NCERT Class 12 Biology Part 1 Textbook | Free PDF Download

NCERT Biology Part 1 Textbook for class 12

The below information is about to get a chapter-wise NCERT Class 12 biology Part 1 textbook. There are 16 chapters in it which are structured according to guidelines of CBSE. All these chapters are helpful to get some basic knowledge of some new concepts and depth knowledge on previously introduced concepts. This book is useful for attempting small questions easily in board examinations and also useful for NEET aspirants. Biology NCERT Textbook is available in English and Hindi medium to helpful for both medium students to extract more knowledge about the concepts.

CBSE NCERT Biology Part 1 Textbook for Class 12 English Medium

S.NoChapter NameDownload Link
Chapter 1Reproduction in OrganismsClick Here
Chapter 2Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsClick Here
Chapter 3Human ReproductionClick Here
Chapter 4Reproductive HealthClick Here
Chapter 5Principles of Inheritance and VariationClick Here
Chapter 6Molecular Basis of InheritanceClick Here
Chapter 7EvolutionClick Here
Chapter 8Human Health and DiseaseClick Here
Chapter 9Strategies for Enhancement in Food ProductionClick Here
Chapter 10Microbes in Human WelfareClick Here
Chapter 11Biotechnology: Principles and ProcessesClick Here
Chapter 12Biotechnology and its ApplicationsClick Here
Chapter 13Organisms and PopulationsClick Here
Chapter 14EcosystemClick Here
Chapter 15Biodiversity and ConservationClick Here
Chapter 16Environmental IssuesClick Here

CBSE NCERT Biology Part 1 Textbook for Class 12 Hindi Medium

S.NoChapter NameDownload Link
Chapter 1जीवों में जननClick Here
Chapter 2पुष्पी पादपों में लैंगिक प्रजननClick Here
Chapter 3मानव जननClick Here
Chapter 4जनन स्वास्थ्यClick Here
Chapter 5वंशागति और विविधता के सिद्धान्तClick Here
Chapter 6वंशागति का आणविक आधारClick Here
Chapter 7विकासClick Here
Chapter 8मानव स्वास्थ्य तथा रोगClick Here
Chapter 9खाद्य उत्पादन में वृद्धि की कार्यनीतिClick Here
Chapter 10मानव कल्याण में सूक्ष्मजीवClick Here
Chapter 11जैव प्रौद्योगिकी-सिद्धान्त व प्रक्रमClick Here
Chapter 12जैव प्रौद्योगिकी एवं उसके उपयोगClick Here
Chapter 13जीव और समष्टियाँClick Here
Chapter 14पारितन्त्रClick Here
Chapter 15जैव विविधता एवं संरक्षणClick Here
Chapter 16पर्यावरण के मुद्देClick Here

We hope the above provided NCERT Biology Part 1 Etextbook will help you to take individual chapter PDF for your easy study. For many other CBSE NCERT textbooks of all classes, visit Website and make a bookmark for other educational information.


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