Kerala GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Kerala GK Quiz

Are you so curious about facing the Kerala GK Quiz? Come and join us, We are here in providing Kerala Online Test. You can have a glance at our Kerala GK Questions and take the Kerala Online Test. In the light of enhancement of your performance in the competitive exams, we are together with you in providing Kerala General Knowledge Questions and Answers by which every candidate can easily appear the competitive exams. This post offers you the complete information about Kerala and the type of questions that are to be asked in the online examinations. Moreover, with the help of Kerala General Knowledge Questions and Answers, one can estimate themselves by rectifying their mistakes.

Kerala GK Quiz Details

The GK Quiz consists of 25 questions and the stipulated time allocated for the quiz is about 30 min. Candidates need to give their responses on or before given time. The results show according to the given responses.

Quiz Name Kerala GK
Category GK
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Kerala GK Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Kerala is ________ largest state by population.

2. The highest populated district of Kerala is _______

3. Technopark, the largest Information Technology park in Asia in terms of area, is situated in _________?

4. Which of the following dance is not a major one in Kerala?

5. Which of the following Passes lies in Kerala?

6. Iron ore deposits in Kerala are located in

7. Which festival of Kerala marks the new year?

8. In which state, Green Partners conservation programme aimed at turtle conservation is being organized?

9. Which of the following is the major port in Kerala?

10. Who is the Current governor Of Kerala?

11. Total Number of Lok Sabha seats in Kerala?

12. Which one is the smallest district by areawise in Kerala?

13. What is literacy Rate of Kerala?

14. What is total populations of Kerala?

15. Which one is the largest district by areawise in Kerala

16. Which one is the longest river in Kerala

17. Kerala became the first state in the country to have STD and ISD facilities in all its villages in ________.

18. Which one is the highest populated city in Kerala

19. Who among the following played a dominant role in the famous Vaikom Satyagraha of 1924–25?

20. Which is the First Book published Malayalam?

21. Which state is to the north of Kerala?

22. Which is the official language of Kerala?

23. Kerala formation day

24. In which district of Kerala Vembanad lake is situated?

25. Kumaran Asan is associated with the social renaissance in which among the following current states?


So, you people have a look at our post and go through the Kerala General Knowledge Questions carefully and enhance your performance. Just keep on visiting our site The Kerala GK Quiz provided in this post helps the aspirants who are facing the online test to get through their exams. The details about every topic of Kerala are detailly mentioned to reduce the tactic work of the aspirants. Our motto is to make the aspirants face any competitive exam.

About Kerala GK Questions

Kerala is the state on Malabar Coast of southwestern India. It is a small state, composed of 1 percent of the total area of the country. Kerala is the state of great natural beauty. Kerala has several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, among them Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve are the largest. Most of the Malayalis are descendants and are early inhabitants of India, and so-called as Dravidians. More than half of Kerala’s residents, including the Malayalis, follow Hinduism. Kerala has tiny Jain, Sikh, Buddhist, and Jewish communities.

Agriculture is the primary economic activity. The primary food crops are rice, pulses, sorghum, and tapioca. The state is the leader in fish production in national wide. Kerala lacks reserves of fossil fuels. Besides agriculture, manufacturing and service activities are essential contributors to Kerala’s economy. Take the Kerala GK Quiz from the above.

Benefits Of Practicing Kerala GK Quiz

Check the major benefits of practicing the Kerala GK Quiz from here.

  • Within the limited time, candidates can have the grip on the topic.
  • As it was essential to have some basic knowledge the Kerala GK Quiz provides you the questions from all types questions from various levels.
  • Within the short period, aspirants can have Better Performance.

Results Of Kerala GK Quiz

  • The responses need to be submitted within the stipulated time allotted to the candidate.
  • According to the results displayed, the aspirants can have the bright idea on the topic that is to be prepared.
  • After completion of your Kerala GK Quiz, the Result will be available on the screen.

Candidates can take the Kerala GK Quiz from this page. For Furthermore details and updates, keep on visiting our website

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