Oracle Questions and Answers PDF Download (Aptitude & Logical Reasoning)

Oracle Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Oracle Questions and Answers PDF Download (Aptitude & Logical Reasoning): Candidates can fetch the Oracle Placement Questions and Answers from here. We know most of the aspirants will be eagerly waiting to know the Oracle Questions and Answers. So for the sake of candidates, we arranged Oracle Questions and Answers in PDF Format. Also, for the sake of aspirants, we attached a direct link for the Oracle Questions and Answers PDF Download at the end of the article.

Oracle (Aptitude & Logical Reasoning) Questions and Answers with Explanation

Number of Questions: 20 Questions
Time Duration: 30 Mins 

Aptitude Topics Logical Reasoning Topics
Time and Distance Classification
Time and Work Number Analogies
Partnership Critical Reasoning
Ratio and Proportion Coding & Decoding
Simple Interest Blood Relations
Compound Interest Decision Making
Profit and Loss Pattern Completion
Volume and Surface Area Analytical Reasoning
Mensuration Statements and Arguments
Simplification Assertion and Reason


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Oracle Aptitude Questions and Answers

1. Veena bought a watch costing Rs. 1404 including sales tax at 8%. She asked the shopkeeper to reduce the price of the watch so that she can save the amount equal to the tax. The reduction in the price of the watch is?

A. Rs.108
B. Rs.104
C. Rs.112
D. Rs.120

Answer – B. Rs.104

1.08x = 1404
x = 1300
The reduction of the price of the watch = 104

2. Out of 500 students of a school, 35% of students play football, 25% plays cricket and 20% neither play football nor cricket. How many students play football and cricket?

A. 50
B. 94
C. 100
D. 200

Answer – D. 200

Football = n(A) = (35/100)×500 = 175
Cricket = n(B) = (25/100)×500 = 125
neither play football nor cricket = ( 20/100)× 500 = 100
both football and cricket = n(A U B) = 175 + 125 -100 = 200

3. The simple interest accrued on a sum of certain principal is Rs.1000 in 4 years at the rate of 6% pa. What would be the SI accrued on thrice of that principal at the rate of 4%pa in 3yrs.

A. 1005
B. 1055
C. 1050
D. 1500

Answer – D. 1500

P = (1000*100)/(6*4) = 100000/24 = 4166.6 = 4167
Interest = (3*4167*4*3)/100 = 1500.12
= 1500

4. 80% of a small number is 4 less than 40% of a larger number. The larger number is 125 greater than the smaller one. The sum of these two numbers is

A. 325
B. 345
C. 355
D. 365

Answer – C. 355

Let us assume
smaller number = a
larger number = b
0.8a+4 = 0.4b
4b–8a = 40
ba = 125
a = 115
b = 240
a + b = 355.

5. A certain amount was put at SI at R% for 3yrs. Had it been put at a 3% higher rate, it would have fetched Rs.450 more. Find the sum

A. 4000
B. 4500
C. 5000
D. 5500

Answer – C. 5000

[P*(R+3)*3/100] – [(P*R*3)/100] = 450
3PR+9P-3PR = 45,000
P = 45,000/9 = 5000

6. Pipes P and Q can fill the tank in 24 minutes and 32 minutes respectively. Both piped are opened together. To have the tank full in 18 minutes, after how many minutes the pipe P must be closed?

A. 10.5 minutes
B. 15 minutes
C. 21 minutes
D. 22 minutes

Answer – A. 10.5 minutes

P is to be closed before 18 minutes
let it is closed after x minutes
Then, Q worked for all 18 minutes. So,
(1/24)*x + (1/32)*18 = 1
Solve, x = 10.5

7. Two pipes A and B can alone fill a tank in 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. But due to a leak at the bottom of the tank, it took 3 more minutes to fill the tank. In how many hours, the leak can alone empty the full tank?

