Qualcomm Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers


Qualcomm Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers | PDF Download – Aspirants who are looking forward to joining one of the reputable organizations like Qualcomm and want to know about the Qualcomm Selection Process for Freshers, can now check this article. Through this post, you can gain information about the Qualcomm Interview Questions & Answers. Along with the Qualcomm Interview Questions for Freshers through this article you can also know detailed information about the Qualcomm Recruitment Process for Freshers. In the below sections we have given Qualcomm Technical and HR Interview Questions. This will help you guys in gaining insight into how the interview will be like. So, make sure you check the Test Pattern & Selection Procedure of Qualcomm and prepare yourselves mentally for the Qualcomm Interview.

Qualcomm Interview Questions – Details

Latest Qualcomm Interview Questions & Answers
Organization NameQualcomm
QualificationsAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
CategoryInterview Questions & Answers
Job LocationAcross India
Official Website www.qualcomm.com

Qualcomm Selection Process for Freshers

All the candidates who are here to know details about the Qualcomm Recruitment Process will find this article productive. In the below section, you guys can find information about the Test Pattern & Selection Procedure of Qualcomm that is basically followed by the Qualcomm Recruiting Team. Knowing this Qualcomm Hiring Process will help you in expecting what type of sections/ rounds you will be facing at the time of the Qualcomm Interview Process. And if there is any change in the Selection Procedure of Qualcomm then we update this section instantly.

  • Written Exam
  • Technical Round
  • HR Interview

Note: In case if the candidates will be appearing Off-Campus for Qualcomm then, aspirants will be facing more than 1 technical round. So, we recommend you guys prepare accordingly.

Qualcomm Test Pattern

The first shortlisting round in the Qualcomm Recruitment Process is the Written Exam. Only after getting shortlisted in this round, the aspirants will be allowed to attend the remaining rounds. In this round, the hiring team will test the aspirant’s fundamental knowledge about the Quantitative Aptitude concepts, Basic Programming Questions will be asked. Further questions on core subjects related to your specialization will be asked. Now, check the below table to know about the Test Pattern & Selection Procedure of Qualcomm, how many questions will be asked in the respective section, and the time limit you will be given to complete the task.

SectionsNo.of QuestionsTime Limit
Aptitude2030 Mins
Basic Programming2030 Mins
Core2030 Mins

Note: 0.25 negative marking will be given in case wrong answers were provided.

Qualcomm Technical Interview Round

The applicants who will be shortlisted in the Written Exam will be the only ones who will be allowed to attend the Qualcomm Technical Interview. Further, this round will evaluate the candidate’s basic knowledge about the core subjects and the coding skills in a particular programming language. So prepare well in both these to perform well in the Interview.

Qualcomm Technical Interview Questions

1. What’s the Difference Between Stack and Queue?

2. Why is Char array preferred over String to store a password?

3. Describe your final year project in detail. How would you describe your role in the same?

4. What is an abstraction in Java?

5. Considering GRANT is used to grant privileges to perform the queries specify the command which is used to remove these permissions?

6. What do you understand by an empty class? What is the functionality which it offers in Java?

7. What is “I” in ACID properties?

8. There is a program that inserts and deletes nodes in a sorted singly linked list. There is a bug in one of the modules. Give us a method of debugging it.

9. A window of size k is sliding from left to right in an array of size n. Find out the maximum number in the window at each window position.

10. Write a program to return a stream of bytes from a function

11. What is the difference between System.out, System.err, and System.in?

12. Can a Dead Thread Be Started Again?

13. Write a program to implement memcpy () on your own.

14. Suppose that two of the nodes of a Binary Search Tree (BST) are interchanged. Give us a method to fix(or correct) this BST.

15. Devise a program to check whether a binary tree is BST or not.

16. What do you understand by clustering index?

17. If we declare more number of variables than the registers available on the processor? Where they will be stored.

18. Distinguish between a predicate and a function.

19. What are the various techniques by which fault tolerance can be ensured in systems? (Different redundancy techniques)

20. What data type is used to store memory address in C++

21. Describe macros in Excel. Explain how they are used.

22. How a software development happens and what you do if you were given a product to develop

23. Write C++ code to sort vector without using any library function

24. Implement the malloc() and free() operations. Describe only the strategy for doing so, not the code.

25. Describe the difference between a Public and Private cloud.

26. Describe some salient features of the cloud?

27. How would you define HADOOP? Describe the underlying principle of HADOOP and illustrate some of its features like Map Reduce?

