NCERT Class 10 Science Book PDF Download

NCERT Science Textbook for Class 10

NCERT Science subject is a combination of biology and physics and chemistry which are applicable in our daily life. In this article, we are providing the complete NCERT class 10 science book in pdf format. Science NCERT class 10 book provides general knowledge

Science NCERT Book For Class 10

NCERT Class 10 Science books offer all the concepts and topics in the simplest and detailed form, therefore, reading NCERT Science Books For Class 10 is essential to clear all the concepts and score good marks in their exams CBSE follows NCERT books. The practice of science education has been increasingly informed by research into science teaching and learning. In order to masters a science subject, a student should have deep factual knowledge

The following link provides you science chapter wise syllabus in English and Hindi medium

Science NCERT Book For Class 10 – English Medium

ChaptersDownload chapter wise link
Chapter 1: Chemical Reactions and EquationsClick here
Chapter 2: Acids, Bases and SaltsClick here
Chapter 3: Metals and Non-MetalsClick here
Chapter 4: Carbon and its CompoundsClick here
Chapter 5: Periodic Classification of ElementsClick here
Chapter 6: Life ProcessesClick here
Chapter 7: Control and CoordinationClick here
Chapter 8: How do Organisms Reproduce?Click here
Chapter 9: Heredity and EvolutionClick here
Chapter 10: Light – Reflection and RefractionClick here
Chapter 11: Human Eye and Colourful WorldClick here
Chapter 12: ElectricityClick here
Chapter 13: Magnetic Effects of Electric CurrentClick here
Chapter 14: Sources of EnergyClick here
Chapter 15: Our EnvironmentClick here
Chapter 16: Management of Natural ResourcesClick here

NCERT Books for Class 10 Science – Hindi Medium

ChaptersDownload chapter wise link
पाठ 1: रासायनिक अभिक्रियाएं एवं समीकरणClick here
पाठ 2: अम्ल, क्षारक एवं लवणClick here
पाठ 3: धातु एवं अधातुClick here
पाठ 4: कार्बन एवं उसके यौगिकClick here
पाठ 5: तत्वों का आवर्त वर्गीकरणClick here
पाठ 6: जैव प्रक्रमClick here
पाठ 7: नियंत्रण एवं समन्वयClick here
पाठ 8: जीव जनन कैसे करते हैं?Click here
पाठ 9: आनुवंशिकता एवं जैव विकासClick here
पाठ 10: प्रकाश – परावर्तन तथा अपवर्तनClick here
पाठ 11: मानव नेत्र तथा रंगबिरंगा संसारClick here
पाठ 12: विधुतClick here
पाठ 13: विधुत धरा के चुंबकीय प्रभावClick here
पाठ 14: ऊर्जा के स्रोतClick here
पाठ 15: हमारा पर्यावरणClick here
पाठ 16: प्राकृतिक संसाधनों का प्रबंधनClick here

Reference books for CBSE Class 10 Science

Science for 10th ClassLakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur
Principles of PhysicsS Chand books, – N.k Chowdhry
Fundamentals of PhysicsPradeep publication

Hope this article helps you to get a complete NCERT Class 10 Science Book and syllabus. Students must know the right techniques to answer all the questions given in the NCERT textbook of Class 10 Science. So, in order to help them to prepare for their exams, we have provided all the chapter wise NCERT syllabus. For more educational updates keep visiting our website


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