Insurance Awareness Quiz Online Test – GK Questions and Answers

Insurance Awareness Quiz

Insurance Awareness Quiz: Everyone needs protection from financial loss right? which is nothing but insurance. It is a thing that provides security for the individual by a company in return for the payment for a premium. Many competitive exams are giving importance for seeking knowledge of individuals on insurance. So before facing the competitive exams the individual usually takes a step to build their confidence level. So, for cracking the toughest exams it is important to take the Insurance Awareness Quiz. Therefore, take the Insurance Awareness Online Test from this page. Also, get the Insurance Awareness GK Questions And Answers.

Insurance Awareness Quiz Details

This quiz consists of 25 questions which the individual should answer.The time allotted in order to complete this quiz is 30 minutes that means the individual should complete the whole quiz on or before the time allotted.The type of this quiz is MCQ i.e., Multiple Choice Question.

Quiz NameInsurance awareness
Number of Questions22
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)



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1. When did insurance begin in Babylon?

2. Which one of the following does not belong to the major general insurance private sector companies in India?

3. When was Triton Insurance Company Ltd established?

4. The Coinsurance is specified by

5. What is lapse in insurance?

6. What is TPA?

7. Insurance Repository services launched in India in September 2013. this service enables policyholders to keep their policies in electronic format.these services were launched by which of the following?

8. A number of Full-time members in IRDA?

9. Government nationalized Private Sector companies in which year?

10. Which bank has started as a private shareholders bank, mostly by European shareholders?

11. IBAI was incorporated as a Company under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. What is the meaning of "B" in IBAI?

12. The written insurance contract that may include all clauses, riders and endorsements. It is called?

13. UHIS has launched by the Government of India is already in existence for persons and families below the poverty line with the element of subsidy from the Government.
UHIS stands for

14. Nippon Life Insurance has signed definitive agreements to invest Rs 2,265 crore (US$ 332.32 million) in order to increase its stake in Reliance Life Insurance from 26 percent to 49 per cent. Nippon Life Insurance based in

15. Limit of FDI in Insurance sector:

16. Headquarter of LIC is situated at:

17. The headquarters of New India Assurance is located in _______

18. Supervision and Development of Insurance in India is in the hands of:

19. A clause that allows the transfer of rights under a policy from one person to another, usually by means of a written document is called _____

20. To use life insurance policy benefits as collateral for a loan is called ______

21. Perils that cannot reasonably be guarded against, such as floods and earthquakes is known as ________

22. When was the General Insurance Council formed?


For every submission, we can go to next or resubmit the same question. We can have the status of submission on the top. After completion of the Insurance Awareness Quiz, we can have result along with apt explanation which can boost your level of thinking and confidence. Neitherless of any restrictions such as age, gender, the domain you can go through this quiz.

Do you ever think of a quiz which is a mantra for getting success in the competitive field or learning a new thing? Here we have provided certain Insurance Awareness Quiz which is very helpful for a candidate to crack their exams effortlessly and easily along with the necessary explanation. Let’s have a look at the Insurance Awareness GK Questions And Answers. Through this page, candidates can get the valuable details such as insurance awareness pdf, insurance awareness for competitive exams, insurance awareness questions, insurance awareness book, insurance questions for the exam, insurance quiz.

About Insurance Awareness GK Questions

Insurance is nothing but an arrangement of a company or state that undertakes the guarantee of providing compensation for loss, damage, illness or death for the payment the individual had paid for a particular period and knowledge of this insurance is known as “Insurance Awareness“.

Why Do We Need To Have Awareness of Insurance?

As per the busy scheduled world, everyone needs to have protection for their lives and their next generation in terms of finance. Moreover, in several countries the insurance is necessary. And the contract signed between client and insurer is called ‘Insurance policy’.

Streams Where Insurance Awareness are Used:

As life is a precious thing that gifted for god we should manage some security for this by insurance.So for this reasons the knowledge of insurance is necessary for every individual to have a fulfillment of their lives.

We have different kinds of insurance such as health, education, life, hotels and for an individual while living until death and also after the death too. By knowing about insurances we can not only gain knowledge. But also crack several competitive exams such as OICL AO, NICL Assistant, UIIC Assistant, AO. So to gain good marks and have better knowledge of it we are providing “Insurance Awareness Quiz “by which an individual can crack their competitive exams easily by low efforts.

Benefits of Practicing Insurance Awareness Quiz:

There are several benefits of practicing computer awareness quiz.There are:
As mentioned earlier it consists of 22 questions which cover all phases of learning and cracking.

  • It has a time limit which makes individual to solve or choose an apt answer in given time.
  • The page shows the status such as time duration, seconds and total questions
  • So, it has result part which gives points, marks along with grades.
  • It has explanation part which gives the brief explanation about every question he/she haven’t /have answered.
  • It is tricky and best means need a certain level of understanding, thinking and answering.
  • And it is just like a mock test or a competitive test which assure that he/she is boosting their skill or not.
  • Finally, it gives the correct answer with the explanation just like a teacher.
    These are several benefits that individual going to get by cracking this quiz.

Insurance Awareness Quiz Results

Moreover, after the Insurance Awareness Online Test, the result will be shown on the screen. The results are given as how many questions the individual submitted, marks allotted and points. As well as along with the grade of individual just like any competitive exam. It also shows the correct answer to every question along with a brief explanation. So that the individual can have an idea about the question which he/she have placed wrong. By this, all the individual can learn, gain knowledge and can easily crack their competitive exams. Visit our website regularly.

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