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Simple Equations quiz

Take Simple Equations Quiz Online Test to calculate your knowledge over the scale. Now, Simple Equations is as same as the Linear Equations. Now, most of the universities or the organization or the companies are including the Simple Equations Topics in the Aptitude Test. And this is troubling many of the aspirants. Because most of them had no idea of solving the Simple Equations Aptitude. Therefore, to help all such contenders, we are providing some reliable sources through this post. Well, along with on this particular page we are also providing some Simple Equations Tricks and Concepts too. So, all the people who are thinking on getting the knowledge can proceed and check them. Well, along with that, you can even take the Simple Equations Quiz also. This is absolutely free. Now, we have framed approximately 15 Questions. And that is going to cover all the important topics.

Simple Equations Quiz

Quiz NameSimple Equations
Number of Questions15
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Simple Equations Online Test – Practice Now

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1. Solve the equation for x : 19(x + y) + 17 = 19(-x + y) - 21

2. The cost of 10 kg of apples is equal to the cost of 24 kg of rice. The cost of 6 kg of flour equals the cost of 2 kg of rice. The cost of each kg of flour is Rs.20.50. Find the
total cost of 4 kg of apples, 3 kg of rice and 5 kg of flour?

3. Solve the equation x+34=82

4. Find c, if 5c - 2 = 33.

5. Solve the equation 2x + 5 = 9

6. Simplify x + 1 = 9?

7. Three friends, returning from a movie, stopped to eat at a restaurant. After dinner, they paid their bill and noticed a bowl of mints at the front counter. Sita took 1/3 of the
mints, but returned four because she had a momentary pang of guilt. Fatima then took 1/4 of what was left but returned three for similar reasons. Eswari then took half of
the remainder but threw two back into the bowl. The bowl had only 17 mints left when the raid was over. How many mints were originally in the bowl?

8. Using only 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 paise coins, what will be the minimum number of coins required to pay exactly 78 paise, 69 paise, and Re. 1.01 to three different persons?

9. The product of two consecutive odd numbers is 4623. Which is the greater of the two numbers?

10. The number obtained by interchanging the digits of a two-digit number is less than the original number by 63. If the sum of the digits of the number is 11, what is the original number?

11. Solve {x + 7 = 12}.

12. Simplify 4y + 3 = 11.

13. The sum of two numbers is 25. One of the numbers exceeds the other by 9. Find the numbers.

14. Shankar is 5 years younger than Ron. Four years later, Ron will be twice as old as Aaron. Find their present ages.

15. Solve for x in the following equation. x - 4 = 10


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Simple Equations Problems with Solutions

Now, are you tired of trying everything to get a grip on the Simple Equations Topic? Then this Simple Equations Quiz is going to help you all. Therefore, all those people who are preparing for different Test and Recruitment Process, can go ahead and check the source of help we are providing through this page. Now, in this quiz, soon after you click on start button you will get questions one after another. And you can answer them there only. Now, the added benefit is that there is no need for you, to check every time for the correct answer. Well, another important advantage is that you can also know the Correct solution along with the needed explanation. Therefore, utilize the help we provided.

Simple Equations Quiz Questions

So, here we are providing the Quiz in the form of the Multiple Choice Questions. So, all the people can easily attempt it. And we even tried to cover different levels of Questions on the Topic. Therefore, all the aspirants can answer them. Well, as this is completely free, you can take as many times as you want to do so. Now, many of the competitors are failing to clear this section because they are clearly lacking the knowledge of the Formulae and other basic concepts. Now, try to take a look at the Formulae and memorize them. Then proceed and Check the problem. Analyze it. Then proceed to apply the formulae on the problem. And the real key here is having knowledge of the Formulae and Practise.

So, complete taking the Simple Equations Quiz? Tell us your experience and Quick tips to improve the source. So that other people will also get the Benefits. Also, for more such helpful updates and notifications check our site regularly without a miss. Also, comment and mention to us if you want to find out more other Aptitude related topics. We will get them to you all.

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