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Maharashtra GK Quiz

Want to Attempt Maharastra GK Quiz? Then you should definitely have a look at this article which is all about Maharastra GK Quiz Questions and Answers. Here in this section, we gave the overview about the Maharastra. And candidates who are interested learning about the depth details can take the Maharastra General Knowledge Quiz. For the simplification of the aspirants, we have provided you frequently asked Maharastra GK Questions and Answers in various competitive exams and interviews. You all need to do is to spend a short span of time with us, we will provide you the best result compared before in this Maharastra General Knowledge Questions.

Maharastra GK Quiz Details

Quiz NameMaharastra
Number of Questions25
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

For those who feel that Gk Quiz is too difficult, then this page might be very useful. Candidates who want to attempt the competitive exams can have a look at Maharastra GK Questions as we have provided. Aspirants can learn each and every point quickly by reading Maharastra General Knowledge Questions and Answers post. So, in order to get grip on the concept, we are here to help you in the simplest way to crack the examinations. For other details, you are most welcome to visit our site Freshersnow.

Maharastra General Knowledge Questions and Answers


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1. Historically, the Desh division of Maharashtra is coterminous with which among the following?

2. What is the number of Rajya Sabha seats from Maharashtra?

3. Which among the following is the nearest to the site of “Battle of Aragon” during the second Anglo Maratha War?

4. At which among the following places, there is no bench of Bombay High court?

5. A number of Parliamentary Constituencies in Maharashtra?

6. Total Number of Districts in Maharashtra?

7. Which of the following Dance form is Popular in Maharashtra state?

8. Maharashtra in soil is very rich in which of the following said nutrient element?

9. Which city is famous as Orange city?

10. In which year, Elephanta caves designated as a UNESCO world heritage site?

11. Sub capital of the Maharashtra State is

12. The extreme Southern district of Maharashtra is which one of the following?

13. What is coal in Maharashtra prominently used for?

14. The most important river of Maharashtra which is a lifeline of the whole South Maharashtra is

15. Which one is the highest point in Maharashtra

16. Who was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra

17. In which year, Bombay city has been officially renamed as Mumbai

18. Which one is the longest river in Maharashtra

19. Which sea is to the west of Maharashtra?

20. Who was Maharashtra’s home minister on 26 November 2008?

21. Where did Thibaw, last king of Burma, live in Maharashtra?

22. Which is the official language of Maharashtra?

23. Who was the first Peshwa of the Maratha Empire?

24. Pandita Ramabai opened Sharada Sarada Sadan school for windows in the year

25. Which of the following soils of Maharashtra are devoid of calcium carbonate and have an acidic reaction?


About Maharastra Gk Quiz Questions

The capital of Maharashtra is “Mumbai”, also the financial capital of India. Nagpur is well known as the auxiliary capital of the Maharastra. It is also known as the wealthiest state, contributes around 15% of the industrial output and around 14% of its GDP, in India. The state has a varied landscape and is bounded by the Western Ghats. Maharashtra has a tropical monsoon climate. And the annual rainfall is in between 400 mm to 6000 mm yearly, with an area of the Konkan receiving maximum rainfall within the state. The state’s average temperature varies in between 25 to 27 Celsius per year. It is comprised of six administrative districts and five main regions, also have 19 Rajya Sabha or Upper House seats and 48 Lok Sabha or Lower House seats.

A significant part of the famous Deccan plateau with the Sahyadri range or the Western Ghats, which forms the physical backbone as well as the coastal belt of Maharastra. The highest peak is Kalsubai. The Western Ghats are running parallel to the western coast of the country that is designated as a biodiversity hot-spot. They will form the Konkan coastal plains along the Arabian Sea, towards their west and also to the east is the Deccan plateau.

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