How To Prepare For OSSTET Exam? Preparation Tips, Study Plan

How To Prepare For OSSTET Exam Preparation Tips, Study Plan

How To Prepare For OSSTET Exam? Preparation Tips, Study Plan: Aspirants, are you in the OSSTET Exam Preparation? then should check out this page. The Odisha Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test, also known as OSSTET will be conducted by the higher officials of the Board of Secondary Education Odisha (BSEO) periodically. Moreover, OSSTET will be conducted to recruit the candidates for the teacher jobs at the secondary level in the state of Odisha.

To participate in the OSSTET, aspirants need to dedicate their time to the OSSTET Exam Preparation. And, aspirants need not worry about how to start the preparation. Because you visited the right place, you will get the strategies to be performed during the OSSTET Preparation. We have also discussed the New OSSTET Preparation Tips, OSSTET Exam Study Plan, Best OSSTET Reference Books, more.

How To Prepare For OSSTET Exam? Preparation Tips, Study Plan

How To Prepare For OSSTET Exam? Preparation Tips, Study Plan
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Latest OSSTET Exam Pattern

We advise the aspirants to be more alert while checking this OSSTET exam pattern. By checking the OSSTET exam pattern, aspirants will understand how the question papers are constructed and how many marks were allotted for each section. With that, candidates are recommended to begin their preparation.

OSSTET Exam Pattern

Topics To Be Covered for OSSTET Exam

As the subjects were seen in the above exam pattern, now candidates ought to know what are the topics are present under each subject. Therefore, aspirants can start their preparation accordingly. As the topics for each subject were given below summarize them carefully.

Topics For The OSSTET
  • Comprehension from Unseen Passage
  • Comprehension from Poem
  • Grammar and Usage
  • Speaking Commonly Mispronounced Words
  • Motion
  • Gravitation
  • Properties of Matter
  • Sound
  • Optics
  • Electrostatics
  • Current Electricity
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Basic Concepts
  • Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
  • States of Matter
  • Chemical reactions
  • Chemical Equilibria & Ionic Equilibria
  • Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Structure of Atom
  • Classification and Elements & Periodicity in properties
  • General Principles of Extraction of Metals
  • Plant Diversity & Conservation
  • Mendelism
  • Reproduction in Plants
  • Tissue System
  • Plant Diseases and Control Measures
  • Growth Regulators in Plants
  • Photosynthesis
History and Political Science
  • Great Rulers of Ancient India
  • Local Governance
  • Development of Art & Architecture during Mourya, Gupta, and Kushana age
  • Development of literature & Science in Ancient India
  • Electoral Process and Election Commission
  • The growth of Indian nationalism
  • The rise of British Power in India from 1757 to 1856
  • Union Government
  • First, the second world war
  • Salient features of the Indian Constitution
  • India’s Foreign Policy and its relation with neighbors, etc
  • Taxonomy
  • Evolution
  • Ecology
  • Cytology
  • Excretion
  • Nutrition
  • Respiration
  • Control and Coordination
  • Genetics
  • Circulation
  • Reproduction & Development
  • Set Theory and its application
  • Relations and functions
  • Number System
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Group
  • Calculus of one variable
  • Sequence and series
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Analytical Solid Geometry
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Trigonometry
  • Mensuration
  • Determinant and matrix
Child Development, Pedagogy, School Management & Evaluation
  • Growth & Development
  • Approaches to understanding the nature of intelligence
  • Educational Management
  • Assessment and Evaluation, Learning
  • Addressing Classroom diversity
  • Understanding the learning process
  • Factors affecting different developmental aspects
  • School Development Plan
  • Organizing learning
  • Critical Pedagogy
  • Addressing problems of adolescence
  • Recent developments in assessment, etc
Geography & Economics
  • The physical geography of India
    Emerging concerns of Indian Economy
  • Indian Economy and current challenges
  • Money and banking
  • Globe and maps
  • Economic development
  • Resources of India
  • Language Items
  • Comprehension
  • Method of assessment learning Sanskrit language & literature, Planning of assessment of
  • Teaching prose & poetry
  • Learning Sanskrit
  • The contribution of famous Poets & Authors
  • Grammar and sutra method
  • Language
  • Grammatical items
  • Assessment of learning
  • Teaching methods and aids
  • Unseen poetry passage
  • Contributions of famous literates for development of Telugu language
  • Education
  • Grammar
  • Novel/ short story
  • Pedagogy
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Prose
Paper-II – Contents of C.P.Ed and B.P.Ed.
  • Principle and History of Physical Education
  • Organization, Administration & Recreation
  • Methods of Physical Education
  • Anatomy Physiology & Health Education
  • Sports Psychology
  • Officiating and Coaching

