NCERT Class 12 Physics Part 2 Textbook | Free PDF Download

NCERT Physics Part 2 Textbook for class 12

In the below article, we will help you to get a chapter-wise PDF of the CBSE NCERT Physics Part 2 textbook for Class 12. The Part 2 textbook contains 6 chapters as listed in the below table. Part1 and Part2 textbooks are important for Board exams and as well for JEE and NEET examinations. All these concepts are basic theorems, principals, and many others that will help in Engineering concepts. The Part 2 Physics Text of Class 12 is available in both English and Hindi medium. The syllabus linked below is helpful for other Educational board students to get clear about all difficult topics.

NCERT Physics part 2 for Class 12 English Medium

S.NoChapter NameDownload Link
Chapter 9Ray Optics and Optical InstrumentsClick Here
Chapter 10Wave OpticsClick Here
Chapter 11Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterClick Here
Chapter 12AtomsClick Here
Chapter 13NucleiClick Here
Chapter 14Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices, and Simple CircuitsClick Here

NCERT Class 12 Physics Textbook in Hindi Medium

NCERT provides textbooks in the Hindi medium also for their students. To get Part 2 Textbook in Hindi medium use the links below.

NCERT Physics part 2 for Class 12 Hindi Medium

S.NoChapter NameDownload Link
Chapter 9किरण प्रकाशिकी एवं प्रकाशिक यंत्रClick Here
Chapter 10तरंग-प्रकाशिकीClick Here
Chapter 11विकिरण तथा द्रव्य की द्वैत प्रकृतिClick Here
Chapter 12परमाणुClick Here
Chapter 13नाभिकClick Here
Chapter 14अर्द्धचालक इलेक्ट्रॉनिकी: पदार्थ, युक्तियाँ तथा सरल परिपथClick Here

We expect that you reach the correct website to download a PDF of Class 12 Physics Part 2 Textbook in Chapter wise. Make to bookmark website for all NCERT Textbooks and other educational information.


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