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Homophones Quiz is given in this post. All, the aspirants who are willing to crack this topic in the Verbal Section, can utilize the help we are sourcing. Now, through this post, an individual can take the Homophones Quiz Questions we have gathered from various trusted Exams. And try to answer them. Through this Online Test, an individual can check his or her caliber in this topic. This is going to benefit the Candidates prepare for different exams. And the questions available in this Quiz contains various levels such that even the beginner and the Pro Expert can take it. Here is a practical way to learn and practice Homophones Questions.

To know more about Homophones, you should have a look at the below concept and take Homophones Quiz. By determining the concept, you can easily crack the examinations well. Though aspirants are confused about this concept, they should learn it and know the importance. Therefore, they can overcome that difficulty, we provide the quick way to attempt Homophones Questions and Answers and be efficient. Learning any concept is very easy, but the implementation of the concept is equally important. Hence, you should be perfect whatever you are learning. Thereby, we provide you the best way to learn the idea.

Homophones English Quiz Details

Quiz Name Homophones
Category Verbal Ability
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Homophones Quiz Online Test


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1. Prasanna had a good —– for stage

2. _______ of you must do the work.

3. We _______ several trucks on the highway.

4. The TV has lost __________ picture.

5. Get up my _________

6. In the forest, you might see a grizzly __________.

7. Don't get too close to the bear, it might ________ you!

8. I can see my house from ______.

9. I feel ____________.

10. I didn't ____ what she said.

11. I hope the ____ is fine.

12. ___________ is a sale on parrots at the pet store.

13. A parrot like Hector can repeat _______ words.

14. Which sentence is written correctly?

15. The king died ______

16. My friend is a _______ officer.

17. My sister cooks

18. Balls were _________into the sack.

19. Who has ________the trophy?

20. I like to _____ essays with my _____ hand.

21. You've got a bigger piece of cake than me. That's not ________

22. That was _______ pizza, but the dog ______ it!

23. Avoid _____ eating for healthy living.

24. When we pay money for our bus or train ride we are paying a ____.

25. I've got a hole in the __________ of my shoe


Meanwhile, we recommend candidates to look at the below page, and everyone can have a look at the entire concept that is entitled. In the same fashion, candidates will be very confident when learning the concept entitled. By the same token, below provided Homophones English Questions give you the in-depth concept as before. Equally, we should the complete concept. Usually, you must take this test seriously for better improvement. Furthermore, come and join us and improve your writing skills. This concept will also be asked in Verbal Ability, competitive exams, and entrance exams. Moreover, this article will give you best results.

About Homophones English Questions

In the light of the concept entitled, a homophone is pronounced as the same as another word but varies in their meaning. And may also differ in the spelling. Moreover, they are spelled the same and have both homographs and homonyms. Therefore, these are also known as sound-alike words that are pronounced similarly. Correspondingly, they have various meanings and even have different spellings too, they are useful in vocabulary. We should not leave the concept after reading or learning. As a matter of fact, we should go on practicing, then only we will be active on the topic.

Comparatively these words will be the reason for confusion when writing. Here are some homophones are given as accessary, accessory, ad, add, lean, lien, lessen, lesson, gild, guild, tale, tail, talk, torque, lam, lamb, laps, lapse. Often used to create puzzles and to get practical knowledge to the reader or to suggest multiple meanings. Of course, you may be confused to the topic, we can help you to provide tips. If there are two or more words identically, then you should get this concept in mind quickly.

Uniquely, pronunciations are similar but different in meaning, derivation or spelling that may be to or too. Homonyms, homophones, and homographs will make confusion to even adults and lecturers. To get clarity on the topic, we’ve provided them all together on the single page.

Benefits of practicing Homophones English Quiz

  • Practical knowledge of the content entitled.
  • This article guides you the simple way to grab your score in a better way.
  • Candidates will be capable of having the grip on the concept.

Results of Homophones English Quiz

  • You become skilled in the language usage.
  • Improves Vocabulary by learning the content.
  • Work out more in Freshers Now site for better results.

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