eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF For Freshers

eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

We have provided eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF with Explanation / Solutions For Freshers. So candidates can practice the below provided eLitmus reasoning questions before appearing for the actual eLitmus exam. eLitmus conducts pH test every year to filter talented candidates among many aspirants. Many IT / BPO companies hire thousands of graduates who have qualified for eLitmus exam.

eLitmus Logical Reasoning questions section consists of 20 questions with varied difficulty levels. Please note that eLitmus exam has negative marking. So one must prepare well by using the provided eLitmus reasoning questions in PDF format as well as quiz format. Answer only when you are aware of the answer.

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eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers For Freshers

Freshers can practice the provided 20 eLitmus Logical Reasoning questions. Topics include Analytical Reasoning, Coding and Decoding, Logical Deduction, Logical Problems, Analyzing Arguments, Decision Making, Number Series etc.

Number of Questions: 20 Questions

Topics Questions asked (Approximately)
Analytical Reasoning 3-5 Questions
Coding and Decoding 1-3 Questions
Logical Deduction 2-5 Questions
Logical Problems 2-4 Questions
Analyzing Arguments 1-4 Questions
Decision Making 2-5 Questions
Number Series 2-3 Questions
Logical Sequence of words 3-4 Questions
Assertion and Reason 3-5 Questions
Critical Reasoning 1-3 Questions

eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers with Solutions

Below we have given the sample / model eLitmus Logical reasoning questions for your reference. Practice all these questions well before appearing the actual exam. After practicing, you will get the idea of questions being asked and time management etc.

1. Aravind said – “This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother”. How is Aravind related to the girl?

A. Father-in-law
B. Brother
C. Grandfather
D. Husband

Answer – A. Father-in-law

The girl is the wife of the grandson of Aravind’s mother
It seems that the girl is the wife of a son of Aravind.
Hence, Aravind is the father-in-law of the girl.

2. Pointing towards a girl, Ashwin says, “This girl is the daughter of only a child of my father.” What is the relation of Ashwin’s wife to that girl?

A. Daughter
B. Sister
C. Mother
D. Aunt

Answer – C. Mother

Only the child of my father means ‘Ashwin’ himself.
This means the girl is the daughter od Ashwin.
Hence, Ashwin’s wife is the mother of the girl.

3. Kailash says, “Ram’s mother is the only daughter of my mother”, How is Kailash related to Ram?

A. Father
B. Uncle
C. Grandfather
D. Brother

Answer – B. Uncle

Daughter of Kailash’s mother – Kailash’s Sister.
Hence, Kailash is an Uncle of Ram.

4. Introducing Sunitha, Amarendra says, “She is the wife of the only nephew of the only brother of my mother.” How Sunitha is related to Amarendra?

A. Wife
B. Sister
C. Sister-in-law
D. Data is inadequate

Answer – A. Wife

Brother of the mother means maternal uncle.
Hence the only nephew of Amarendra’s maternal uncle means Amarendra himself.
Therefore Sunitha is the wife of Amarendra.

5. A woman introduces a man as the son of the brother of her mother. How is the man related to the woman?

A. Nephew
B. Uncle
C. Cousin
D. Son

Answer – C. Cousin

Brother of the mother means Uncle
Uncle’s son – Cousin.

6. Pointing to a girl Sainath said, “She is the daughter of the only sister of my father.” How is Sainath related to the girl?

A. Uncle
B. Cousin
C. Father
D. Grandfather

Answer – B. Cousin

The girl is the daughter of the sister of Sainath’s father.
Hence, Sainath is the cousin of the girl.

7. If in a certain code MANAGEMENT is written as NTNAGEMAME. How DISTRIBUTE is written in that code?



MANAGEMENT => MA – 1, NA- 2, GE- 3, ME – 4, NT – 5.
Now the code follow – 52314
Similarly for DISTRIBUTE=> DI-1, ST-2, RI -3, BU -4, TE- 5
Hence, the code will be – TESTRIDIBU

8. In a certain code, LEAF is written as 12516 than in the same code how ROSE will be written.

A. 1716195
B. 2019195
C. 1815195
D. 1915195

Answer – C. 1815195

Given word LEAF
L = 12, E = 5, A = 1, F = 6
By combining all the numbers 12516
Similarly ROSE
R = 18, O = 15, S= 19, E = 5
Therefore, combining all the numbers 1815195

9. If in a certain code NAGPUR is written as NGUNGU. How will PATNA be written in the same code?


Answer – A. PTAAN

NAGPUR is written twice i.e NAGPURNAGPUR and then the letter at odd places are taken for coding.
Similarly for PATNA
PATNAPATNA Now pick the odd places of the combined word
Then, PTAAN.

10. If in a certain code REGISTER is written as ERIGTSRE then in the same code how PRACTICE is written?


Answer – B. RPCAITEC

REGISTER = RE GI ST ER now reverse the pairs, then ERIGTSRE
PRACTICE = PR AC TI CE now reverse the pairs, then RPCAITEC

11. In a row of children, Praveen is 7th from the right and Jaswanth is 10th from the left. When Praveen and Jaswanth interchange positions, Jaswanth becomes 20th from the left. Which of the following will be Praveen’s position from the right?

A. 12
B. 14
C. 17
D. 18

Answer – C. 17

By analyzing the given data
20+7 = 27

12. If Ajay finds that it is seventeenth from the right and eighteenth from the left in a line facing north. How many persons should be added to the line such that there are 40 people in the line?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 8
D. 9

Answer – B. 6

17 + Ajay+ 16 + X = 40
By solving the above equation X = 6
Therefore, persons should be added to the line = 6

13. If Anand finds that he is 10th from the right in a line of boys and 7th from the left, how many boys should be added to the line such that there are 30 boys in the line?

A. 11
B. 12
C. 14
D. 16

Answer – C. 14

Number of boys in the line = 10+7 -1 = 16
Number of boys to be added = 30 – 16 = 14

14. In a row of ten girls, when Vyshnavi was shifted by two places towards the left, she became fourth from the left end. What was his earlier position from the left end of the row?

A. 4th
B. 5th
C. 6th
D. 7th

Answer – D. 7th

A number of boys in the row = 10.
10-2-1 = 7th from the left

15. Find a pair that is similar to 3: 15

A. 1: 2
B. 5: 45
C. 11: 65
D. 2: 14

Answer – A. 1: 2

The 1st number is multiplied by the next prime number to obtain the 2nd number.
Hence 1: 2 is a perfect pair according to that rule.



Answer – B. TVXZ

Each letter of the 1st group is moved three steps forward to obtain the corresponding letter of the 2nd group.
Hence, the correct answer is ‘TVXZ’.

17. Peacock: India:: Bear:?

A. Russia
B. England
C. Australia
D. America

Answer – A. Russia

Peacock is the national bird of India.
Similarly, Bear is the national animal of Russia.

18. Safe: Secure:: Protect:?

A. Lock
B. Conserve
C. Sure
D. Guard

Answer – D. Guard

Safe and Secure have the same meaning
Similarly, Protect and Guard have the same meaning.

19. Melt: Liquid:: Freeze:?

A. Ice
B. Solid
C. Force
D. Condense

Answer – B. Solid

As on melting, the liquid is formed
Similarly on freezing solid is formed.

20. Tiger: Forest:: Fish: ?

A. Cage
B. Sky
C. Water
D. Nest

Answer – C. Water

As Tiger is found in Forest
Similarly, Fish is found in the water.

eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

We have provided eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers in PDF format. Candidates can download from the below provided link and practice offline.

Download eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

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