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Hello, everyone, You can take this Prefix English Quiz Online Test which was available on this page. It was going to help you to clear all Verbal Ability grammar section related to any Competitive Exams. And, by practicing this Prefix Online Test you can get complete idea about the concept Prefix. Therefore you can take this Quiz, it is for free of money. And you can take the exam any number of times. In this Quiz, we include the Prefix Quiz Questions related to the crack the Exams like UPSC, SSC, RAILWAYS, BANKING, MAT, CAT, CAD, CAM and other Top most companies campus drives also.

Not able to clear the Prefix related Questions in the Exams? For that, we are here. And we are providing the Prefix Quiz Questions and Answers. In the meanwhile, aspirants can please look at this article. This article will provides you the detail information about the Prefix Concept Quiz and also Online Test information. The Test will be conducted through online i.e Prefix English Questions.

Prefix Quiz Details

Quiz NamePrefix
CategoryEnglish Questions
Number of Questions25
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

The Quiz consisting of 25 Questions and it takes just 30 minutes of time to complete the Prefix Quiz. By taking this Quiz you can gain good knowledge. And you will understand by before what we are and after taking the Prefix Quiz Questions and answers what we are. For that candidates, this page ay helps you a lot and it will be very useful. Candidates while taking this exam they should be careful about the words that are related to this topic or not. Now you can look at the below we have mentioned about the Prefix.

Prefix Quiz Questions

1. This newspaper is a BIWEEKLY.

2. The prefix meaning external is

3. We usually don't publish articles we don't PREVIEW.

4. The prefix meaning up is

5. In many countries it is ___ legal to keep a gun in your house.


About Prefix English Quiz Questions

Common, get familiarized with the Concept of the Prefix? A Prefix is nothing but a group of letters that we add at the beginning of the words. So that it will change the meaning of the word. For Example, adding un- to the word “happy” gives you the new word i.e “unhappy”, which indicates not happy.

U and N are the two common Prefixes in English language. Whereas coming to Re it means again or back. Such we use in the words namely “rethink”, “redo”, “reuse” and finally “repay.” In English, we consists of multiple Prefixes all are derivational and inflectional. For example, the prefixes may also applicable for the two words also as shown here “m”, the prefixim-here it have only one “m”, it is possible for double “m” also like “immeasurable.”

 Benefits of taking this Prefix Quiz

  • Candidates can improve their vocabulary after taking this Quiz and after learning about the concept clearly.
  • Anyone can take this Prefix Quiz Online Test and the details are mentioned above.
  • Aspirants will be getting more knowledge after reading this article and this article will help you while writing any Competitive exams in an easy way.

Results of Prefix English Quiz

Candidates will be getting the accurate results after submitting the Prefix Quiz within the time then the marks will be awarded. By the way, candidates will get a grip on the concept and they can also implement that in an individual manner. And by taking this Quiz continuously candidates can improve their performance skills. And for more information visit the websites like Prefix Quiz pdf, English Prefix Exercises. Further, more to get the latest updates visit our website

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