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Series Completion

Are you facing the problem with Series Completion? Do you feel panic in attempting the Series Completion Quiz? Don’t worry we are together with you to help you out. Series Completion is one of the essential topics which is asked in competitive exams and campus interviews. So, the candidates need to learn about the Series Completion in a detailed manner. Learning with different examples helps to remember the concept. Most of the people think this as a tricky part in Verbal Reasoning. These Series Completion Reasoning Questions are useful to crack the competitive exams like IBPS clerks, PO, SBI clerks, LIC Insurance posts and other exams like SSC, UPSC and some of the compass recruitment drives. Moreover, we are providing Questions and Answers with clear explanation. Let’s see the Series Completion Reasoning Questions Details.

But by following the tips and tricks mentioned below this becomes accessible to the face. Moreover, in this post, we are providing the Series Completion Questions. These are gathered from different levels and are useful for the candidates who are facing these competitive exams. Moreover, we not only provide the Quiz but also help the candidates by giving Series Completion Questions and Answers. This helps the contenders to rectify the mistakes. Therefore, it leads to the enhancement of the performance in the main examination. The Series Completion Reasoning Questions provided in this post will be in an informative way to learn in depth concept.

Details of Series Completion Quiz

In this quiz we have provided the 25 Questions which are prepared by the experts and the Questions are very closely related to the competitive exam pattern. So, don’t waste your valuable time. Hurry up and have a click on it and start the Quiz quickly. Make sure that quiz should be completed within time.

Quiz Name Series Completion
Category Reasoning
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Series Completion Quiz Online Test – Practice Now

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1. In the following question, a number series is given with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative that will the same pattern and fill in the blank spaces.: 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, x

2. 4, 12, 36, 108, ?

3. 120, 99, 80, 63, 48, ?

4. AZ, CX, FU, ?

5. Complete the series 2,2,5, 13,28,....


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About Series Completion Reasoning Questions

The Reasoning section in every competitive exam includes questions from the topic “Series Completion”. This topic is considered as quite important and every year good count of questions are asked in the examinations. Series Completion is the sequential order of letters or numbers. And even there will be a combination of both also. They are arranged in a such a way that they will follow some specific rules. These rules are based on mathematical operations, places of letters in alphabetical order etc. Different types of questions covered in this are as follows

  1. Number Series
  2. Letter Series
  3. Alpha-Numeric Series
  4. Continuous Pattern Series

The candidates should identify the pattern involved in the formation of series and correspondingly find the missing term for completion of the series. And also, there will be questions like one of the terms in the series is incorrect and the candidates are required to find out the term of the series by identifying the pattern in the formation of series.
There is no particular pattern for these questions. The candidates need to find the given model. These become easy if one practices the issues in more number. We can answer these types of problems with common sense and reasoning ability.

Benefits of Practicing the Series Completion Quiz

By this Quiz, you can attain many benefits like

  • Candidates can get a brief idea on the topic.
  • As examples are provided every individual can easily understand the related concepts and enhance their knowledge.
  • This will be like a mock test to the candidates who face their competitive exams.
  • Questions given in the Quiz are closely related to the pattern of the actual examination.
  • From this, we can know about time management and apt answers to the questions in the quiz.

Results of Series Completion Quiz

  • Results are displayed based on our performance.
  • Practicing the questions thoroughly will help to attain the right results.
  • Moreover, results are obtained after completion of the exam.
  • Aspirants can quickly estimate the marks by taking this quiz.

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