Goa GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Goa GK Quiz

Looking for Goa GK Quiz? If your answer is Yes, then follow the below post. We are here to give more information about the Goa GK Quiz Questions and Answers. The below article will provide you Goa GK Questions and Answers in which there are different types of questions based on the description of the concept Goa state. Goa Online Test will provide aspirants the best way of learning the state in order to update your information in a good manner not to get confused over the topic. We will offer candidates the page that comprises of the Goa GK Questions in which you have to take a test and then attempt your answers with appropriate answers.

Goa GK Quiz Details

Quiz Name Goa GK
Category GK
Number of Questions 20
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


Goa GK Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Who is the Current Governor of Goa?

2. Which is the Goa state Tree?

3. Who is the first Governor of Goa?

4. who was the first CM of Goa

5. who was the last ruler of Goa?

6. What is literacy rate of Goa (2011)

7. When did Goa become a state?

8. Which is the capital of Goa?

9. Number of Parliamentary Constituencies in Goa state?

10. Mahalsa Narayani temple located in which village of Goa ?

11. Which one is the highest peak in Goa?

12. Which one is the largest city by areawise in Goa?

13. UNESCO World Heritage Site Basilica of Bom Jesus was built in which century?

14. In which year the Operation Vijay was conducted resulting in the annexation of Goa

15. Which one is the longest beach in Goa

16. In which year, the Portuguese moved the capital from Old Goa to Panjim

17. Which of the following is primary Industry in Goa ?

18. State Animal of Goa?

19. What is the area of Goa?

20. Who is the Current Chief Minister of Goa?


Thereby, answering these Goa GK Questions and Answers you can improve your socio skills and knowledge. The questions given in this General Knowledge Questions will get throughout of your unawareness of the information that aspirants does not before. Attempting the Quiz online Test and practicing the given Goa General Knowledge Questions and Answers may increase your confidence level. Meanwhile, candidates can learn new things by verifying thoroughly through this article.

About Goa GK Questions

Goa State, in India, which is famous for beaches and the places of worship, and tourism which is its primary industry. Tourism, that is generally focused on coastal areas of Goa state, with the decreased activity of the tourist inland. And also this tourism is said to be the backbone of the State’s Economy. Foreign tourists, who are mostly from Europe, will arrive in Goa state in the season of winter whilst, the summer and the monsoon seasons we can see a large number of Indian tourists. This state handled 2.29% when compared to all foreign tourist arrivals in our country in the year of 2011. As this is relatively a small state and is situated on the western coast of India, located between the borders of Maharashtra and Karnataka and is well known to the world as a former Portuguese Enclave on the Indian soil.

Need To Learn About Goa GK Quiz

  • Animal: Bison (Gaur)
  • Bird: Ruby-throated Yellow Bulbul
  • Tree: Terminalia crenulata (Matti)
  • Biggest rivers: Zuari and Mandovi
  • Highest peak: Sonsogad in Sattari (3,827 feet)
  • Climate: This state has a consistent climate throughout the year with just meager fluctuations in the temperature. December and January might require woolens, but April and May are warm. The period which is from June to October brings heavy rain, nearly to 320 cm.

Benefits of Practicing Goa GK Quiz

  • As we are learning any concept, there will a benefit in learning that.
  • Candidates can practice this online test more as much as they can.
  • Aspirants will also be provided with the precise explanation for every question.

Results of Goa GK Quiz

  • Candidates would be awarded the marks you have scored.
  • The results are given to the correct answers.

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