28. Describe the virtual function in C++

29. A pair of redundant systems is operating. Give us a method of ensuring that when one of them goes down, the other one will take over its operation.

30. Write a program to delete a node, given only a pointer to the node in a circular linked list.

31. What do you understand by the term cloud computing?

32. Tell me the difference between stack and heap memory.

33. Write C++ code for Single Link List where all nodes should be in ascending order

34. Describe a few deadlock avoidance schemes.

35. Suppose a 4-inch cube is painted on all sides. If this piece is cut into smaller cubes of side 1 inch each, how many cubes will be left unpainted at all?

36. Questions based on function pointers and their usage.

37. Questions on call-back functions.

Qualcomm HR Interview Round

This module about the Qualcomm HR Interview will help you guys in getting full details about the Qualcomm HR Interview Round. In this round, the Interviewer will be asked questions about the candidate’s Educational Qualifications, Family Background, Likes & Dislikes, Hobbies, Interests, Responsibilities he had taken up in his academic career, etc., Usually, this HR round will be face-to-face. Having confidence and strong communication skills will help the candidates to ace this round.

Qualcomm HR Interview Questions With Answers For Freshers

Check the below module about Qualcomm HR Interview Questions & Answers to get a brief idea about how the HR Interview will be and what type of questions you guys will be facing at the time of the interview with the HR Manager. In the below section, we have provided the appropriate answers that you can respond to the respective questions. We suggest you candidates take a note of them just for a sake of reference, it is not mandatory for you guys to give the same answers as given below.

1. Tell me about your family

When this question is asked you can briefly explain to the interviewer about the family you came from, which means Nuclear/ Joint/ Modern/ Traditional Family. And next talk about your parent’s professional background (The current job they are doing and job role). If you have any siblings you can talk about their professional background, the company they are working for, and the job role they are in which, etc.

2. Can you describe yourself in three words?

When questions like this are asked make sure you answer them as simply as possible and not make huge sentences. For instance when the interviewer asked you to describe yourself make sure you use Adjectives. For example “You can respond by saying, that you see yourself as a Passionate, Ambitious, Independent person” similarly you can use these types of adjectives to describe yourself. However, make sure the words you say are genuine to your character and they describe your personality well and good.

3. How do you define your goals in life? Do you make plans and strategies for the future or grab opportunities as they come?

Being spontaneous or making future plans are required to make your career successful. So, you can respond by saying “How you keep milestones for yourself in order to achieve the ultimate goal you have set for yourself. And you can also explain how these milestones help you in keeping track of the progress you are making to achieve the main goal.” Further, taking opportunities when they come is also required to make a career successful. Therefore, while answering make sure you balance the both like “How you take spontaneous opportunities that will come across you to make a step forward in your career and at the same time plan out the future to get clarity on what you can do next to reach your goal.”

4. At Qualcomm you might have to do multiple tasks such as attend meetings related to your work as well as complete work for your client. How will you cope up with the same?

Some people are born multi-taskers. Doing multiple things at the same time won’t be an issue for them. However, not everyone will be the same. Therefore, you can answer this question by saying how you like to prioritize the important work and schedule your work accordingly so they won’t overlap and causes lag in work. You can talk about, how scheduling the work helps you to give an equal amount of importance to meetings and client work. Answering this question in the best way shows to the interviewer you as a systematic worker and know how to prioritize the important things.

5. What do you know about our competitors?

Research is the main thing to acquire knowledge about anything. Doing research about the company you are going for the interview will help you a lot in answering these types of questions. List out the names of the company that is competitors for Qualcomm. And explain to the interviewer why you think they are competitors (Eg: In terms of products, Valuation of the Company/ Share Price/ Using of Advanced Technology, etc.). Further, Qualcomm’s competitors are Google, Apple, NXP Semiconductors, Ericsson, and Samsung.

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This article about Qualcomm Interview Questions for Freshers will help you guys in getting an idea about the type of questions asked in the interview and also about the Qualcomm Selection Process for Freshers. For more latest similar updates like this keep following our Freshersnow.com website.

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