OSSTET Study Plan

Candidates who apply for the OSSTET should prepare for the OSSTET in an outstanding method to see the best result in the exam. Follow these preparation tips to get the perfect preparation plan.

Preparing Smart Time Table

Aspirants who want to get a rank in the OSSTET should have a proper preparation plan and should execute it well. We suggest the candidates prepare the OSSTET study timetable smartly and follow it.

Understand The OSSTET Exam Pattern

Each candidate should check out the OSSTET exam pattern and syllabus carefully. By looking into it, aspirants can understand what are the subjects they need to prepare for the OSSTET

Check the Topics For The OSSTET

As the OSSTET topics were given in the above table we advise the aspirants to check them out clearly and start their preparation for the OSSTET exam.

Collect Proper Study Material For The OSSTET

This is the most important segment, that every aspirant should undergo. We suggest the aspirants collect all the study material before commencing up the OSSTET preparation.

OSSTET Reference Books

As these are some common reference books, aspirants are advised to take a moment to check out these books.

  • OSSTET (Odisha Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test) For T.G. Science CBZ Paper 1
    5OSSTET Paper 1
  • OSSTET Paper 1 (Odisha Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test) Guide Book For TG Science CBZ Students
  • I Care OSSTET (Odisha Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test) For T.G.T Arts Paper 1
    OSSTET TGT SCIENCE (PCM)-2019-2021

Practice Previous Papers

Along with the OSSTET preparation, we suggest the aspirants practice the previous papers. So, that aspirants can have a better experience with the construction of the question paper.


Once you are done with the OSSTET preparation, go for the revision as many times as you can. By going for the OSSTET revision, aspirants can increase their confidence level on the subjects.

OSSTET Preparation Tips

Follow these simple steps to crack in the OSSTET Exam.

  • After commencing up the OSSTET preparation, we advise every candidate on whichever subject they start first. They must be started from the basics
  • Instead of mugging up the topics, we advise understanding the concepts
  • Always maintain notes beside you and note the important points
  • Practice every day, do not skip or make yourself free from following the timetable.
  • Circumvent all the stress in your preparation. A person can do anything when he/she puts maximum effort into the OSSTET preparation.
  • Do not deviate during the preparation.
  • If you feel bored or sleepy take some gap and then continue with the preparation,
  • Take breaks in between the preparation to make your mind free
  • Do not sit for long during the nighttime, where it results in loss of concentration.

Do’s and Don’ts – OSSTET Exam

  • Be prepared for the OSSTET, and do not stay for long during the nighttime before the day of the OSSTET
  • Keep every document ready before the day of the exam
  • Hit the sack nicely, so that your mind will be refreshed for the day of the exam
  • Reach the exam center before one hour to avoid the rush at the last moment.
  • Don’t feel tensed after viewing the question paper
  • You are prepared well, and the questions that are present in the question paper will be easier for you.
  • Attempt the easier questions first, and go for the tougher ones.
  • Read the question completely, read twice and thrice to understand the question, and then answer.
  • As there are no negative markings, aspirants can go for the guessing answers.
  • End the OSSTET before ten minutes and with complete satisfaction.

Apply these preparation tips while you are preparing to see the best result. To get more information concerning the OSSTET, stay connected to our website And also suggest our site to your friends who are aiming to participate in the OSSTET.