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Statements and Conclusions

Hi, everyone are you dull in Statements and Conclusions topic? Don’t worry in this page, we have provided the Statements and Conclusions Quiz which is related to Reasoning Section. Moreover, the Statement & Conclusions topic is much difficult. To help the candidates in a simple manner we have equipped the Online Test. By taking this Statements and Conclusions Quiz Questions, you can gain accurate results in your Competitive exams and as well as Interviews also in the Entrance level exams. If the candidates have any doubts regarding the Quiz, you can also the explanations too for each answer.

Statements and Conclusions Quiz Information

Quiz Name Statements and Conclusions
Category Verbal Reasoning
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Aspirants who are preparing for the Competitive exams they must follow this page and can give a Quick look at this page read the content what we have provided. The given Statements and Conclusions Quiz Questions will make you efficient in the topic. By taking this Quiz, it will improve your Communication skills in the statements formation also it overcomes the difficulties in different competitive level of exams.

Statements and Conclusions Online Test

1. Statement:
During 1997-98 the total loss incurred by the 1 1 1 public sector units was to the tune of Rs. 6809 crores which has converted into paid capitals by the government of its
total investment of Rs. 5129 crores.
I. The government is left with only one option, that is, to privatise these units.
II. The government did not take care in the matter of investments in these public sector units.

2. Statements:
In a one day cricket match, the total runs made by a team were 200. Out of these 160 runs were made by spinners

80% of the team consists of spinners
The opening batsmen were spinners

3. Statement:
Parents are prepared to pay any price for an elite education to their children.

I. All parents these days are very well off
II. Parents have an obsessive passion for perfect development of their children through good schooling

4. Statement :
Good voice is a natural gift but one has to keep practising to improve and excel well in the field of music.

Conclusions :
I. Natural gifts need nurturing and care.
II. Even though your voice is not good, one can keep practising.

5. Statement: Vegetable prices are soaring in the market

Conclusions: I. Vegetables are becoming a rare commodity
II. People cannot eat vegetables


In the meanwhile, please go through this page, I think candidates can boost their knowledge by reading this article, so take the test quickly. It is the best opportunity fo to improve your skills in Entrance exams. So every individual can know the importance of Statements and Conclusions Questions and Answers. To be good at this concept, then the candidates need to practice the Quiz daily for to get better results.

About Statements and Conclusions

A statement is nothing but the group of words which forms a meaningful sentence. When comes to Conclusions it is a decision. Then will obtain the consideration of the given statements. We have different types of Statements as shown below.

  • A Statements with Two Conclusions.
  • Two or more Statements and Conclusions based.

As we said in the above para, a Conclusions is nothing but the decision or opinion that will form after the completion of thought on some of the concepts.

The Statements with two Conclusions Based:

In this type, the Questions are in the form of two conclusions. The aspirant has to identify that which end shoes the given statements. So based on that select the correct option.

Two or more Statements and Conclusions Based:

Here, in this type of Questions, a statements/statements I/ are given and followed by some conclusions. So choose the correct end that related to the Statement.

Benefits of Taking Statements and Conclusions Quiz

  • By making this Statements and Conclusions Quiz, you can crack your result in any Reasoning problems.
  • It improves in solving capacity in the Entrance level exams too.
    Aspirants can compare their level of skills before writing the exam and after writing the review.

Statements and Conclusions Quiz Results

By the end of the Statement and Conclusions Quiz, you may get the bright idea on the topic. So take the Quiz daily spend 30 minutes of your time, and I am sure that will keep you happy in your future for your competitive level of exams. By going on practicing it gives you good results. Moreover, we have also given Statement and Conclusions Tricks, Statement and Conclusions Reasoning Questions with Answers pdf, Statements, and Conclusions for Bank Exam from above section. For more updates visit our site

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