How To Prepare For UPSC NDA 2 Exam? Preparation Tips, Study Plan Of 30 Days

How to Prepare For UPSC NDA 2 Exam Preparation Tips, Best Books, Study Plan

How To Prepare For UPSC NDA 2 Exam? Preparation Tips, Study Plan Of 30 Days: Following these preparation tips and study plans will help out the students who are aiming to crack in the UPSC NDA 2 Exam. The UPSC NDA 2 Exam is one of the pre-eminent examinations amongst the students who desire to join the Indian Defence Forces. This UPSC NDA 2 Exam is organized by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). It is the portal for the aspirants to join the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy. The candidates who are looking forward to perfect guidance should check this article in which they can find NDA Preparation Tips and we have also executed the study plan for 30 days to see the success in the UPSC NDA 2 Exam.

How To Prepare For UPSC NDA 2 Exam? Preparation Tips, Study Plan

How To Prepare For UPSC NDA 2 Exam? 
Organization NameUnion Public Service Commission
Post NameNational Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination (II)
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Scrutinize UPSC NDA 2 Exam Pattern

Before commencing up the preparation, it is advisable to go through the detailed information of the UPSC NDA 2 Exam Pattern and Syllabus. To check the UPSC NDA 2 exam pattern, students need not waste their time in the search. As we have given the UPSC NDA 2 exam pattern below candidates are advised to check them carefully.

Subject NameMarksDuration
Mathematics3002 Hours 30 Minutes
General Ability Test (English, General Knowledge, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Geography, Current Events, History, Freedom Movement, etc)6002 Hours 30 Minutes
Total900 Marks5 Hours
SSB Test / Interview900 Marks

UPSC NDA 2 Preparation Plan

Program The Study Plan Carefully

When you begin the preparation, it is necessary to go for perfect smart planning. Prepare the timetable and follow it accurately. We advise the students to prepare the UPSC NDA 2 timetable in a well-organized way so that it will help them to prepare for the UPSC NDA 2 exam easily.

Be Precise With The Basics

With the commencing of the preparation, estimate the complete syllabus and mark the points that demand more practice and concentration. Whenever you start a subject, it is important to start with the basics. If you are strong with the basics, then you can get the capability of understanding the tough topics.

Focus On General Ability and Mathematics

Students are suggested to be thorough with the General Knowledge by reading the newspapers, general knowledge books, etc., Candidates are advised to be strong with the General Knowledge and the Current Affairs.

Study Material

We strongly inform the candidates to get all the subject-related materials before commencing the preparation. To get the best materials or the books, candidates do not refer and go for the research check out the below section to get the best reference books for the UPSC NDA 2 Exam.

UPSC NDA 2 Best Books

UPSC NDA 2 Mathematics Reference Books
Mathematics for NDA and NA: National Defence Academy and Naval AcademyR S Aggarwal
Quantitative aptitude for competitive examinationsR.S. Aggarwal
UPSC NDA 2 General Ability Test Reference Books
General Knowledge 2021Manohar Pandey
History Of Modern IndiaBipan Chandra
Oxford School AtlasOxford University Press
Objective General English for Competitive ExamsSP Bakshi
General Science Guide for Competitive ExamsDisha Experts

Proper Usage Of Time For The UPSC NDA 2 Preparation

Section NameTime To Be Pay Out On PracticeSuggestion
General Ability Test2 Hours
  • Morning would be the best time to study the General Ability Test topics since your mind will be fresh and active, which is fully needed to recall the topics
Mathematics2-3 Hours
  • Students are suggested to take 3 hours gap and then start preparing for the subject of Mathematics. So that your mind will be relaxed therefore it will help you out in learning the formulas soon and improves your thinking ability.

Topics For The UPSC NDA 2 Exam

  • Mathematics: Number Algebra, Vector Algebra, Matrices and Determinants, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry in two and three dimensions, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, and Different Equations Statistics and Probability
  • General Ability Test: English, General Knowledge, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Geography, Current Events, History, Freedom Movement, etc

Subject Wise Preparation Tips For UPSC NDA 2 Exam

After fixing the proper timetable for the preparation of the UPSC NDA 2 exam, then start your preparation with the below-given tips.

Study Plan For Mathematics in UPSC NDA 2 Exam

  • Candidates are suggested to focus more on the concepts and should assure that you need understand the concepts behind the topics accurately.
  • Read all the formulas and make a note of them in the notes to memorize them.
  • Estimate all the weak points and then work on them for the development of learning.
  • Whenever you practice mathematics, always maintain notes and do the rough work to get the answer.

Study Plan For General Ability in UPSC NDA 2 Exam

As the General Ability is about General Knowledge it also covers the concepts of General Science that are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and for General Studies that is History, Geography, Polity, Economy, and Current Affairs.

