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IMS DB Quiz – IMS Database MCQ Online Test: Contenders can check their level of performance in the IMS DB Quiz now. The aspirants can go through the IMS DB MCQ Online Test in this article. We hope this post helps to gain some information regarding the IMS Database. Moreover, the candidates who have interest in learning the IMS database can refer this article thoroughly. In addition to this, the observer can find IMS DB Questions and Answers related to the IMS database. Moreover, the questions in the test will be on the basic concepts of the topic which can be readily answerable. Furthermore, in the below sections can find the instructions to follow and how to check the result of the quiz.

IMS DB Quiz Details

Quiz NameIMS DB Quiz
CategoryTechnical Quiz
Number of Questions09
TimeNo Time Limit
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


IMS DB MCQ Quiz Instructions

Here the participants who need to take the quiz can check the instructions without any difficulties. Moreover, every candidate needs to follow some basic rules before starting the test. Furthermore, before going to start the online test once go through the basic concepts of IMS DB. In the test, there will be 09 multiple choice questions. In addition to this, we know that time is so precious during the test. And, never refresh the page during the page which leads to corrupt the test. Furthermore, if the exam is completed click on submit button provided at the bottom of the page. There is no timer for the examination.

IMS DB Online Test


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1. What does IMS stand for?

2. What are the four elements in DLI call?

3. We can do in HSAM databases?

4. Which of them is a control block in IMS DB?

5. What does ACBGEN stands for?

6. What is the option for Exclusive Batch in IMS-DB?

7. What are the functions of IMS database manager?

8. How many bytes Status code will take?

9. How many types of BMPs available?


About IBS DB

Firstly let’s check the necessary information. IMS stands for Information Management System. Moreover, IMS developed by Rockwell and Caterpillar in 1966. In addition to this, IMS allows the user to work with the IMS data organization model. In general, the IMS uses the Hierarchical model to store data. Moreover, the individual entity types implement as segments in a hierarchical structure. Indeed this helps the user to IMS database is an extensive, centralized collection of information comprising one more physical files that can access through the SAS/ACCESS interface to IMS.

Benefits of Practicing IBS DB Quiz

  • Moreover, aspirants can habituate in time Management and Accuracy in a better way.
  • Contenders can rate their performance by themselves.

How To Check IBS DB Online Test Results

The candidates can check the level of performance in the test which helps to know about their capability. In addition to this, the score reflects how many questions are correctly answered. Moreover, the test attendees can check the wrong answers and correct them with the help of the key provided. Furthermore, not only correct answers but the explanation for the questions is provided. This helps the aspirants to learn more about the concept of that topic. Moreover, it helps to increase the performance level in that topic.

If any queries regarding IMS DB Quiz writes to us in the comment section provided at the end of the page. To get more information in an informative way visit Freshersnow.


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