Nagaland GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Nagaland GK Quiz

Take Nagaland GK Quiz Questions from this post. This Quiz is going make you prepare best for the Various exams. And you can easily crack many of the Exams. Well, these days many of the candidates are facing trouble in GK Section while attempting different Entrance exams or Civil Services. Therefore, keeping that in mind, here we are going to provide the General Knowledge Question for the Nagaland State. And an individual can also check the remaining State Quizzes from our site too. Go ahead and take the available Nagaland General Knowledge Quiz.  Are you eager to know about Nagaland? Here on this page, we are providing the Nagaland GK quiz which will be very helpful for you to attempt toughest competitive exams like Civil Services, Group exams, SSC, UPSC and many others.

And to make the Candidates Prepare for those Competetive Exams, here we are including the Nagaland GK questions. Many people do not have an idea about Nagaland state. So, contenders take this Nagaland Quiz that is attached at the bottom of this page. Down this page, you will have details of the Nagaland GK Quiz questions and answers.

Details of Nagaland GK Quiz

The details here provided are about the questions are given in Nagaland GK Quiz. There are 25 questions related to the Nagaland state. And you have to answer them in 30 minutes. That Gives less than one minute to answer every question so that you get the time management skill. And this will also sharpen your Brain. Although you know the Nagaland state, this Quiz helps you to remember more about the state. The details of the Nagaland GK quiz is provided in tabular form.

Quiz Name Nagaland GK
Category GK
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Nagaland General Knowledge Quiz Questions

1. Total Number of Districts in Nagaland?

2. What is the official language of Nagaland state?

3. What is Nagaland Area Rank in India?

4. Nagaland CMO has launched an official website on 22nd September 2015. What is its name?

5. Which Nagaland politician died on 26th November 2015?

6. Which state is west of Nagaland?

7. Which article in Indian constitution is a special provision for Nagaland?

8. What is the area of Nagaland?

9. Which is the highest point in Nagaland?

10. Which state is to the south of Nagaland?

11. The Hornbill Festival is Celebrated every year on the First week of

12. The Ntangki Park is located in Which district

13. With which rebel group India has signed a historic peace accord on 3rd Aug’15 that promises a return to normalcy in the Nagaland?

14. The Nagaland University was established in the year

15. Who of the following is considered as the First Political ’Martyr in the Naga Independence Struggle?

16. Who is credited for the establishment of the Naga Hills District Tribal Council (NHDTC) in 1945 which later evolved into the Naga National Council (NNC)?

17. Who was the First Speaker of Nagaland?

18. Dimapur Airport located at which state?

19. Who was the Second Governor of Nagaland?

20. A total number of main tribes in Nagaland?

21. Who is the Governor of Nagaland?

22. Intanki National Park located at which state?

23. Which country shares its border on the east side of the Nagaland?

24. The Battle of Kohima was fought in the year

25. The Sekrenyi festival is mainly observe by


About Nagaland GK Quiz

Nagaland is situated in the northeast part of India. Nagaland is one of the smallest states in India. There are many varieties of animals in Nagaland. The state has high humidity ranges and has monsoon climate. Some of the tourist places of the state are State Museum, Japfu Peak, Zoological Park, Dimapur.

  • Capital: Kohima
  • Population:1978602
  • Rivers: Doyang, Dikhu, Dhansiri, Chubi
  • Forests & National Park: Intanki NP, Rangapahar WS, Fakim WS, Puliebadze WS
  • Languages: Nagamese, Creole, Assamese, English
  • State Animal: Mithun
  • Official State Bird: Blyth’s Tragopan
  • State Tree: Alder
  • State Flower: Kopou
  • Literacy Rate: 73.45%
  • No. of Districts: 11

Benefits of practicing Nagaland GK Quiz

Benefits provided to you by having this quiz are:

  • You can know in detail about Nagaland state, a land of Naga tribals.
  • Proper management of time is achieved.
  • You can quickly grab the concept of the state.
  • Not takes much time to read because all the information is in the Form of Questions
  • No need of surfing the Internet continuously.
  • Confidence is built after attempting the quiz.
  • Useful for all types of competitive exams
  • You can achieve your dream job

Results of Nagaland GK Quiz

We provide results to the Nagaland GK Quiz you have taken along with answers. Moreover, the explanation is also given for every question. And eventually, after the constant practice of the questions, we have provided you will get good marks. The grades, points and marks system we allow will help you to achieve more on the topic. Smart work is better than hard work so work smart by practicing this with the provided analytical results. A teacher is always not available to you instead of having a teacher these results will help you as a guide. For more information about quizzes of other states, check our website hosting the general knowledge quizzes and others.

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