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LG Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers | PDF Download – Have you guys recently applied for one of the largest electronics companies like LG? Then you have to check this article to gain awareness about the LG Recruitment Process that authorities follow to hire suitable candidates for their operations. On this page, we have included detailed information about the LG Electronics Interview Questions. So follow this article till its end to have access to the sections like LG Technical Interview Questions, LG HR Interview Questions with Answers. Moreover, these LG Interview Questions for Freshers will help you guys in gaining a perception of what you can expect at the time of the LG Interview Process. Further, from the direct link available below you can now download the LG Electronics Interview Questions & Answers in PDF format. Thus, without any delay do scroll down and check out this article about LG Interview Questions Completely. We sincerely hope the LG Electronics Interview Questions & Answers will help you guys in getting a job in LG Company.

LG Interview Questions – Overview

Latest LG Electronics Interview Questions
Organization NameLG Corporation
QualificationsAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
CategoryInterview Questions and Answers
Job LocationAcross India
Official Website www.lg.com

LG Recruitment Process

Searching for different websites to get correct information about the LG Hiring Process for Freshers? then do check out this article without any delay to get genuine information about the LG Recruitment Process. The officials of LG will generally follow the below recruitment procedure to hire exceptional aspirants to join their workforce. But do note that the LG Recruitment Procedure may get changed or updated by the officials at any point in time. Therefore, if there is any change in the process we will update this section immediately.

  • Written Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview


  1. The Written Test will contain Personality Test/ ITQ.
  2. ITQ Test – This test is designed to evaluate the IT potential of applicants and is composed of math and logic problems such as optimization, and error identification.

LG Group Discussion Round

In this round, a common topic will be given to the group of aspirants and will be asked to discuss among themselves. The organizer will usually test the depth of knowledge the candidate is having regarding a topic and Valid points they are making. And obviously, the recruiting team will also analyze the aspirants’ communication skills, fluency they are maintaining, etc. Do remember that, only those who have been shortlisted from the Written Test round will be attending this Group Discussion.

LG Technical Interview Round

Technical Interview Round will be conducted as usual in any interview process. So, LG Technical Interview Round will not be any different. The candidates who have done well in the LG Group Discussion Round will be asked to attend the LG Technical Interview. In this round, the aspirant’s core knowledge about their main subjects will be tested. The interviewer may ask theoretical questions from their technical subjects and also ask the aspirants to write a certain code in their favorite coding language to analyze their coding skills.

LG Technical Interview Questions

To provide a certain idea about the LG Technical Interview Process, we have included the LG Technical Interview Questions as a reference. This module will help you guys in gaining knowledge about the type of questions that you can expect at the time of the interview, the difficulty level of questions, and the frequent subjects they are asking questions about. All these can be known. So, immediately scroll down and check the LG Technical Interview Questions for Freshers.

1. What are logical errors and how does it differ from syntax errors?

2. Explain Bottom-up parsing and what is top-down parsing?

3. What is a sequential access file?

4. What is the difference between declaration, definition, and initialization of a variable?

5. What does the format %10.2 mean when included in a printf statement?

6. Explain about Checked and UnChecked Exception?

7. Describe the difference between assembler, compiler, and interpreter?

8. What is the difference between pre-increment operators and post-increment operators?

9. How to pass command-line arguments?

10. What if the static modifier is removed from the signature of the main method?

11. What is the use of keyword volatile?

12. *p++, ++*p what is the difference between them?

13. Explain is the difference between Call by Value and Call by Reference?

14. Swap two variables using call by reference without using 3rd variable.

15. How to shrink the size using realloc?

16. What is the difference between break, continue and return statements?

17. Why we cannot override the static method?

18. What if the static modifier is removed from the signature of the main method?

19. How many types of memory areas are allocated by JVM?

20. Difference between #define and typedef.

21. What is the difference between DDL and DML statements?

22. After calloc, if we reallocte memory but we do not have sufficient memory, what does it do, if it allocates memory in some new page who is going to take care of copying the contents of the previous calloc to this reallocated memory.

