Mphasis Verbal Ability Questions and Answers For Freshers PDF Download

Mphasis Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

Mphasis Verbal Ability/ English Questions and Answers: Worried about clearing the Verbal Ability/ English section? Well, we will assure that this page will help you to overcome this problem. In this article, we have provided the sample Mphasis Verbal Ability Questions and Answers For Freshers (2018, 2019 & 2020 Batches). You can easily enhance your skills by practicing the given Mphasis Verbal Ability Questions and Answers With Explanations.

Well, this article guides a number of job aspirants in clearing the English section. We have designed these questions according to the exam pattern. With the help of these model Mphasis Verbal Ability Questions and Answers along with solutions, you can know the difficulty level of this section. Therefore, by gathering these Mphasis Verbal Ability Questions and Answers PDF, you can pratice and can enhance your answering speed in your test.

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Mphasis Verbal Ability Questions and Answers For Freshers

Number of Questions: 25 Questions
Time Allocated: 25 Mins

TopicsQuestions Asked (Approximately)
Synonyms5-9 Questions
Antonyms3-5 Questions
Fill in the Blanks2-7 Questions
Spotting Errors4-6 Questions
Substitution1-3 Questions
Identify the sentences2-4 Questions
Transformation1-3 Questions
Sentence Improvement3-5 Questions
Joining Sentences2-5 Questions
Sentence Arrangement2-4 Questions
Tag Questions1-3 Questions
Tenses3-5 Questions
Identify the errors2-5 Questions
Spelling Test1-4 Questions

Along with the mentioned topics you need to prepare the rest of the topics and sub-topics involved in verbal ability section because the English language is very important for any placement exam. Though the student is strong in the technical section, he/ she is not placing, the reason behind that is lack of English skills. You can rectify your mistakes in verbal ability section by practicing given sample Mphasis Verbal Ability Questions and Answers from this section.

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Mphasis English Questions and Answers with Solutions

All the job aspirants who are willing to crack the Mphasis exam can utilize this opportunity, by practicing Mphasis Verbal Ability Questions and Answers with Explanation from this post. And our page helps you to clear your placement tests. Though aspirants are confused about the test pattern, they can easily check these sample Mphasis English Questions and Answers as we have arranged according to a test pattern which can save your time during preparation. For the sake of applicants, we have provided Mphasis Verbal Ability Questions and Answers in PDF format. Kindly check it and download with free of cost and prepare well for the exam.

Mphasis Verbal Ability Questions and Answers in PDF Format

Direction (Q. 1 – 10): Choose the exact Synonym of the following given word

1. Discursive

A. Methodical
B. Neglectful
C. Rambling
D. Impolite

Answer – C. Rambling

Discursive – moving from one point to another in a speech or writing, or simply leave the main subject temporarily in speech or writing

2. Bolster

A. Confuse
B. Attribute
C. Strengthen
D. Malign

Answer – C. Strengthen

Bolster – provide support or strength

3. Qualms

A. Misgiving
B. Satisfaction
C. Relaxation
D. Restive

Answer – A. Misgiving

Qualms – an uneasy feeling of doubt, worry, or fear, especially about one’s own conduct; a misgiving

4. Savor

A. Possess
B. Ruminate
C. Relish
D. Protect

Answer – C. Relish

Savor – enjoy or appreciate (something pleasant) to the full, especially by lingering over it

5. Defile

A. Disapprove
B. Delay
C. Reveal
D. Pollute

Answer – D. Pollute

Defile – damage the purity or appearance of; mar or spoil

6. Foment

A. Relieve
B. Renounce
C. Vex
D. Waste

Answer – C. Vex

Foment – instigate or stir up (an undesirable or violent sentiment or course of action

7. Eccentric

A. Extraordinary
B. Unconventional
C. Usual
D. Introvert

Answer – B. Unconventional

Eccentric – unconventional or slightly strange often relating to a person’s behavior

8. Gist

A. Substance
B. Prestige
C. Accessory
D. Contribution

Answer – A. Substance

Gist – the main theme, the substance of a matter

9. Solicitous

A. Nonchalant
B. Firm
C. Reverential
D. Worried

Answer – D. Worried

Solicitous – very worried or concerned about other’s welfare

10. Tirade

A. Exhort
B. Criticize
C. Declamation
D. Discredit

Answer – B. Criticize

Tirade – a long, angry speech of criticism or accusation.

