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Identify the Errors

Ace the Identify the Errors topics, by practicing the Quiz we provided in this post. This is going to help you all to gain the knowledge in this section. Well, many of the contenders are not able to clear this section in various Entrance and Competitive Exams. Therefore, check the Quiz Questions we are providing in this post. And practice them well to do good in the Exam. Here we are providing you the Identify the Errors English Questions to Identify the Errors in the sentences or in the paragraph. So many of the people are having a doubt in English how to identify the errors in the sentences and also in the English grammar.

Identify the Errors Quiz Details

The Identify the Error Quiz consists of 25 Questions which carries 30 minutes of time and Questions are in the form of Multiple-choice Questions which are Objective type and it is very easy for the people to gain good marks. And it will improve your language skills also which increases your confidence levels.

Quiz NameIdentify the Errors
CategoryVerbal ability Questions
Number of Questions25
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Identify the Errors Questions and Answers

1. Girls usually / are taking / more time / for dressings.

2. The / plants are dry / for / the lack of water.

3. The house / has been / built / in 2012.

4. The revised government’s

5. Ram was / senior to / Sam in college.


About Identify the Errors Quiz

As I said earlier this Identify Errors Quiz consists of 25 Questions which takes 30 minutes of time to complete the Quiz. Actually what is Identify the Errors?. It is nothing but any sentence is not perfect in English. So to overcome that we are here to help you to correct your grammar skills. In this page below we are providing you why the errors are coming while writing the exam?. How it is happening like this and what is the problem with that we have to identify that. so let us see examples regarding this Identify the Errors.

Benefits of Practising Identify the Errors Quiz

Many of the contenders are having bit problem in the Identify the Errors Section in the English. So to overcome that we are providing you the Identify the Errors Quiz Questions with Answers. And in the below, we are providing the Identify the Errors  Questions, Identify the Errors Quiz. And I think these links will help you to gain good knowledge in English without any mistakes or Errors. So the aspirants who want to improve your grammar skills can go through this page.

  • He was quite amused when he heard what had happened here in this sentence we have to identify the error where it occurred. Here in the above sentence, the error is at amusing so we have to identify that and change that into amused. That I the simple mistake that you should overcome it. Then it will help you while writing any grammar-related topics or for the competitive exams also. Finally, the answer is He was quite amused when he heard what had happened.
  • Turn left by the crossroads when you reach it. Here the simple grammar mistake is that instead of by we have to write it. So the answer will be like this Turn left at the crossroads when you reach it.
  • He has been working here for sometimes. Here the simple grammar mistake is that we have to mention this within the spaces as shown on here He has been working here for sometimes.

Identify the Errors Quiz Results

The Results of this Identify Errors Quis Will be issued after submitting the Quiz Questions within the time limit. And not only that submitting this Quiz within the time limit is also most important and for to get latest updates and information regarding this Identify the Errors are Identifying Errors Examples, Error Identification Tips, Identifying Sentence Errors Grammar Worksheets, Spot the Error in the Sentence with Answers. And to get more and more information visit our website

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