Best Books for Tripura Police Constable Exam – Subject Wise Tripura Constable Preparation Books

Best Books for Tripura Police Constable Exam

Best Books for Tripura Police Constable Exam – Subject Wise Tripura Constable Preparation Books: You will get the Best Books for Tripura Police Constable Exam from this article. Why would you miss any of the lists of Tripura Police Constable Exam Best Books? Subsequently, read through the article for the Tripura Police Constable Preparation Books. Ensure that you are having your parameter of preparation. This will help you to quickly choose the right set of Tripura Police Constable Books for Preparation. Follow along and do miss any section of the article and collect the Subject Wise Tripura Police Constable Reference Books.

★★ Best Reference Books ★★

Subject Wise Tripura Police Constable Books for Preparation

By getting into the current section, you guys will be able to get the List of Tripura Police Constable Exam Best Books for every subject required during exam preparation. So, dive into these topics and prepare well for the Tripura Police Constable Examination.

Tripura Police Constable Reasoning Books

A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning – S. Chand – Dr. R S Agarwal

  1. All important logical, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning topics are covered
  2. Contents are designed as per the latest pattern.
  3. Faster and shorter techniques were provided on a topic basis.
  4. Contains questions from previous examinations.
  5. Solution with an explanation of exam-based questions is provided.

Analytical Reasoning – M.K. Pandey – BSC Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Divided into two parts Logic-Based Reasoning and Rules-Based.
  2. Basic Logic and Analytical Reasoning theory are well structured.
  3. Every chapter has important points, detailed explanations, and answers
  4. Questions based on arguments, assumptions, inference are included.
  5. Tricks are provided to solve logical and analytical reasoning problems.

A New Approach to REASONING Verbal & Non-Verbal – B.S. Sijwalii, Indu Sijwali

  1. Covers all crucial topics of Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning
  2. Two levelled exercises for practice are included.
  3. Authentically detailed solutions with exercises are provided.
  4. More than 2000+ previous years’ questions answers
  5. Various interlinked topics are included.

Test of Reasoning for All Competitive Examination – 7th Edition – Edgar Thorpe

  1. Single-go-to-book covers all sections of reasoning.
  2. Exercises, examples, and questions related to reasoning topics
  3. Increasing the difficulty level on the topics.
  4. Previous year questions were answered with detailed explanation
  5. Mobile-based material to practice.

Master Reasoning Book Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical – Hindi Edition – Arihant Experts

  1. Convenient study tool to cover all the major topics.
  2. Contents and the subjects are exam-focused.
  3. Updated content following the latest pattern of the exam.
  4. Different sections for each topic are well structured.
  5. Practice questions and answers are mentioned.

Shortcuts in Reasoning (Verbal, Non-Verbal, Analytical & Critical) for Competitive Exams – Disha Experts

  1. Well ordained book with 30 Chapters to consider.
  2. Help you in solving analytical questions by highlighting the shortcuts.
  3. Multiple-choice questions listed in this book even have solutions with detailed explanations.
  4. Learn the various tips and tricks that are adequately required.
  5. The book is further supported by a Practice Exercise with 300+ MCQs with detailed Solutions.

Tripura Police Constable General Knowledge & Current Affairs Books

Lucent’s General Knowledge

  1. A clear perspective of the book.
  2. Well guided.
  3. Covers all the topics.
  4. Comprehensive in nature.
  5. Easy understanding.

Rapid General Knowledge 2021 for Competitive Exams by Disha Experts

  1. Convenient study source.
  2. Contents of topics are well covered.
  3. An updated version of topics.
  4. Different sections for each topic.
  5. Adaptable in nature.

General Knowledge 2022 by Arihant Pandey

  1. Single-go-to-book covers major topics.
  2. Conceptual book.
  3. Covers all the levels on the topics.
  4. Enhanced detailed explanation
  5. Good material to practice.

S. Chand’s Advanced Objective General Knowledge by R.S. Aggarwal

  1. Comprehensive book.
  2. Good coverage of topics.
  3. Readable with easy guidance.
  4. Easy to understand.
  5. A thorough base of concepts was found.

The Pearson Concise General Knowledge Manual 2020

  1. Good for reference.
  2. A go-to study source.
  3. Enhanced topics.
  4. A must use manual.
  5. Easy to understand.

Tripura Police Constable Numerical Ability Books

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations – R.S. Aggarwal

  1. Easy to understand theory with formulas and examples.
  2. Covers almost all important aptitude topics.
  3. Latest and Updated memory based questions answers from past examinations.
  4. This book contains more than 5500+ questions answers and solutions.
  5. Conceptual book.

The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examination – Dinesh Khattar

  1. Perfect for all major competitive exams.
  2. Comprehensive in nature.
  3. A shortcut method in each chapter for easy memorization.
  4. Topic-wise presentation of questions from past years.
  5. More than 7000+ previous year memory based questions with fully solved solutions.

Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT – Sarvesh K. Verma

  1. Numerous questions and answers with detailed explanations.
  2. Analytical methods and short-cut techniques for fast problem-solving.
  3. Previous years memory-based Test Papers for practice.
  4. Best book for quantitative aptitude for CAT & other Management exams.
  5. Very adaptable with the language.

Wiley’s Quantitative Aptitude Book – P.A. Anand

  1. Aspirants can practice both for prelims and mains.
  2. Lucid presentation of the topics.
  3. Well ordained.
  4. Previous year questions to get familiar with the exam pattern.
  5. Topic-wise questions were answered with detailed solutions.

Teach Yourself Quantitative Aptitude – Arun Sharma

  1. All important aptitude topics are covered with a proper Index.
  2. Various Competitive Exam-focused questions and answers.
  3. Detailed solution for easy understanding.
  4. Clear details.
  5. Understandable and easy to study.

To conclude, all the Best Books for Tripura Police Constable Exam are well placed with a detailed insight of the books. Consequently, understand the books well and then pick out the list of Tripura Police Constable Exam Best Books. Good luck, and stay connected with us for more informative articles here at one place at

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