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Aspirants, are you ready to practice COBOL Quiz? This is a great opportunity for all the candidates to practice COBOL online test for free. Contenders can gain knowledge about the COBOL Multiple Choice Questions by referring to this post. Also, through this COBOL MCQ Online Test, candidates can learn the type of questions asked in the online test and also the way of asking the question. We also provide the explanations for each COBOL MCQ on the page itself. Hence, we suggest all the candidates make use of this article to score more marks in the COBOL Quiz and to crack the online tests and exams.

Details About COBOL Quiz

Quiz NameCOBOL Quiz
CategoryTechnical Quiz
Number of Questions25
TimeNo Time Limit
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


Here we entitled all the primary details before going to attempt the COBOL MCQ Online Test. Also, the table shares the details like the Name of the quiz, Number of Questions. Also, the test given below to this page is of the Multiple choice type Questions.

Instructions Of COBOL Quiz

Everyone while taking this COBOL test, follow the instructions must and should so that you can complete your session at the right time. Moreover, the time is too short for every question so contenders should be bold enough to take part in the test. So, try to make this article useful. Scroll down for the analysis. And also, don’t forget to click on submit button after your attempt. Moreover, don’t refresh the page too.

COBOL Online Test


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1. What does COBOL stands for?

2. Select variable which is accessible only to the batch program.

3. Which of the following is not a figurative constant?

4. Indicate which of the following is not a PROCEDURE DIVISION verb

5. About the MERGE verb, which one of the following is true.

6. Which division is used to specify the computer used by the program

7. What is the edited value of the picture clause PIC field 9999+ Numeric value moved to the field -382 and the Edited value is

8. A storage device which is used to store data & information external to the main storage is known as?

9. To develop commercial applications that require precise and efficient manipulation of data, we use

10. How many bytes will a S9(8) COMP field occupy?



COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language. Usually, most of the candidates are weak in the COBOL concept and don’t know how to answer for the COBOL Quiz. Most of the candidates are facing problems in the COBOL Interview Questions can have improvement after seeing this article. Candidates should know that a quiz is usually a short test and often doesn’t have a huge impact on your grades as the test has.

Before proceeding with the COBOL MCQ part, people should have a basic understanding of the computer programming terminologies. Learn necessary information regarding the COBOL language. Moreover, this language is developed for the business data processing needs which known as COBOL. The language COBOL is used for writing the application programs, and we cannot use it to write for the system software.

Benefits Of Practicing The COBOL Quiz

  • Mostly, by taking this quiz, it will help you in clearing the COBOL Interview Questions.
  • Candidates can know the shortcuts even to solve the tricky questions.
  • Moreover, a basic understanding of any of the programming languages helps you in understanding the concepts of COBOL programming language and move fast on the learning track of it.
  • Also, the Quiz will give the contenders a reflection on their past knowledge.

How To Check COBOL Programming Online Test Results

So contenders don’t step out before submitting the COBOL MCQ Online Test. If the contenders do so, then they can not find their result for the COBOL Quiz. So, we advise to stay back to the page and know your level of performance. And after the click on submit button, everyone gets the results for their answers. So, by the appropriate explanation for the questions you can rectify the mistakes next time. So take the test seriously and then practice.

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