UPSC NDA 2 Exam 30 Days Study Plan

DayGeneral KnowledgeEnglish, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Topics
Day 1History Ancient – Indus Civilization, Important Dynasties, Buddhism, JainismNouns, Trigonometric Identities
Day 2Polity – Indian Constitution (Details and its formation)Pronouns, Applications of Trigonometry
Day 3History (Medieval) – Mughal Empire, Delhi Sultanate, Lodhi DynastyChemistry Structure of Atoms, Noble Gases, Types of Solutions pH
Day 4General Science – Human Body(Glands, RNA, DNA, etc)& Important facts related to itVerbs, Set
Day 5Geography- Solar System, Deserts Sultanate, Lodhi DynastyAdjectives, Matrices
Day 6Economics – Basics of Economy, National Income, GDP, NNP, NDPConjuctions, Relations
Day 7Physics-Scalar& Vector Quantities, Units of Measurement, OpticsConjuctions, Relations
Day 8History(Modern)- Revolt of 1857, National Freedom Movement, etcProposition, Functions
Day 9Static GK- Imp.Rivers, Capitals of Indian States, National Parks& Wildlife SanctuariesArticles, Para Jumbles, Differentiation
Day 10General Science- Imp. Forces, Basics of Surface Area, Adhesion, Cohesion, ViscocityProposition, Fucntions
Day 11General Science- Metals, Non-Metals & Alloys, Imp Ores, Metallurgy, GalvanizationArticles, Para Jumbles, Differentiation
Day 12Current Affairs, Revision of CA of the last 4-5 monthsTenses, Differntial Equation
Day 13Geography- Layers of Atmosphere, Longitudes, Latitudes, Composition of EarthSubject-Verb Agreement, Integral Calculus
Day 14Biology- Diseases caused by Bacteria, Viruses, etc, Nutrients& Deficiencies, Animal KingdonRevision of Grammar Rules, Probability
Day 15Polity – Fundamental Rights and Duties, Directive Principles, Panchayati Raj, Government Schemes & PoliciesThe practice of basic grammar quizzes, Complex Numbers
Day 16Physics – Electricity, Roles of, SEBI, etc)Error Spotting, Quadratic Equation
Day 17Chemistry- Carbon and its compounds, Nuclear Fission& Fusion, VulcanizationFill in the Blanks, One Word Substitution, States of Matter and its Properties
Day 18Biology- Reproduction in Plants and AnimalsSentence Improvement, Light
Day 19Current AffairsSentence Improvement, Sound
Day 20Physics – Sound, Work, Power, and EnergyWord Selection & Ordering, Magnet, and its Properties
Day 21Biology&History – Plant Kingdom, Revision of Ancient, Medieval & Modern HistoryReading Comprehension, Current and Electricity
Day 22Economics – Economic Survey, Balance of Payment, Monetary& Fiscal Policy, TaxesReading Comprehension, Worl Power and Energy
Day 23Practice Previous PapersPara Completion, Carbon and its Atoms
Day 24Physical and Chemical ChangesCloze Test, Atom and its Strcuture
Day 25Revise Basic Concepts and RulesRevise Basic Concepts and Rules
Day 26Practice Mock TestsPractice Mock Tests
Day 27Practice Previous PapersPractice Previous Papers
Day 28Practice Previous PapersPractice Previous Papers
Day 29RevisionRevision
Day 30RevisionRevision

Once you are accurate with the revision of concepts of all the basics topics of different sections, start reviewing each topic to get a comprehensive embrace of the subjects. The above-mentioned study plan of the UPSC NDA 2 Exam aims to support you to revise the section-wise topics of the given subjects.

Preparation Tips For The UPSC NDA 2 Exam

  • Analyze every topic carefully and understand every concept precisely it is possible when you have command over the basics
  • Learn all the formulas which assist you in bringing up the answers by working on it
  • Following the time management plays a significant role, please check on the time while preparing for the UPSC NDA 2 exam
  • Practice every concept especially in Mathematics, as you all know the subject of math should have complete practice.
  • Practice Previous Papers and note down the mistakes you have done, practice it don not repeat them.
  • Start reading newspapers to get knowledge of current affairs and it also helps to improve the reading skills.
  • Attempt mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy

Candidates are suggested to follow all these guidelines strictly to get a rank in the UPSC NDA 2 exam. And also suggest this article to your friends who are aiming to rank in the UPSC NDA 2 Exam. To get more updates concerning the UPSC NDA 2 exam stay connected to our website

How To Prepare For UPSC NDA 2 Exam? Preparation Tips, Study Plan Of 30 Days – FAQs

Is UPSC NDA 2 Exam is easy to clear?

Candidates need to understand is that UPSC NDA 2 exam will be easy to clear but it all depends if you plan for it accurately.

Can an average student come over to the UPSC NDA 2 Exam?

Yes, it is possible, the UPSC NDA 2 Exam just needs aspirants to be smart and hardworking.

Can I crack in the UPSC NDA 2 Exam without coaching?

Yes, by following all these methods and preparation tips no candidates should not attempt the coaching classes

What is the difference between UPSC NDA 1 and NDA 2?

There are no differences between NDA1 and NDA 2, which means the NDA exam is conducted twice a year is for the first time it is known as NDA 1, and for the second time, it is called NDA 2.

What are the passing marks in UPSC NDA Exam?

Candidates are necessitated to score a minimum percentage of 25% in each subject to clear the NDA written exam.