L&T Infotech Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers


L&T Infotech Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers | PDF Download – To join one of the most reputable companies like L&T Infotech candidates have to be aware of L&T Infotech Recruitment Process. And along with this, you can also get Larsen & Toubro Infotech Interview Questions for Freshers. As LTI is the most desirable organization for freshers, in order to make the Interview experience positive we have provided the LTI Technical Interview Questions. Further, aspirants can also obtain the L&T Infotech HR Interview Questions with Answers just as a reference. Therefore, make sure you check this article thoroughly to make your LTI Interview experience fruitful.

L&T Infotech Interview Questions | Overview

Latest Larsen & Toubro Infotech Interview Questions
Organization NameLarsen & Toubro Infotech
QualificationsAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
CategoryInterview Questions
Job LocationAcross India
Official Website www.lntinfotech.com

L&T Infotech Recruitment Process

The L&T Infotech Recruitment Process is basically followed by the LTI Recruitment Team to select the candidates for various job profiles. And to get full details about the L&T Infotech Recruitment Process for 2022 passed out aspirants then you are in the right section.

  • Online Assessment + Online Coding Challenge
  • Technical Interview
  • Personal Interview

LTI Test Pattern

To get detailed information about the Online Assessment + Online Coding Challenge round go through this section thoroughly. This round will enable the Larsen & Toubro Infotech recruitment team to shortlist the candidates for further rounds. In the below table we have mentioned the no. of questions each section will be having and the time limit given to the candidates to finish the task is also mentioned. Therefore, make sure you practice along with the time limit so that it becomes easy for you at the time of the actual test.

  • Online Assessment
Name of the SectionNo.of QuestionsTime Duration
Quantitative Aptitude MCQ1010 min
Logical Reasoning MCQ1010 min
Verbal Reasoning MCQ1010 min
Technical MCQ2020 min
Paragraph Writing1 topic10 min
  • Online Coding Challenge
LevelPatternNumber of questionsDuration (minutes)
Level 1Technical MCQ
Coding Question
Level 2Coding Question145
Level 3Coding Question145

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Technical Interview Round

The applicants who have appeared for the Online Assessment + Online Coding Challenge round will be now shortlisted for the Technical Interview Round. The technical round will be conducted to generally test your depth of knowledge about the academic core subjects. In this, you can expect questions from Data Structure, Programming Concepts, Programing Languages (C, C++, JAVA, HTML, .NET, PHP, CML, etc.,), Basics of Operating Systems. Hence, make sure before appearing for the interview at least you revised the basics of all these subjects. To create awareness about the interview questions you can anticipate, we have given a reference for L&T Infotech Technical Interview Questions for Freshers, this can be found below.

LTI Technical Interview Questions

1. What is the difference between C & C++?

2. What is Object-Oriented Programming features?

3. What is the difference between Java and C++?

4. What is data structure?

5. How much do you know Python?

6. What is a stack?

7. Do you know any trending technology?

8. What is data structure?

9. Write a program to reverse a linked list?

10. Tell me about the file storage and data storage?

11. What are the advantages of using OOPS?

12. What is recursion?

13. What are operator loading and polymorphism?

14. What is a copy constructor?

15. What is the difference between a structure and a class?

16. What is a primary key?

17. Explain the concept of paging and segmentation.

18. Explain top-n analysis in DBMS.

19. WAP on how to sort the elements of an array in log (n) /n2 / n / 1 complexity.

20. Explain different file systems of the database management system.

21. What are the various levels of testing

22. What conditions are necessary for a deadlock?

23. Difference between primary, foreign, candidate & super key?

24. Which browsers support CSS?

25. What is the difference between OLAP and OLTP? When is each used?

L&T Infotech HR Round

The candidates who have got shortlisted in the Technical Interview round will be now asked to attend the L&T Infotech HR Round. In this round, the candidates will be asked for details about their personal and professional life. Aspirants should be able to say details that are already not present in their CV/ Resume. Getting selected in this round is very easy. Sometimes the interviewer will be posing questions about some puzzles or unique situations to know your perception about them. This will be done to test your creative ability and logical skills. So, be well prepared and attend the interview with a positive attitude.

L&T Infotech HR Interview Questions with Answers

1. Three qualities to be a successful engineer?

While answering this question be sure that the qualities you mention reflect you. For example, you can begin the answer by saying that according to you “Curiosity, Creativity, Problem Solving” will enable any aspiring individual to become a successful engineer. If you want you can also explain the individual characteristics of why you think only these three will help you become a successful engineer. Make sure you reflect the interviewer on how you have all these qualities and make him think that you are a perfect fit for the organization.

2. Why do you want to work for this organization?

You can answer this question by saying that you like the company’s work culture, work ethics, the employee retention policy they follow, work-life balance, the success it has achieved in the past 5 years. Convey to the interviewer about how much you want to be part of their success team and want to contribute your share of knowledge for its betterment. The passion with which you speak about the company will show the keen interest you are having to join the organization.

3. What motivates you to do good work?

Don’t just give generic answers like you want to make your parents proud and that is the motivation to do good work. That may be true and genuine but to be different from others one has to think out of the box all the time. For example – Try to be creative by saying that you believe in the Japanese concept of Ikigai which means which gives your life worth, meaning, or purpose. When you surely know that you will be the beneficial one at the end then you will treat your work as invaluable and try to do things that don’t decimate its value.

4. What are your career options right now?

The interviewer will be wanting to know what are the aspirant’s career plans right now. Whether being an employee of L&T Infotech exists in their career plans or not. So, make sure you answer this question accordingly by saying that how you see yourself working for the benefit of the organization. And learning new things that can enable you to improve your work performance and efficiency.

5. Any questions for me?

The most basic thing that will be asked by the interviewer for the interviewee is if they have any questions for him. Don’t say no just because you want to end this interview as soon as possible. By asking questions to the interviewer will show your eagerness to know new things and your willingness to get your doubt clarified. You can ask questions like “What technologies you can learn that can help you in your job”, “Will you be given Accurate Training on your onboard”, “What can I expect from the company for my professional growth”. In this mode, you can ask questions to the interviewer and make a lasting impression.

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