Substitution – English Questions and Answers Quiz Online Test


Substitution – English Questions and Answers Quiz Online Test: Proceed and take the Quiz from this post. Well, these English Quiz Questions are going to guide the Contenders who are prepping up for Various entrance and Competetive Exams. We all know that these days in exams like Civil Services, PSC’s, CAT, MAT, SAT, IBSAT, GRE, Infosys, IBM, Tech Mahindra and many other top-notch companies are looking for the Verbal Skills in the applicants. And thus many of the candidates, are looking various platforms to shine in this Substitution topic. Keeping the need in mind, here we are presenting this revised Questions Quiz. And this contains all the Latest Gathered from different national as well as international Level Exams.

Details of Substitution Quiz

Details of the Substitution Quiz are Available below. Let’s look at them in tabular form. It has 26 questions to answer within 30 minutes of time. You can submit the exam 30 minutes previously also. So, once check for the details of Substitution Quiz. You concentrate on remembering the substitutes we have provided you in the test.

Quiz NameSubstitution
CategoryVerbal ability Questions
Number of Questions26
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Substitution Questions and Answers

1. A person who renounces the world and practices self-discipline in order to attain salvation

2. One who studies the pattern of voting in election

3. Perceptible to the ear

4. A study of sounds is known as

5. That which cannot be corrected


About Substitution English Quiz Questions

Substitution means the replacement of a word or phrase with a new word called filler word to avoid continuous repetition. There are three various ways to substitute one word or phrase with a single word. It is also a relation in the wording rather than in the meaning. They are nominal, verbal or causal. It depends on the item that we want to substitute. The terms used for nominal substitution are One or Ones. Verbal substitution uses auxiliary verbs such as do, be, have, sometimes with another term such as so or the same. The terms utilized in clausal substitution are so and not. We can use many words and phrases for substituting. Some words such as both, either, some, do and so, and also expressions like the same and thus. Moreover, in English, the substitution may acts as a noun, as a verb, or as a clause.


Benefits of Taking Substitution Quiz Online Test

Do you know? English is the worldwide used language roughly among 80 countries. Even though you have excellent communication skills, nowadays people are in wide use of phrases. So, it also important to substitute our words with a single phrase or phrases with a filler word. Don’t worry our page provides you a Substitution Quiz which is very helpful to you in various ways. Competitive exams for topmost banks like SBI and other private banks seek English knowledge of people. We provide Substitution English Questions that have one-word substitutions which makes your English language more powerful. Substitution Questions and Answers are given to you to solve any mistakes that you are committing during the usage of language. Substitution Questions inevitably helps you to improve yourself in English.

  • You get a good change in your vocabulary by this Substitution GK quiz in this way
  • You can gain knowledge in English usage
  • By this quiz, you can replace or substitute some words with a new word with same meaning.
  • Your communication level increases by taking this quiz.
  • Everybody attracts to your language, and you can quickly get a job in topmost MNC’s which is a boon to many engineers

Results of Substitution Quiz

The results of Substitution Quiz is in grades, points, and marks. After submission of the exam or else after the elapsed time, you will get the results. Results are very genuine, and they are according to the answers that you have responded to in the exam. Moreover, we have an explanatory guide which gives you the explanation to every question. As English is an international language, you can rectify your misusages and mistakes and used it efficient way by the result of the Substitution Quiz. To know in detail, visit our website

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