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Sentence Pattern

Ace the Sentence Pattern section in the Verbal Ability and improve your chances of getting the highest score in the Competitive Exams. Well, here in this post, we are providing the Sentence Pattern English Question. And these are going to guide you to crack the Entrance Exams as well as the Interviews too. Therefore, Check the quiz. And you can take it. Well, the Online Quiz Test Available in this Page is for Free of Cost. And the added benefit is that you can take it multiple times. Therefore, this will act as a Mock test for you in a small way.

The below post helps you out by knowing the types of questions that are to be asked in various competitive exams. We offer you the Sentence Pattern Questions which will be like the preliminary test to every candidate facing their reviews. By undergoing this test, the candidates can face the various competitive exams in an easy fashion. Moreover, the candidates can also know about the concepts that they are clear. So, don’t be late to face the exam and get the good results.

Sentence Pattern English Quiz Details

Quiz Name Sentence Pattern
Category English Questions
Number of Questions 26
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Sentence Pattern Online Test Questions


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1. Boys are playing in the ground

2. I teach him English

3. All women love jewels and silk saris

4. Choose the sentence pattern for the following sentence: The restaurant served 3 kinds of barbeque.

5. My mother gave me new shoes.

6. I hear that you are having a house built. Is it finished yet? " No, but it is ___________ completion."

7. She / will come

8. I / wish / you / Happy new year

9. The wall collapsed

10. Jennifer baked for weeks before the holidays.

11. Computer keeps children busy

12. The school organizes a tour to North India.

13. Akbar showed the way

14. My sister speaks English very well

15. The knight were brave ___________ gallantry of spirit.

16. They made Shankar the chief of the council.

17. The Doctor gave him a shot

18. Mahesh got up early

19. Tell me your name

20. Students asked the teacher many questions

21. Most of the women read novels

22. The people elected the young candidate governor.

23. The sun / shines

24. He / irons / his shirt

25. The teacher called Robbie class clown.


This Quiz makes you learn how to frame the sentence. This Sentence Pattern Quiz will be like a review to the aspirants. The Sentence Pattern English Questions provided are covered from various stages. This helps the candidates to crack their examinations easily. Moreover, this site gives you the Sentence Pattern English Questions and Answers so that after completion of exam candidates can know their mistakes and get rid of their errors in next upcoming exams. This helps the candidates to crack their exams without any effort. For Furthermore details and updates, keep on visiting our website

About Sentence Pattern English Questions

Many of the English learners have spent a lot of time in studying the parts of speech like adjectives, nouns, and verbs. One of the more significant ways to learn English is to explore common sentence patterns. Furthermore, these common patterns will not only help you to be better on grammar tests but also improve your writing skills. Likewise, these are the foundation for a sentence in the English language.

Sentence = Subject (noun phrase) + predicate (verb phrase)

A phrase is a group of words which act as a unit. The predicate is a verb phrase with the main verb. An adjective is a word that describes a noun or a pronoun. Perspective is the way of thinking about and understanding something. Analyze is the study of something closely and carefully. Complement is a word added to make the phrase complete. Champion is someone who won a contest or competition. Additional known as more than which is usual. The ways to improve the Sentence Pattern is the information within the sentence should be clear, and we should use the transitional words, use of active voice and active verbs, taking care with subordinate clauses, following the grammar rules.

Benefits Of Practicing Sentence Pattern English Quiz

  • Facing this Quiz helps you out to improve your communication skills.
  • Cracking of various examinations becomes free to answer.
  • Accuracy and managing the time is very important.

Results Of Sentence Pattern English Quiz

  • This Quiz results in improvement of knowledge.
  • Similarly, the candidates can rank themselves by the results obtained.
  • For Furthermore details and updates, keep on visiting our website

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