BA Books For All Semesters (1st, 2nd, 3rd Year)


BA Books For All Semesters (1st, 2nd, 3rd Year): BA Books PDF will help us to be a professional which develops our skills and many more which are required for future jobs. This BA course can be done according to the subject interested in students to make the career path and their future. There are many jobs to do with the BA specialization which can make a student’s future a bright career and perfect path. Concepts and explanations of topics in BA Study Material are clearly described and easy to grasp by students. Some of the books were listed below will help you to complete the course easily without any need for professors.

Specialization Courses in BA

BA contains a lot of specialization courses to choose from on their interest and according to their career path. some of the courses are listed as follows.

Specialization Courses in BA

Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Social WorkPsychology
Hospitality and TourismVedic Astrology
Military StudiesMusicology
Ancient HistoryAgro Services
Child Welfare and Social StudiesBiostatistics
CinematographyCinema and Photography
Instrumental MusicMathematics
PhilosophyOriental Culture
Political SciencePhysical Education
Public RelationsPublic Administration
Rural IndustryRural Development
SociologySocial Science
Vocational StudiesTourism Studies
Tourism ManagementDivinity
Communicative EnglishTheology
EconomicsComputer Science
GeographyAdvertising & Brand Management
Honors in Applied Psychology

Syllabus for Bachelors of Arts Course

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Political Science
  • History
  • Economics

Reference Books for BA

Below are some of the reference Books for BA which are helpful for students to overcome doubts and helpful to score high and easily grasp the knowledge.

  1. Sharma, M.P.: Public Administration Theory and Practice
  2. Sanders, D. H.: Computers Today, Me Gra w Hill, 1988.
  3. Willoughby: Principles of Public Administration.
  4. Sastri. K.A.N: The age of the Nandas and Mauryans (In English and Hindi)
  5. S.K. Shukla: Compendrum on Environmental Pollutions Laws, 1985.
  6. Basham, A: The Wonder That Was India, London 1954.
  7. Ray Chaudhary, H.C.: Political History of Ancient India, Calcutta, 1963.
  8. Trainer, Computer (4th ed.) Me Graw Hill, 1994.
  9. Dr. I.A. Khan: Environmental Law.
  10. Majumdar, Ray: An Advanced History of India.
  11. Rajaraman, V.: Fundamentals of Computers (3rd ed.), Prentice-Hall of India, New Delhi.
  12. Upendra Baxi: Environmental Protection Act: An Agenda for Implementation.
  13. Chhangani, M.S.: Computer: Insight and Applications, Alka Publications, Ajmer.
  14. White: Introduction to the study of Public Administration.
  15. Tripathi, R.S.: Ancient India.

Colleges offering BA Course

  • Silver Oak University ( SOU), Ahmedabad
  • Lady Shri Ram College For Women ( LSR), Delhi
  • Maulana Azad College, Kolkata
  • Nizam College, Hyderabad
  • A J Kalasala, Machilipatnam
  • Sacred Heart College, Kochi
  • Elphinstone College, Mumbai
  • St. Xaviers College ( SXC), Mumbai
  • Hindu College, New Delhi
  • Fergusson College, Pune

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