Sony Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers


Sony Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers | PDF Download – This article is about the Sony Interview Questions for Freshers. We have noticed that many of the aspirants who have applied for the Sony Job Vacancies are looking for guidance to know about the Sony Recruitment Process or Sony India Interview Process. Therefore, in order to make it easy for you, we have established this post to give you guys a clear idea about the Sony Interview Process for Freshers.

Along with these basic details, in this article, you can also find information about the Sony Technical Interview Questions and Sony HR Interview Questions with Answers. Thus, kindly make sure you check this article completely and get detailed information about the questions that will be frequently asked in the Sony Interview. Now, with the direct link available below, you can have access to the Sony Technical and HR Interview Question & Answers PDF at any point you want.

Sony Interview Questions | Overview

Latest Sony Interview Questions for Freshers
Organization NameSony
QualificationsAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
CategoryInterview Questions and Answers
Job LocationAcross India
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Sony Recruitment Process

Looking for a way to get placed in Sony Corporation? then do check out their latest career options and find a suitable job profile for you guys to apply. And now, if you guys have applied for the Sony Job Openings then check out this section to know about Sony Recruitment Process the recruiters follow to select the suitable candidates. Do go through this module to have an idea about the Sony Hiring Process to familiarize yourself with the sections that will be their or Sony India Interview Process that takes place to hire fresher aspirants.

  • Written Exam
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Sony Written Test Pattern

Check out this section, to have awareness about the Written Exam pattern that recruiters of Sony Corporation conduct. In the below table, we have included complete information about the Sony Test Pattern & Selection Procedure they basically follow to get the freshers onboard. Know the sections, and how many questions they will ask, and the time limit you will be given to complete the exam and prepare yourself accordingly. Further, to make the preparation easy for you we have provided Sony Placement Papers below check out those and prepare well for the Sony Written Exam.

Name of the SectionNo.of QuestionsDuration
Aptitude Test1520 mins
Verbal1510 mins
Technical2030 mins

The overall time limit for the written exam is 60 mins. Hence, make sure you guys complete the task well within the time. Further, as of our knowledge, this is the Sony Recruitment Process for Freshers, if there is any change/ update in the actual process we will update this section promptly.

Sony Technical Interview Round

In the Sony India Interview Process Technical Interview round is one of them. The aspirants who will be qualified in the Written Exam by getting the desired marks will be the only candidates to proceed to the Sony Technical Interview Round. In this round, the interviewer will be testing the aspirants regarding their knowledge about their academic core subjects, whether they know the basics or not. Sometimes there will be a considerable chance of the interviewer asking the aspirants to write a program using their favorite programming language to test their coding skills. Therefore, make sure your revise and practice a lot about coding too.

Sony Technical Interview Questions for Freshers

In this module, we have given a brief insight about what type of questions aspirants can expect at the time of the Sony Technical Interview. So, without any delay check out the Sony Interview Questions for Freshers – For Technical Round and make a note to cover the subjects from which the questions are frequently asked.

1. What do you mean by data encapsulation?

2. What is Function Overloading?

3. Explain the benefits of proper inheritance.

4. Difference between inline functions & macros?

5. Explain the key functions of data binding.

6. What is an Index? What is an Extent?

7. How many words can be read by ‘cin’?

8. Can you name some types of inheritance?

9. Write a program to insert 5 numbers in a B-tree.

10. What is static in java?

11. Given two singly linked lists of n and m no. of nodes respectively. They merge at a particular node. Write the algorithm to find the position of the node from the end of both lists.

12. State Advantages of C language?

13. Concepts of JAVA.

14. What are the advantages of using friend classes?

15. “Everything in Linux is a file”. Explain.

16. What are virtual functions?

17. What is the use of pointers in C?

18. What is the advantage of using cin and cout over traditional scanf and printf?

19. What do you mean by data Hiding?

20. What are pre-processor directives?

21. What do you mean by Run time Errors?

22. What is polymorphism?

23. Write the code to find an element in a BT.

24. What is divide and conquer in algorithms? Write the algorithm for the merge sort algorithm.

25. What are Stacks? Give an example of where they are useful.

26. What are the various layers of TCP/ IP protocol?

Sony HR Interview Round

Every aspirant who will be shortlisted after Technical Interview will be asked to join the Interviewer for the HR Interview. This round is easier to deal with when compared to the Technical Interview. The main focus of this round is to test the applicants’ Confidence, Body Language, Communication Skills, Thinking Ability, etc. On this basis, the questions will be asked. Questions can differ from Personal to Situation based to test how you react to certain situations or your perception of something. Thus, ensure you maintain your composure and tackle the HR Interview with confidence. That is the key to getting selected in the round.

Sony HR Interview Questions With Answers

To give you guys an idea about how the Sony HR Interview will be like we have given reference to the frequently asked Sony HR Interview Questions for Freshers. And not only this, from the below section, you guys can also get Sony HR Interview Questions with Answers. This helps you to gain perception about how you can respond to certain questions and create a positive impression about yourself.

1. Introduce Yourself

This is the most common question that you can ever face in the Interview. Learn and practice how you can introduce yourself in the best way that can create a positive impact on the interviewer which makes him think you are different from others. While introducing yourself, do make sure you cover some of these basic points like “Your Family Background, Educational Qualifications, Academic Achievements, Responsibilities you have handled in your academic career, Projects you have done, Certifications Courses you did for value creation, Or any internship details”

2. What does success mean to you?

By asking this question the interviewer will be wanting to know whether you are a person who measures success with the monetary value you created or the things you achieved for yourself like happiness, peace in doing things you like, enjoying the work you do, etc. Sometimes people stop themselves from moving forward when they think they have achieved what they want. But that is not what success is. It is about what you have learned so far and how it helped you grow as an individual or how you want to be remembered. So try to convey what success is to you in simple terms and try not to complicate your answer by being philosophical.

3. Did you ever face a situation when your work was criticized? What did you do?

This question will help the interviewer to evaluate candidates on how they respond to setbacks or how they take negative reviews about their work. Being flawed is nothing wrong, but how you take it and work to improve yourself is what matters in the end. Therefore, you can respond to this question by saying how you take criticism in a positive way and chance to improve and enhance your existing skills to shape yourself better.

4. How would you classify your working style?

Through this question, the interview wants to know how you work as an individual, your working style, or how you make decisions and prioritize your work. Different individuals have different working styles. So, try not to give common answers which don’t suit your personality or you won’t follow genuinely. You can convey about “How you like to plan out everything before the beginning of the work, Maintaining To-Do list to prioritize the work, How you like to delegate the work to make it easy and quick, Maintaining TimeLine to complete the work well before the deadline.” By answering it in this way, the interviewer will get a general idea about yourself like how you are a systematic & well-organized person.

5. Do you have any questions?

Try to be interactive when the interviewer asks you “Do you have any questions for me”. This shows that you are interested in learning about something which you don’t know. Try to ask questions like “Whether you will be given training when you join the organization”, “Do I need to do any additional certificate courses to improve my knowledge”, “What is your working experience with this company.”

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