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DB2 Quiz

Many of the students are searching for the DB2 Quiz all over the internet. Thus, we decided to reduce the stress and burden by providing the complete details in this post. So, the students can practice the quiz based on the frequently asked DB2 Questions and Answers from this page. After finishing the DB2 MCQ Online Test, aspirants can check the answers. Thus, the contenders need to go through this post to learn and grasp all the technical points related to the DB2 Multiple Choice Questions and Answers.

DB2 Quiz Details

Quiz NameDB2
CategoryTechnical Quiz
Number of Questions20
TimeNo Time Limit
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Before going to attend the interview, candidates need to practice the test to gain a grip on the topics and concepts of DB2. So, in this quiz, we are providing the leading questions and quiz through which you can attain the minimum knowledge of the exam pattern for the sake of aspirants. So, don’t waste your valuable time and now hit on the quiz and take part in it.

DB2 MCQ Quiz Instructions

Worrying about how to attend the DB2 Quiz? No need to worry about it. Here we provide you with the complete overview of the questions asked, marks scheme, the number of questions, negative marks, etc. So, before attending the test try to read this section without missing. There are 20 questions involved in the test. And, no time is allocated for 20 questions. One mark is allocated for each question. And, after completing the test, the aspirants have to click on the ” Submit Test ” to submit your answers. Meanwhile, candidates should not refresh the page. Otherwise, there is a chance of disappearing the solutions you have mentioned earlier. To avoid such type of problems, follow the details mentioned in this article.

DB2 Online Test


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1. What does a positive SQL code indicates?

2. Which of the following is Network topology?

3. If a transaction has an exclusive lock on some data, then what are the other types of lock which can be applied on it?

4. A programming language that uses binary codes in ___

5. Which term is used to mean hardcoding of SQL in Cobol?


7. Which of the following DB2 objects allows multiple users to access data in a table with each only being able to access certain portions of the data?

8. Which one of the following is NOT a DB2 object?

9. The final result of a DB2 BIND is

10. Which one is true for COMMIT?


About DB2 Language

Well, the competitors can know about the DB2 features from this section. So, the candidates before starting the DB2 Quiz need to know some important points related to the concept.

  • DB2 is a database product from IBM
  • It is introduced to store, retrieve and analyze  the data efficiently
  • DB2 is extended with the support of OOPS features and non-relational structures with XML

Benefits of Practicing DB2 Quiz

  • Aspirants can get rid of the difficulties while facing the campus interviews.
  • Enhance your coding skills.
  • Improves accuracy and Time management skills.
  • Gain grip on the types and models of questions and answers.

How To Check DB2 Online Test Results

We provide you with instant results. Also, aspirants can check the quick explanation for each question you have answered. Hence, this reduces the mistakes in future. Therefore, as soon as you complete your quiz, we suggest the candidates stay tuned to this article for the number of marks that you have achieved in the exam. Thus, we have arranged all the technical language quizzes on our web portal.

Hence, we hope that all are satisfied with the current post. So, focus on Freshersnow.com for more exciting concepts.


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