A. 30
B. 48
C. 56
D. 60

Answer – D. 60

A and B can fill tank in (1/20 + 1/30) = 1/12 so 12 minutes
But it took 3 more minutes, this means the tank got full in 12+3 = 15 minutes
So (1/20 + 1/30 – 1/x) = 1/15
Solve, x = 60

8. The driver of an ambulance sees a college bus 40 m ahead of him after 20 seconds, the college bus is 60 meter behind. If the speed of the ambulance is 30 km/h, what is the speed of the college bus?

A. 10 kmph
B. 12 kmph
C. 15 kmph
D. 22 kmph

Answer – B. 12 kmph

Speed = (Total distance)/total time
= (60+40) /20 = 5 m/s = (5*18)/5 = 18 kmph
Relative Speed = (speed of ambulance – the speed of College bus)
The speed of College bus = speed of ambulance – relative speed.
= 30-18 = 12 kmph.

9. Divide Rs.2340 into three parts, such that first part be double that of the second part and second part be 1/3 of the third part. Find the Third part amount?

A. Rs.390
B. Rs.750
C. Rs.780
D. Rs.1170

Answer – D. Rs.1170

First: Second: Third = 2:1:3
Third part = 3*2340/6 = 1170

10. The average age of all the members of Mr. Raghunath’s family is 25 year. The average age of males is 30 year while the average age of females is 20 year. If the number of females in the family is 10, then find out the number of males?

A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 40

Answer – A. 10

Let the number of males = x
Total family members = 10 + x
25(10 + x) = 30x + 10*20
⇒ 250 + 25y = 30x + 200
⇒ 5y = 50
Therefore, y = 10

Oracle Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

11. If each of the odd position in the letter CAREFULLY is increased by 1 and each of the even position letters is decreased by 1 then which will be the new word?




12. If T is denoted as A, R is denoted as B, E is denoted as Q, I is denoted as O, N is denoted as C and S is denoted as M then INTEREST is written as


Answer – D. OCAQBQMA


13. TENDER is written in certain language NETRED, How PLAYER is written in that code?


Answer – B. AEPRLY

First and third are interchanged.
Four and six are interchanged
Second and five are interchanged.

14. Poojitha is 5th from the left end and Chandana is 4th from the right of the row. Chandana interchanges her position with the one who is sitting 3rd to the right of Poojitha and now Chandana is 10th from the right end. How many children are there in the row?

A. 17
B. 18
C. 19
D. 20

Answer – A. 17

Let A is 3rd to the right of Poojitha
So, Chandana comes to his place so now Chandana is (5+3) = 8th from the left end
Also, she is 10th from the right end, so in total (8+10)-1 = 17

15. Ramu is 5th from the left end of a row and Ravi is 6th from a right of the row. If they interchange their positions, Ravi becomes 16th from the right end. What is the total number of people in the row?

A. 20
B. 21
C. 22
D. 23

Answer – A. 20

According to the given information
Ravi becomes 16th from right
As well as this place is 5th from the left end
Therefore, total (16+5) – 1 = 20

16. If Monday falls on 5th of a month, then which day will fall three days after the 26th?

A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Wednesday
D. Thursday

Answer – D. Thursday

5th is Monday, then 12th, 19th, 26th are also Monday
Then 3 days after is 29th, which is Thursday

17. If the day before yesterday was Tuesday, when will Saturday be?

A. Tomorrow
B. Day after Tomorrow
C. Yesterday
D. Day after Yesterday

Answer – B. Day after Tomorrow

If the day before yesterday was Tuesday, then today is Thursday.
Therefore, Tomorrow will be Friday, day after tomorrow Saturday

18. Friendship: Goodwill:: Corruption:?

A. Greed
B. Fraud
C. Enemy
D. Money

Answer – A. Greed

The second leads to first.

19. Chocolate : Sweet :: Encyclopaedia : ?

A. Library
B. Composition
C. Dictionary
D. Book

Answer – D. Book

First is the enlarged form of the second

20. Hockey: Ground:: Athletics:?

A. Stadium
B. Arena
C. Ground
D. Court

Answer – A. Stadium

Athletics is played on the Stadium.

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