Honeywell Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers

Honeywell Interview Questions

Honeywell Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers – It’s great to see you here! If you are an enthusiastic aspirant and wanted to start your career with Honeywell company, then this article is for you. We have come here to help you out in your preparation for the Honeywell Interview. This article provides you the sufficient knowledge regarding the Honeywell Interview Questions. For your sake, we have accommodated this page with Honeywell Selection Process and Honeywell Interview Questions for Freshers. Giving a deep look at the overall article will help you know the Honeywell Technical Interview Questions and Honeywell HR Interview Questions. Moreover, you can hit the Honeywell Interview Questions for Freshers PDF Download which we have attached at the end of this article, and can gear up your preparation for the Honeywell Interview.

Honeywell Interview Questions – Overview

Honeywell Interview Questions for Freshers
Name Of The CompanyHoneywell
QualificationAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
Job LocationAcross India
CategoryInterview Questions with Answers

Honeywell Selection Process

In order to work with Honeywell company, the candidates were needed to go through the Honeywell Recruitment Process. In which, Honeywell Hiring Process will include three rounds. In each of the rounds, there will be the filtering of the candidates based on their performance. Refer to this section and know what are the rounds that are held in the Selection Procedure of Honeywell. However, it can be noted that based on the number of applications received, the selection process will differ. If there were more applicants, there may add on another round called Honeywell Group Discussion Round.

  • Written Test
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Round

Honeywell Written Test Pattern

This article will give you information regarding the Honeywell Test Pattern. Honeywell Written Test is the foremost round that the candidates were needed to go through. It is an online-based test and based on the performance of the candidates, elimination will be done. The overall time-bound to complete the written test is 60 minutes. Questions on the topics related to Aptitude and Technical will be asked in this round. The aptitude section includes the topics like Quant, Critical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and English. And the Technical paper includes questions on core subjects of graduation like computer science, electrical, mechanical, etc.

SectionNumber of QuestionsDuration of the Test
Aptitude3030 minutes
Technical3530 minutes
Total6560 minutes

Honeywell Technical Interview Round

Candidates who have cleared the Honeywell Written Test will be forwarded to the next level of the selection process which is the Honeywell Technical Interview Round. In this round, the candidates will be tested in the academic areas. Questions on the topics related to .NTE, Networking, HTML, C, C++, Java, OS, etc., will be asked in this round. There is elimination in this round, thus, the candidates were required to answer each and every question in a very precise way. Most of the candidate’s knowledge and suitability of the candidates’ personality for the required job role will be known here.

Honeywell Technical Interview Questions for Freshers

Below, we have mentioned a few of the most commonly asked Honeywell Technical Interview Questions. Make use of this section, and enlarge your capability in the areas you are weakened.

1. Write a program to search a number in the given list of numbers.

2. Tell me about virtual memory?

3. What is storage management in the operating system?

4. Describe the complexity of Binary search, Quick Sort and other sorting algorithms.

5. Tell me the difference between the character array and a string.

6. Tell me about Optical Fiber.

7. What is the principle of quicksort and its complexity?

8. What is a pointer –to-members in C++? Give their syntax?

9. What are the properties of a primary key in DBMS?

10. Tell me about view, sequence, and index in DBMS.

11. Describe GSM, CDMA with one advantage?

12. Can you tell how many pins are there in the 8085 Microprocessor?

13. Difference between macros and inline functions? Can a function be forced as inline?

14. Tell me about normalization in DBMS.

15. How many bits microprocessor was first developed?

16. What is the difference between delete, drop and truncate?

17. What is encapsulation in C++? Give an example?

18. Tell me about IPv4 and IPv6.

19. How can you increase the ports of a microprocessor?

20. Tell me the difference between a constant pointer and a pointer to a constant.

21. Questions related to projects.

22. Write a function for palindrome and factorial and explain?

23. What are the different types of modulation?

24. Tell me something about the transport layer?

25. In which layer SMTP is used?

26. Write a program for reversing the Single Linked List?

27. Tell me about the Tower of Hanoi.

28. Basic questions related to pointers.

29. How to find a missed value, if you want to store 100 values in a 99 sized array?

Honeywell HR Interview Round

If you are done with the Honeywell Technical Interview and selected for the respective round, you will be called for the Honeywell HR Interview Round. To clear this round, you are expected to have good communication skills, problem-solving skills, good knowledge of the industry, good interpersonal skills, etc., Above all, candidates with confidence and conveying skills can easily get through this round. As you will be given time to be called for Honeywell HR Round, you were needed to utilize this time for preparation. Thoroughly prepare to talk about yourself, family background, education qualification, interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

Honeywell HR Interview Questions for Freshers

Have a look at this section and know how the HR questions are been asked in the Honeywell HR Interview. Before appearing for the Honeywell Interview, prepare answers for the following questions in your own version and showcase them before the panel.

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What is your short-term goal?

3. What is your long goal?

4. What do your friends think about you?

5. What will you do if you’re not selected?

6. Give us an example where you performed under pressure.

7. How do you spend your Sundays?

8. Why did you choose the engineering stream?

9. Tell me about your extra-curricular activities.

10. Tell me about your academic qualification.

11. Tell me about your usual day.

12. How has college life changed you?

13. Draw a square and cut it into 4 equal parts and then 5 parts.

14. What are your salary expectations?

15. Why Honeywell?

16. Tell me about yourself and your achievements.

17. What motivates you the most at your work?

18. What positive points will your friends say about you?

19. Tell me about your family.

20. Can you work in night shifts?

21. Rate me as an interviewer on a scale of 1 to 10.

22. What is your aim in life?

23. What do you know about Honeywell?

24. Why do you want to join Honeywell?

25. Tell me about your strengths and weakness.

26. What kind of music do you listen to?

27. What would you be if not a computer engineer?

28. What qualities do you have to offer us?

29. How will joining our company help you achieve your goals?

Honeywell Interview Questions for Freshers PDF Download

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