Adobe Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers

Adobe Interview Questions

Adobe Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers | PDF Download – Searching for an article that can help you with Adobe Interview Questions for Freshers and Test Pattern & Selection Procedure of Adobe? well here is an article on Adobe Interview Questions for you. This article not only provides you with accurate information about the Adobe Recruitment Process for Freshers but also gives you guys an insight into Adobe Technical Interview Questions and Adobe HR Interview Questions that are often asked at the time of the interview. The Adobe Technical and HR Interview Questions that are accommodated here will not only help you guys in preparing for the interview but gives you the confidence to ace the Adobe Interview perfectly well. Hence, without any further delay check out the Adobe Hiring Process and know the difficulty level of questions asked at the time of the interview.

Adobe Interview Questions | Overview

Latest Adobe Interview Questions for Freshers
Organization NameAdobe
QualificationsAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
CategoryInterview Questions with Answers
Job LocationAcross India
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Adobe Recruitment Process for Freshers

Aspirants who are here to check out the latest Adobe Recruitment Process for Freshers can go through this section. If you recently applied for the Adobe Openings, then kindly check out this section to get familiarized with Adobe Hiring Process that Adobe recruitment team members will follow to hire highly professional and young talent as their workforce.

  • Aptitude Round (Online Coding)
  • Technical Interview Round
  • HR Interview Round

Test Pattern of Adobe

To hire only the quality and talented candidates the Adobe team will conduct the Aptitude Test round. To know what sections the Adobe Aptitude Test Round will contain kindly go through the following table. The overall test duration is 120 mins, for the coding section you guys can expect questions from arrays, pointers, strings, and recursion. And once you are aware of the Test Pattern & Selection Procedure of Adobe, kindly check the syllabus and start your preparation to perform well in the first round of the Adobe Selection Process.

SectionNumber of QuestionsTime Duration
Aptitude (Quants + Reasoning + Verbal)6060 mins
Technical (MCQ) + Coding260 mins
Total62 Questions120 mins

Adobe Technical Interview Round

Once the contenders successfully complete their Adobe Aptitude Round, the candidates who have done well and scored the marks desired by the hiring team will be shortlisted to attend the Adobe Technical Round. The technical round will usually be face-to-face. In this round, the interviewer will test the candidates about their technical and domain knowledge related to their specialization. And aspirants can expect the questions related to the programming languages like C, C++, Java, and they can also be tested regarding Data Structures & Algorithms, DBMS. Sometimes, the recruitment team of Adobe thinks of toughening up the selection process and adding multiple technical rounds. So, don’t get yourself pressured and mess up your perfect chance of landing a job at Adobe. Whatever may be the process just ensure yourself for any probability.

Adobe Technical Interview Questions

In this just to give you guys a heads-up regarding what type of questions will be asked in the Adobe Technical Round, we have given you guys a frequently asked Adobe Technical Interview Questions below. So, do check them and prepare yourselves accordingly.

1. What is meant by realloc()?

2. Difference between Process and thread.

3. Explain About Deadlock in OS

4. What is meant by exit controlled loop?

5. Can a class have a static inner class?

6. What are conditional operators?

7. Execute the qsort () in c/sort() in the c++ library or your own custom sort which will sort any type of data on user-defined criteria.

8. What do you mean by polymorphism?

9. Explain virtual inheritance?

10. Write a program to search or find the position of a given key in a 2D matrix. All rows and columns are sorted.

11. Write a function that takes an integer and returns the number of 1 bits it has.

12. What do you know about Volatile keyword? Explain with an example code.

13. Write a code which multiplies two numbers using the minimum number of additions.

14. What do you understand by function prototype declaration and definition?

15. Given a singly linked list of ‘N’ nodes, find the middle node of the linked list. If the number of nodes is even, there will be two middle nodes. Print the second node.

16. What is a DNS server?

17. Write code to check a binary tree is BST tree or not?

18. When should structures be passed by values or by references?

19. Write a program to calculate the nth term of the Fibonacci series?

20. Discuss the role of C++ shorthands.

21. How will you print a list of all unique words from a string which may contain repeated words?

22. How does stack look in function calls? Write a recursive function call, how will the stack look like?

23. Differentiate between typedef and #define?

24. Tell me about different OS-related issues for a given set of C-programs (mainly address issues address space, paging etc.)

25. What do you understand by OS? Explain in Easiest way.

26. What is Synchronization? What is Mutex? Explain the Reader Writer Problem

27. Write a code that efficiently counts the total Set Bits in a number.

28. When does stack (process stack) overflow? What are the remedies?

29. How to differentiate between char a[]= ?String and char*a =?String.

30. What are the different layers in TCP/IP model? What are the protocols associated with each layer?

31. You’re given an array containing ‘N’ distinct numbers taken from the range 0 to N. For an array with only N numbers out of a total of N+1 numbers, find the missing number.

32. If you are given the name of the function at run time how will you invoke the function?

33. How can one application use the same API provided by different vendors at the same time?

34. Describe the different styles of function prototypes in C++.

35. Write the syntax and purpose of a switch statement.

36. Explain the term virtual machine?

37. What is the best data structure and algorithm to implement cache?

38. How will you design a data structure for excel spreadsheets?

39. Explain the working of the stack while calling a function? When stack overflow occurred?

40. Explain the meaning for the declaration: int*const p & const int* const p?

Adobe HR Round

The final round that candidates who got shortlisted after Adobe Technical Round is the Adobe HR Interview. This is just a formal round where the HR Interviewer will want to know about your personal and professional background. In this round usually, a single interviewer will be taking the interview but sometimes a group of panel members will also be taking the interview. Basically, in this round, candidates’ communication, confidence, and knowledge regarding certain topics, the body language of an individual will be analyzed too. So, make sure you maintain your composure throughout the entire interview and give your answers as pleasantly as possible without showing any of your nervousness.

Adobe HR Interview Questions for Freshers

Check out the below questions that are routinely asked in the Adobe HR Interview. Make sure you prepare yourself mentally for these types of questions and give your answers/ perceptions genuinely.

1. Tell me something about yourself

2. In which extra-curricular activities have you participated?

3. Why should you be preferred over others?

4. Explain your shortcomings and strengths.

5. Why do you want to join Adobe?

6. Are you a goal-oriented individual?

7. Where do you want to be ten years from now?

8. Tell some unique and different quality that you possess which makes you a more desirable candidate for the company?

9. You are not among the toppers, where do you stand (rank) in your class, what is the reason for not being on the top?

10. How would you describe your ideal job?

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