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Indian Economy

Want to learn about the Indian Economy in an Interesting manner? then look at the Online Quiz we are providing on this page. Well, this article is going to cover all the topics related to the Indian Economy. And this Quiz is also boon for the people who are preparing for Different kind of the Entrance Exams. And particularly those are preparing for the civil and UPSC Services. By practicing the Quiz we provided in this post, an individual can easily grasp the knowledge. Thus eventually, you can do good in those Exams. Go below to this post for an interesting way to learn about our Indian Economy.

We are providing aspirants the Indian Economy Online Test that contains different questions based on the given concept. Indian Economy Quiz helps to face the competitive exams, which plays a very prominent role in candidates career. Meanwhile, they can also face these type of competitive examinations by practicing more and more the given Indian Economy Gk Questions And Answers.

Indian Economy Quiz Details

Quiz Name Indian Economy
Category GK
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Indian Economy Online Test

1. Development expenditure of the Central government does not include

2. What is the base year to calculate the National income in India?

3. Which of the following schemes have been subsumed in the recently approved Ayushman Bharat – National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM)?

4. In which among the following years, a new “Liberalized Industrial Policy” in India was announced for the first time?

5. Which state in India is the major producer of mulberry silk?

6. Who was the first administrator-statesman to attempt planning as a means for economic development?

7. The main objective of TRYSEM was

8. National Income estimates in India are prepared by

9. Which was the first bank with limited liability managed by Indians?

10. What is the position of India by GDP (nominal) according to International Monetary Fund list, 2012

11. Who is the father of Economics?

12. When the productive capacity of the economic system of a State is inadequate to create sufficient number of jobs, it is called

13. In India, planned economy is based on

14. Which country is not a member of SAARC?

15. Indian's economy planning CANNOT be said to be :

16. What is the base year for computation of National Income in India?

17. Which of the following authority regulates insurance business in India?

18. The type of note issue system followed in India is :

19. Aam Admi Bima Yojana was launched on:

20. Indian economy is more appropriately described as a ______economy

21. Which five year plan is also known as "Gadgil Yojana"?

22. Which one of the following was launched with the objective of helping the poor in rural areas to become self-employed?

23. Who is the richest state in India?

24. First Industrial Policy of free India was announced in which year?

25. The national forest policy aims at maintaining how much of the total geographical area under forests?


Well, this article will provide you the concept of Indian Economy. Furthermore, details like Indian Economy General Knowledge Questions And Answers which will assist you up to the mark. This quiz helps us to crack various competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, Civil Services, Railways, etc.; Here we provide quiz which helps to crack the competitive exams in an easy manner through which candidate can rate themselves. So, the candidates don’t be late in facing the examinations. Moreover, Spend some short time with us and good results. Look at the below post

About Indian Economy

It is a developing mixed economy. Its economy is sixth largest by nominal GDP and third largest by PPP(purchasing power parity) in the world. The growth of the this is positive due to the young population, low dependency ratio, healthy savings and investment rates. Soviet Union’s practices post-independence highly inspired by this.

It is essential to understand the economic system of India during the British rule. During the British rule, the economy of India became a net raw material supplier, and a net importer of finished products and no British economist attempted to measure the per capita income and national income of India.

Primary sector: In fact, the economic activity depends mainly on the exploitation of natural resources, fishing, mining, and extraction of oil and gas, agriculture and its related activities.
Secondary sector: It involves manufacturing and Industrial production of physical goods.
Tertiary sector: It involves providing the intangible goods like services, attention,        advice, experience, and discussion. Telephony and IT are good examples of the service sector.

Goals of the five-year plan include like Growth, Equity, Modernisation, Self-Reliance. Key things in the Indian economy are Economic and population growth, demonetization had mixed success and working employment for women.

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