Direction (Q.11 – 15): Choose the exact Antonym of the given word

11. Myopic

A. Knack
B. Stingy
C. Farsighted
D. Inhale

Answer – C. Farsighted

Explanation: Myopic – short-sighted.
Farsighted – showing a prudent awareness of future possibilities.

12. Coax

A. Dissuade
B. Vacate
C. Stale
D. Vague

Answer – A. Dissuade

Explanation: Coax – persuade (someone) gradually or gently to do something.
Dissuade – persuade (someone) not to take a particular course of action.

13. Mutilate

A. Mend
B. Erudite
C. Virtue
D. External

Answer – A. Mend

Explanation: Mutilate – inflict a violent and disfiguring injury on.
Mend – repair (something that is broken or damaged).

14. Exodus

A. Comrade
B. Chaotic
C. Wicked
D. Influx

Answer – D. Influx

Explanation: Exodus – a mass departure of people.
Influx – an arrival or entry of large numbers of people or things.

15. Parochial

A. Global
B. Revoke
C. Slight
D. Genuine

Answer – A. Global

Explanation: Parochial – relating to a Church parish.
Global – relating to the whole world; worldwide.

Directions (Q. 16 – 20): Choose the exact Word Analogy by analyzing a given pair.

16. Chapter: Novel

A. Scene: Drama
B. Diamond: Gem
C. Fraction: Portion
D. Piano: Orchestra

Answer – A. Scene: Drama

Explanation: First is a part of the second.

17. Emollient: Soothe

A. Elevation: Level
B. Hurricane: Track
C. Precipitation: Fail
D. Dynamo: Generate

Answer – D. Dynamo: Generate

Explanation: Emollient is used to soothe the skin. similarly, a dynamo serves to generate electricity.

18. Lamb: Frisk

A. Cat: Steal
B. Bear: Leap
C. Lion: Stride
D. Deer: Swoop

Answer – A. Cat: Steal

Explanation: Second denotes the walking of the first.

19. Prologue: Play

A. Overture: Opera
B. Chapter: Novel
C. Epilogue: Curation
D. Intermezzo: Symphony

Answer – A. Overture: Opera

Explanation: Prologue is a preliminary speech given at the beginning of a play. similarly, Overture is an orchestral composition forming the introduction to an opera.

20. Snake: Mongoose

A. Whale: Crow
B. Water: Sky
C. Milk: Goat
D. Fish: Crane

Answer – D. Fish: Crane

Explanation: Second feeds on the first.

Directions (Q.21 – 25 ) In each of the following statements, there are two blank spaces. Choose the correct word that is to be fitted in both the statements I & II to make it meaningful.

21. I. It seemed really to the little maiden as though she were sitting before a large iron stove, with ______ brass feet and a brass ornament at top.
II. Some long shots _________ their chances, some favorites lost ground.

A. tainted
B. spoiled
C. nauseated
D. burnish

Answer – D. burnish

Burnished –make shiny by rubbing; polish

22. I. If you go to the beach and get a sunburn, your complexion will look _______.
II. The decisive expression of her great _______ face satisfied her and she thought of some mothers she knew who could not get their daughters off their hands.

A. florid
B. wile
C. pernicious
D. deadly

Answer – A. florid

Florid- reddish; elaborately or excessively ornamented

23. I. The critics _______ his pretentious dialogue and refused to consider his play seriously.
II. He storms and bullies and ______, but she stands up to him so ruthlessly that the Colonel has to ask her from time to time to be kinder to Higgins

A. moldy
B. baneful
C. deride
D. crumbling

Answer – C. deride

Deride- ridicule; make fun of; laugh at with contempt

24. I. As the lecturer wandered from topic to topic, we wondered what if any point there was to his ________ remarks.
II. I had not got far into it, when I judged from her looks that she was thinking in a _______ way of me, rather than of what I said.

A. discursive
B. maleficent
C. lethal
D. miasmatic

Answer – A. discursive

Discursive- tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects

25. I. Tom’s extreme ______ for disputes keeps him from getting into arguments with his temperamental wife.
II. Ever since the fatal night, the end of my labors, and the beginning of my misfortunes, I had conceived a violent _______ even to the name of natural philosophy.

A. mortal
B. antipathy
C. malignant
D. virulent

Answer – B. antipathy

Antipathy – a strong feeling of aversion; dislike

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