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Odd Words

Want to practice the Odd Words Quiz? then here is the opportunity for you to do so. Well, by practicing the Quiz available in this post, an aspirant can easily crack many of the Competetive Exams and Entrance Test, Interviews. Well, these days many of the organizations are trying to test the Skills of an applicant in the Verbal Ability. We can see many of the contenders are not able to clear that. Well, keeping that in view, here we are bringing up this Quiz. All, you have to do is take this and practice well. Eventually, you will do very well. Down in this post, you will find the quiz. Along with that, you can also check the advantages of taking the Odd Words English Quiz and Results too.

Odd Words English Quiz Details

Quiz NameOdd Words
CategoryVerbal Ability Questions
Number of Questions25
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

So, this English Quiz contains 25 questions. The postulants need to answer those questions within 30 minutes of stipulated time provided. The responses should be given before the completion of time. So, guys don’t be late and take your exam. Marks should be awarded after the submission of your review. So the aspirants spend some short time with us and get the proper results. Moreover, this site provides you the complete details about Odd Words so that the candidate can know about each every concept. For understanding more about the thoughts keep on visiting our site Freshersnow.com

Odd Words Quiz Questions

1. Select the odd one out

2. Select the odd one out

3. Find the odd word: Kiwi, Eagle, Emu, Penguin, Ostrich

4. Select the odd one out

5. Choose the pair in which the words are differently related.


About Odd Words English Questions

Odd Words are defined as the words that are left over after the other words are paired. Strange Words are also called as uneven words. For example, consider the question with four options in which the three possibilities are of the same type or belong to the same category, and one option is left over with a different meaning.

We call this different word as Odd Word. Vocabulary plays a prominent role in every examination. These Odd Words are present in every competitive exam. For example consider the words Dog, Buffalo, Sparrow, Lion. The Odd Word in this is the Sparrow as it belongs to the category of Birds and remaining belongs to the class of Animals.

Benefits Of Odd Words English Quiz

Don’t you have sufficient knowledge of Odd Words? Are you feeling tensed in facing the Odd Words English Questions? Don’t get panic we are together with you to help you out. This post provides you the Quiz about this topic. The postulants who are facing their exams can go through our Odd Words English Questions and get polished in the concepts. This site helps you to crack the examinations very easily. Within the short span of time, the candidate can quickly know about every concept. Correspondingly we provide you the Odd Words English Questions and Answers so that the candidates can polish their knowledge. They can quickly rectify their mistakes so that they will not be repeated in main exams.

  • This Odd Words Quiz helps you out to know the Time Management.
  • According to the results obtained the candidates can improve their knowledge
  • Perfect accuracy is maintained in the questions and answers provided in the quiz

Results Of Odd Words English Quiz

  • Results are submitted after the completion of your exam.
  • By the results obtained you can improve the performance.
  • The Answers palette is displayed, according to that the marks are awarded.

Hope the total data included about the Odd Words is satisfactory for you all. Get more such updates by checking our site regularly.

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