How To Prepare For MP TET Exam? Madhya Pradesh TET Preparation Tips, Study Plan

How To Prepare For MP TET Exam Madhya Pradesh TET Preparation Tips, Study Plan

How To Prepare For MP TET Exam? Madhya Pradesh TET Preparation Tips, Study Plan: The Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) is aiming to conduct the exam named as Madhya Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test which is commonly known as MP TET. This exam is conducted to check the quality of the teachers and recruit them in the schools of Madhya Pradesh. Aspirants may think there is plenty of time to start their MP TET Preparation. No, wake up this is the best time you can ever have for your Madhya Pradesh TET Exam Preparation.

Candidates no need to worry at all because you are in the safe hands of our website, where aspirants will get the total and accurate details about the MP TET Study Plan, MP TET Preparation, Best MP TET Reference Books, many. We suggest the aspirants check each section carefully in which they can find the most immeasurable and unique study plan that will assist for sure.

How To Prepare For MP TET Exam? Madhya Pradesh TET Preparation Tips, Study Plan

How To Prepare For MP TET Exam? Madhya Pradesh TET Preparation Tips, Study Plan
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What is the latest MP TET Exam Pattern?

The first and foremost important thing for the candidates is to know what is the MP TET exam pattern, The only reason why we are advising to check the MP TET exam pattern is if they have an idea about the exam pattern and the subjects they can easily start their preparation based on their strengths and weakness towards the subject. Check the below exam pattern carefully.

Child Development and Pedagogy3030
Language I3030
Language II3030
Environmental Studies3030
Total150 Questions150 Marks

Section Wise MP TET Syllabus Topics

As in the above table, aspirants can see the subjects that are present in the MP TET, and now it is time to get the topics under each subject and commence your preparation as earliest.

Topics To Be Covered For MP TET Exam
Child Development and Pedagogy
  • The Concept of Child Development and its relation to learning.
  • Factors affecting growth and development.
  • The principles of child development.
  • Mental health problems and behavior problems of children.
  • Socialization processes: social world and children (Teachers, Parents, and classmates)
  • Piaget, Pavlov and Kohler and Thorndike: Composition and Criticism.
  • The concept of child-centered and progressive education.
  • Critical nature of mind and its measurement, and multidimensional mind.
  • Personality and its measurement.
  • Language and thought.
  • Gender as a social construction and the role of gender, gender discrimination, and educational practices.
  • Understanding of differences based on the irregularity of individual differences, language, caste, sex, community, religion, etc of learners.
  • Assessment of learning and difference in the assessment of learning,
  • Assessment based on class, Continuous and inclusive evaluation, nature, and practices (beliefs).
  • The development of appropriate questions for assessing the level of preparation of the faculty to increase the learning and critical thinking in class and assess the achievement of the learner.
  • Number System – reading and writing numbers greater than 1000, the understanding of the place value of large numbers greater than 1000, and four fundamental operations.
  • Addition and Subtraction – Addition and subtraction of numbers up to 5 digits.
  • Multiplication – multiplication of numbers up to 2 or 3 digits.
  • Division – Division of two-digit numbers to four-digit numbers.
  • Fraction – the concept of fraction, its simplest form, even fraction, odd fraction, etc. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fraction, equivalent fraction, the conversion of decimal number into a fraction, and vice-versa.
  • The relation between the smaller and larger units of length, weight, and volume.
  • Conversion of larger units into smaller units and the conversion of smaller units into bigger units.
  • Find the volume of a solid from known units.
  • Using four fundamental math operations in questions based on money, length, weight, volume, and time interval.
  • Conversion of the meter into centimeter and vice-versa.
  • Pattern – Increasing the understanding of patterns related to numbers, the formation of patterns,s and their generalization based on operations, finding the pattern of triangular numbers and square numbers.
Environmental Studies
  • Our family, our friends
  • Sports and Activities
  • Housing
  • Our food and habits
  • Water and air pollution and infection
  • Natural objects and yield
  • Human-made tools and the effect of his activities.
  • Space Science
English Language
  • 15 Comprehension Questions
  • Two unseen prose passages (discursive or literary or narrative or scientific) with questions on comprehension, grammar, and verbal ability.
Pedagogy of language development
  • Learning and acquisition of language
  • Principles of second language teaching
  • Language skills-listening, speaking, reading, writing
  • Role of listening and speaking, the function of language, and how children use it as a tool
  • The role of grammar in learning a language for communicating ideas verbally and in writing form
  • Challenges of teaching language in a diverse classroom, language difficulties
  • Teaching-learning materials, textbooks, multi-media materials multi-lingual resources of the classroom
  • Evaluating language comprehension and proficiency: listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Remedial teaching (Re- teaching)

