Manipur GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Manipur GK Quiz

Manipur GK Quiz Questions and Answers: Meghalaya a state known for its natural beauty, amazing monuments and exited tourist attractions. Wants to know more about Manipur??? Follow our Manipur GK Quiz which gives you complete information about Meghalaya. In this competitive world, every individual should have the General Knowledge to crack many of the Competetive Exams. Manipur GK Quiz questions are profitable in different competitive exams like Civil Service, SSC, UPSC, Groups and many others.

Manipur GK Quiz Questions and Answers are enclosed to you in pdf format. So, you can download it directly and use it for knowledge. Manipur Quiz Questions help you, people, to analyze yourself for the sake of actual competitive exam. Manipur Quiz makes you feel just like a competitive exam. So, move on to further details of Manipur GK quiz.

Details of Manipur GK Quiz

Here we are enclosing the details of Manipur GK Quiz. This Quiz has 25 questions with four choices each. The time given to complete the quiz is 30 minutes. So, utilize the time given to you properly to have a good score in competitive exams. Tabular information is given below look at the details of the quiz. So, hurry up take this quiz given below.

Quiz Name Manipur GK
Category General Knowledge
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Manipur GK Questions and Answers

1. What is the area of Manipur?

2. Which state is to the north of Manipur?

3. Total Number of National Parks in manipur?

4. Who is the Governor of Manipur?

5. Who is the First (1st) CM (Chief Minister) of Manipur?

6. What does Manipur mean?

7. When was Manipuri added to the eighth schedule of the constitution?

8. Which game was introduced by Manipur to the Europeans

9. Which one is the classical dance of Manipur

10. In which year, National Games was held in Manipur

11. Who was the commander of 1944 war in Manipur

12. Which one is the largest district by area wise in Manipur

13. How many Districts in Manipur?

14. literacy rate of Manipur according to the year of 2011?

15. Which is the official language of Maharashtra?

16. Which sea is to the west of Maharashtra?

17. Pandita Ramabai opened Sharada Sarada sadan school for windows in the year

18. Manipur State was created by which act of the Parliament

19. Which King signed the Treaty of Accession for merging Manipur into India

20. Which is the largest lake in the Manipur state?

21. Who was Manipur’s chief minister in 1995?

22. In which year the Anglo-Manipur War was faought between British and Bir Tikendrajit

23. How many towns are there in the state?


About Manipur GK Quiz Questions

Manipur is in the northeast part of India. The capital city of Manipur is Imphal. Manipur is the paradise of India. It is Jeweled land with splendid natural beauty and rare species of animals. Many of the famous personalities prided Manipur due to its warmth weather.St. Clair Grimwood felt Manpur as ” A pretty good place and is more beautiful than many of the places in the world.” First prime minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru described it as “Jewel of India.” Manipur is such a pleasant place.

  • Capital: Imphal
  • Population: 2,966,889
  • Languages: Manipuri, Meitei
  • State Animal: Sangai (Brow-antlered deer)
  • Official State Bird: Nongin
  • State Tree: Indian Mahogany
  • State Flower: Lilium mackliniae (simply known as Lily)
  • Forests & National Park: Keibul Lamjao NP, Shirui NP
  • No. of Districts: 16

Benefits of Manipur GK Quiz

The main profits you can get by taking this quiz is

  • You can build confidence in yourself to face the competitive world by attempting this Manipur GK quiz.
  • You can get more information about Manipur like its tourist places, famous personalities its culture and customs.
  • Helps to score good marks by practicing the questions you faced in the quiz.
  • You can attain time management by having this Manipur GK quiz.

Results of Manipur GK Quiz

The results of Manipur GK quiz appears in grades, points, and marks. By the results of the quiz, you can know your mistakes and time sense to spend on each question. Proper submission of the quiz is essential. Results are given after the appropriate submission of examination or after the time expired to the quiz. Moreover, analysis of the questions with answers is given to you guys. For furthermore details and to know about various quizzes we are providing, keep visiting our site

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