23. Write about ARM architecture

24. Explain memory leakage.

25. Give real examples of Types of semaphores.

26. Difference between RAM and CACHE memory.

27. What is the first argument of the String array in the main() method?

LG HR Interview Round

The aspirants who get shortlisted from the LG Technical Interview Round will attend the LG HR Interview. This HR Interview will help the HR Manager to evaluate whether you will be the best fit to fill the particular job position or not. Because hiring the right candidates for the right positions is very important. This HR Interview round will usually be face-to-face. The interviewer will basically ask the questions related to the candidates’ family background, Educational Qualifications, Projects they have done in their academic year, Certification Courses details, Internship experience if any, Hobbies, Interests, Likes & Dislikes, Logical Questions, Puzzles, etc. All these will be usually asked to test the aspirant’s personality and character.

LG HR Interview Questions With Answers

To give you guys a brief insight about how the questions in the LG HR Interview will be like, we have compiled the most frequently LG HR Interview Questions with answers. These HR Questions & Answers will help you guys in knowing how you can answer these certain questions to create a positive impression on the interviewer.

The first basic question you guys can expect in the HR Interview is “Introduce Yourself”. Therefore, try to be innovative while answering it and try not to give mugged-up answers. And along with that check out the below questions to have an idea how the LG HR Interview will be like.

1. Why Should We Hire You?

After asking brief questions and your answers for them, the interviewer will now generally come to a conclusion about yourself. Like what kind of person you are, your personality, and your character. And he will make his decision according to it. But by asking this question they will wish to know “Why you believe you are the best fit for the particular job position”. So, you can respond by saying “How you have knowledge about the work that is required to be done to achieve the positive result, How your strengths will help you in achieving the result you are desiring.” Additionally, you can also add about your technical expertise in getting the job done and what makes you different from others.

2. Why Did You Choose Your Field of Study?

By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know whether the field you have chosen to study is what you have planned to make your career worthwhile or chosen for just the sake of it. So, don’t get nervous even your field of study doesn’t go along with the job you want to do. Explain to the interviewer what made you choose it and what you have learned in your academic which can help you in getting the current work done. The way you answer this question will show “How the knowledge you have acquired so far will help you in getting your work done efficiently and effectively”.

3. Give Me An Example Of A Time You Did Something Wrong. How Did You Handle It?

To Err Is Human. Therefore, don’t get nervous even while answering the mistakes you have done previously. It’s not like the interviewer will be focussing on the mistakes you have done and consider that you are not fit for the job. No, all the interviewer wants to know is how you rectified your mistake and how you handled it. So, briefly explain to the interview about a certain situation where you have messed up and how you handled it without getting pressurized, and what you have done to rectify it, and what you have learned from your personal experience. And moreover, never say that you have never done any mistake and that you are a perfectionist, to impress the interviewer. That never works in the interview, and rather it shows that you are not being and giving genuine answers.

4. Who are your Heroes?

Try not to give generic answers or point out names of Cinema personalities and say that you consider them as your favorite heroes. They may be your favorite because of the fights they do or the action stunts they do. But it’s not what the interviewer will be expecting. They wish to know why you consider a certain person as your hero. Therefore, you can respond by saying “How you genuinely like the character traits they have (Like Honesty, Loyalty, Helping Nature, etc.), The way they work, The goals they have achieved, The hard work they have done to be where they’re now, etc. So point out a particular reason why you consider a certain person as your hero. While answering this question, try to give names of the personalities who are from the same industry as you and how you aspire to be like them at a certain point in your life.

5. What do you know about our Company?

Doing basic research about the company before appearing for the interview will help you guys a lot in facing these types of questions. While replying to this question, make sure you guys cover basic details about “Company’s Inception (When it has started, Started by whom), The company’s Headquarters, The products they develop, Company’s current market valuation, Its competitors, The latest Technologies they are using, Any newspaper article you have read about the company.” Convey each and everything that you know about the company which will make the interviewer think about your awareness and knowledge about the company.

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