Madhya Pradesh TET Preparation

And now we have the subjects, topics, and the books of the MP TET exam in our hands, and now let us discuss how to prepare for each subject to make the preparation tension-free. Read out each section of how to deal with each subject to make it simple.

Child Development and Pedagogy

  • This is the very common subject in each of the teacher eligibility tests, this test is conducted to check the knowledge of the aspirants in the subject.
  • Aspirants must understand in which stages the child Development and Pedagogy should apply.
  • This is mostly related to the discipline, how to sort out the problems, and should have a mindset of solving the problems
  • Compare and evaluate the information which you can hear from several perspectives.


  • Be thorough with the grammar rules and the most important thing for the aspirants is to have a complete grip over the grammar.
  • Learn the grammar from basics to be more simple
  • Keep practicing every day to improve the grammar
  • Exercise as many previous papers as you can to develop your knowledge


  • Learn the formulas thoroughly so that you can apply them in solving the difficult problems
  • Note down the formulas and revise them every day
  • Understand the concept, think logically, and apply the formulas to get the answer.
  • Practice mock tests and previous papers to improve the skill of solving the problem

Environmental Studies

  • Cover all the topics in this particular subject
  • Aspirants feel this is the tough subject among all, but no, it is the easiest subject when compared to other
  • Understand while reading and you don’t even keep reading the subject for many times.

MP TET Study Plan

  • Get ready with all the important documents that should be carried out to the exam before night.
  • Do not read in the late night before the day of the exam
  • Reach the exam center in one hour. So, that you can nurture the environment.
  • Don’t stress yourself of how to keep saying how the question paper will be
  • You have prepared well, and you have an idea about the MP TET exam pattern and no need to tense about it.
  • Start the exam with more positivity
  • Attempt the easier questions first, and go for the tougher ones.
  • Don’t confuse yourself, read the question twice and thrice, and then answer.
  • Don’t share or seek answers from anyone
  • Be sincere in the examination. Sincerity and Hard work will pay off in the end.
  • Try to end the exam before one hour to check out the answers.

Best MP TET Reference Books

As the subjects and topics were given in the above segments, and this is the time to collect the best study material to make your preparation more worthy. Aspirants no need to go for the research to get the Best MP TET Books. Yes, in the below segment we have given what is the best reference that should be used in your MP TET Preparation.

Best MP TET Reference Books
Name of the BookName of the Author/ Publication
Child Development and PedagogyDisha Publication
EnglishPearson Publication by Geeta Sahni
MathematicsWiley Publication
HindiArihant Publication
Environmental StudiesWiley Publication

MP TET Preparation Tips

  • Be thorough with the topics and concepts with regular practice
  • Estimate yourself in which subject you are weak and strong
  • Polish up the subject which you feel and become master in it.
  • Do not mug the topics, instead understand the concept so that it will be easier for you.
  • Always maintain notes beside you while you are preparing for the exam
  • Revise the noted important points to make stronger
  • Learn all the formulas with no doubt
  • Have a proper and sleep so that your mind will be refreshed
  • Take some breaks between the subjects and then continue your preparation.

We believe the entire information helped out the students with their search. To get more information concerning the MP TET, stay connected to our website

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