Define a family of algorithms, encapsulate each one, and make them interchangeable. It lets the algorithm vary independently from clients that use it.

8. Encapsulate a request as an object, there by letting you parametrize clients with different requests, queue or log requests, and support undoable operation.

9. Which of these are the part of 253 patterns in pattern book by Alexander?

10. Which of the following describes the Facade pattern correctly?


About Design Patterns

In Software field the Design Pattern is a general repeatable solution for a commonly occurring problem in the software design. And, these design pattern can be directly transformed into code. A software design problem may have more than one solution. Thus, the designers need to pick the best among all solutions. Hence, the Design Patterns came into the picture.

Benefits of Practicing Design Patterns Quiz

  • Also, improves your coding skills.
  • Ability to solve a problem with the general solution.
  • Helps in reducing time complexity.
  • Helps to crack the interview process more comfortable.
  • Learn time management skills.
  • Can know how to answer tricky questions.

How To Check Design Patterns Programming Online Test Results

So, many of the aspirants are worrying about how to check their result. It is more critical that aspirants need to wait for few more time after completing their test. Hence, the students can know their marks after checking the results. So, candidates who are dreaming of attending the interview in the first Software Industries through Software Design Patterns can check out this article. Therefore, aspirants who are interested in taking Design Patterns MCQ Online Test can practice the quiz. After completing the test, the students can hit the submit test button to view the results.

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