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Zoology Quiz

Take Zoology Online Test from this page. We are available here to improve your skills in Zoology topic. Those who are not having a complete knowledge about the Zoology GK Questions they can utilize this Zoology Quiz. And this will help you to improve your knowledge. The people who are much interested in knowing about the plants and animals can check this page. Because this is a correct platform for the candidates to improve their knowledge. Here we have provided all Zoology GK Questions and Answers. So that this will help in practicing the test. And we have arranged the Quiz as well as Online Test. Therefore improve your knowledge on Zoology Topic by utilizing this quiz.

Zoology Quiz Details

This quiz consists of 25 questions and 30 minutes time limit and marks awarded according to their performance the marks should be in a grade and points manner. And the type should be in Multiple choice questions and everyone should complete their quiz within the time limit.

Quiz NameZoology
Number of Questions25
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)



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1. Yellow fever is spread by

2. Rh factor is present in

3. Retina contains the sensitive cells called

4. BCG Vaccination is injected to get immunity from

5. The structure of double helix of DNA was described by

6. Which among the following helps in circulation of blood?

7. The fungal derivative used in the treatment of tuberculosis is

8. ------ pairs of spinal nerves are present in the human body

9. ________cause malaria and sleeping sickness

10. Number of bones in human body is

11. Which of the following organism is iteroparous?

12. Mammillary bodies are attached to the ventral side of

13. The science related to the study of the composition of tissues is called

14. What is the goal of the vermillion worms or the formula worm?

15. A hereditary disease which progressively damages muscle fibres and eventually destroys them is

16. Tissues can be defined as:

17. Tissues found in our body are derived from:

18. A branch of science dealing with the study of teeth is

19. The phenomenon of summer sleep by animals is called

20. Retina contains the sensitive cells called

21. Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of

22. Skeleton of sponges is produced by

23. Sweating on palm and sole due to psychic stimuli is called

24. The blood pressure measurement of these?

25. In scorpion, poison is present in the


There is a time limit for each and every Zoology GK Questions. An individual can write this exam and there is no gender difference. And after writing the Zoology Online Test the results will be provided at the topmost level. And every wrong Zoology GK Question and Answer you can get a clear explanation. So, by taking the Zoology Quiz you can easily improve your confidence levels. Also, check zoology quiz games, zoology quiz questions and answers pdf, zoology questions and answers interview, zoology questions and answers mcq, the important question of zoology, zoology university interview questions, basic zoology questions and answers pdf.

Candidates are showing their interest in checking the plants and animal world details. This tells us the lifestyle of animals and also a contemporary study of their living and everything comes under here. This Quiz will help a lot for the students, and who are preparing for competitive exams, university tests, interviews etc. And many of the competitors are looking to take a grip on Plants and Animals. For those people, take the Zoology Online Test.

Benefits Of Participating This Zoology Quiz

Candidates can easily answer all the Zoology GK Questions after taking the Zoology Online Test. Also, competitors can easily clear all type of examinations

So many benefits are their according to this they are as shown below:

  • As we discussed earlier the quiz contains 25 questions and which was of multiple choice question type so that each and every one can answer either write or wrong.
  • The time limit will also be there for each and every one so they can solve their quiz within the time.
  • Because of the time limit the candidate can solve the answer within the time they think the time was completing so they get some concentration on that topic.
  • So that he/she can answer most of the answers that can increase their confidence levels.
  • After completing their Quiz the result will be given within seconds only and that should be in a grade or points.
  • Suppose we answered wrongly for a particular question this site will provide you the detailed explanation of that question.
  • Finally, it is just like a mock test or a competitive test which improves their skills in Zoology.

Zoology Quiz Results

As we said earlier that the result will be provided after writing their exam and it will be displayed on the top level. So it is just like a practice test and it will improve their skills in this zoology. By practicing this quiz it will level up your boosting levels and by this, you can know that you can do anything you can gain good knowledge and it will increase your confidence level. Visit Freshersnow on daily basis.

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